Monday, December 17, 2007

Finally boots!

So after weeks of waiting anxiously. I finally got my boots. Now they came out ok but I am not blown away by them. They are very comfortable however the fit around the bridge of one of my feet is a bit slack so the material does not lie flat. To be quite honest I did not have the patience to make him redo it again , I just wanted to take my boots an run. I was so tired of him putting us off again and again. (Mystique/Mummylicious DOH SAY I EH WARN YUH!). Now I took the pics without socks so there is still a bit of play in the fit since I will be wearing socks.(Please forgive the nashy looking knees)

The next problem is what I doing with the boots in terms of decoration. I figured I would have to cover up the little flaws any way with decoration. I went in town last week only to find out that the trim I planned to use was too short and it had no more. But then Lo and behold, we members of Silver Mist get an email today about boots for sale decorated to match the costume. Now they are pretty nice (and pretty expensive at $86 US) however I think I will stick to my original plan. If push comes to shove I have a great pair of silver mesh NIKE sneakers.

So about this fete schedule.......I have some friends from abroad who want me to help them pick which parties to attend. I was asked if Lara fete was worth the current going price of $800TT. My response was is ANY fete worth $800TT????!!! OR $600TT for that matter? The answer is hells no. You go and pay your money cause you want to wine and have a time or cause you want to pose and tell everybody yuh went 'Lara'. Either way, I not getting $800 out of posing or wining for that matter. I did get about a $350 worth of wine this year. Refresh your memory with the Lara review. So generally my philosophy is that you pay to go an all inclusive as a last resort. i.e you have no link or no sponsor willing to organise yuh. Another friend of mine gave me a very good idea whereby she issued a list of all the fetes she would like to attend to her friends and family members and said," Pick one" and is what she wants for Christmas. Another friend indicated that she was going to scalp all the free tickets she got for the fetes she did not want to go to and use the profit to pay for the ones she did.

On the whole , I am not a all inclusive person.I am a Carnival Monday and Tuesday person. I could stay home for the whole season as long as I on the road come Carnival. However, the fetes do get you hyped up for the road. Its is also a platform for potential road march songs to debut. Where were you when Jumbie debut this year??? And nothing is nicer than hanging with Johnny Walker and the crew and catching some laughs. All the same, I am definitely boycotting some of my past must go fetes. Firstly, Amnesia....I not taking that chain up again. Every year the price going up and the quality of the food going down. Imagine I could not even get lasagna with meat in it last time!! Machel is there and that is a plus but hear what, he is in Eyes Wide Shut for $120 too! Next to get bowl out is Ladies First and the prequel Bazodee Friday. You sit in traffic for an hour plus to try and get there before the door lock off the freeness at 11pm. Then you are tortured with miscellaeneous performances till about 3am/4am for Machel to perform. I was so bored last year that I went home before Machel hit the stage...THATS how boring it was. The only way I will go there again is if my WHOLE crew going and they twist my arm. Eyes Wide Shut Carnivale might get bowl out as well. I am willing to give it a next chance as in the past it has been good. This year however had a drastically rougher and larger crowd than previous years. I don't want to go any party where man trying to grab me whole night as I passing by. On top of which the archaic chit system in this party means you lucky if you get one drink for the night. But it cheap and it has Machel performing.
As for me I have my eye set on ONE Fete which has gone up from this year, Beachouse , Sunnyside up Breakfast Party and Lara. Maybe a Bacchanal Wednesday or a UWI Splash or a EWS if I so desire. On another note, I am quite sure that the police will be out in full force this Carnival with the breathalyser test. Now you know we Trinis have been given the bad habit of drinking and driving . My warning to you, if you plan to drink , doh go and get yourself lock up for the Carnival.That also goes for the out of timin behaviour that tends to come out of people in parties these days.
So I will try and stay more on top of things, I have been bussin my ass in work to finish up a project that I would rather not think of during Christmas or Carnival.