Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Boots? Anybody?PLEASE!

So it has been said that perfection takes patience. I guarantee you, Ande the boots man is definitely pushing the limits of my patience at this point perfection included or not. So after nearly 3 weeks of being put off for the final product me and BB finally got the finished product in hand last week Monday.

Neither side of her boots fit. Since she had picked up my pair for me she had to bring it home for me so that I could try it on and assess my position. My right side fit perfectly. My left side however was slightly snug. There was also a small area where I wanted the glue reinforced. Stranger still, the left side seemed to be a half size bigger than the right. Now if my left foot was bigger than my right foot it would be ok. But its not. I did not even attempt to understand how he decided to make that one bigger since he only measured the left side of my foot which incidently is teh slightly bigger side. So although it was perfectly wearable as is, I sent it back. I think after waiting 3 weeks I have a right to be goddamn picky.I did not bothe rto take pics because I was so irritated that they were not perfect. However, overall the boots seemed well made and the height of the boots were a steal for the price.The wedge heel I selected felt very comfortable and gave a nice height.

The boots were promised for last week Friday for final adjustments but due to our busy schedules we have not been able to get to him to collect.(Mind you we have not yet paid him in full.) I should add that we did attempt to call him today and could not get on to him. So hopefully tomorrow we should have the final product and put this all behind me.

Will keep you guys up to date!