Friday, September 21, 2007

CJ in the City

So I reach back after my short but much needed vacation in NYC.I have not been able to post since because my boss has seen it fit to drown me in all the work that should have been done while I was not here.

Before I speak about my trip which was really a secret mission to get Carnival gear, I would like to take a moment to comment on the farce that is called the "Trinidad Express". Now anyone who knows me can tell you that I am like a real old man when it comes to newspapers. A day can't pass if I don't read a Trinidad Express and a Guardian cover to cover(sorry Newsday but your very layout gives me a headache). This is a habit that I inherited from my father. Anywho, I have always had a great respect for these two papers especially with the other trash circulating in print in this country. Somewhere in the back of my mind I fancied maybe one day having a cheeky column in one of these papers seeing that I have always had that writer spirit in me. So it came to pass that my committee and I were a bit disappointed with the lack of coverage that the Trinidad Express gave to our party "Flipflops". So after they contacted us and brought 3 members of staff to eat and drink all they want for free (how many reporters does it take to take pics and write and article?). But I 'low them as they are media and we wanted the coverage. The party was definitely a hit and I say so only because not one person who attened has said otherwise. Nonetheless,we received one picture in the papers two days later in which the face of EVERY person was obscured by exploding water balloons. Now the water balloons were part of a fun promotion by our kind sponsor Havaianas but I would have much preferred if they had put a better picture where you actually saw a group of people dancing and having a good time.So enquiries were made to the reporters who attended as to if they were really serious to call that 'coverage'.

No further mention of the party was printed until two weeks later when about four more additional pictures and a short article was printed. The pictures were even worse than the first one printed. There was again another picture in which every one's faces were obscured by exploding water. Then there were two pictures of people who had jumped in to the pool in their clothes following the conga line.Both of the two pictures had the same two people. Then there was a picture of a small crowd of people looking at the people who had jumped in the pool. None of them were any good.Given that the party was not centered around the pool in the first place I could not understand the rationale about those very tacky pictures. My b/f described the pics to me before I saw it and his opinion was and I quote, "We all had a great time. In fact we all wish it had another one this weekend. But if I had not attended and saw them pics, I would not want to go the next one.The pics made it looked tacky and ghetto and not the nice all inclusive it was. " So I was cross already.
I was literally HORRIFIED, when I read the article which was not only poorly written but a complete fabrication. The article did not highlight any of the amenities offered in the party , did not even mention that people had a good time.The article went further to say that we gave away free Prada and Gucci slippers. Ahmmm it was at this point I lost all respect for the Trinidad Express. Not only did we NOT do any such thing, but we were highly embarrassed that our slippers SPONSOR was overlooked. I doh know who tell them I wanted to be ghetto fabulous and give Gucci anything.WTF! So fortunately for them I was not in the country and another member dealt with it. Why is it that when we called them they had the audacity to say that it was one of the best parties they had attended in a long time. The excuse was that they had a full page spread of the party and a last minute incoming ad caused some of the pics to be cut. In addition to which, they had passed on the task of writing the article to someone who had not even attened the party!!. So wait, three of allyuh 'reporters' come to my party, drink my blasted alcohol and had a time and then give a person who did NOT attend to write the article in collaboration with the most horrible photojournalism every known to man. So of course they get rough up. I guess some sort of guilty conscience was affected and they promised additional coverage at the next run only to come back and say how the editors complaining cause the party was so long past. The consolation prize was a proposed feature in the Sunday Woman section. We have yet to confirm this offer.Really and truly I am extremely disenchanted with that poor display of journalistic integrity and wonder if it is even worth it. Needless to say, the Express will get 1 complimentary next time.Please visit and
for a more accurate coverage of the event.

On a better note, now that I have vented.....I spent my time in NYC on a lookout for Monday wear for my costume and party clothes for the season. I really wanted to see what they had to offer in terms of boots especially. Before I left, I had done a little internet browsing and found these lovely numbers which would have been perfect for my silver mist costume. Now the flat ones are interesting but I can see me having to cuss somebody for stepping on my toes and also the strap between your toes causing some serious pain after all that chipping. I like them cause they are high up on the leg and still flat. The stilettoes boot would be my fantasy selction. i.e if i had a personal assistant to carry my backpack and my shoes .Who would hand me my boot and costume just before I crossed the stage and hold them as I came off. My search was a bit limited as I spent more time upstate than in the city but I saw very little that was potentially usable. My best find was a pair of Nike snow boots (see pic). Now I saw this in store initially and I can tell you first hand that the fur is actually more grey and the white is actually a bit more on duller side as well. There is a gold stripe on the back that you can't see in this pic which totally threw off my colour scheme and is the main reason I did not move with them hoping I would find something else. I was not really thinking cause in hindsight I guess I could cover it up with sequins or spray paint. I liked them cause the bottom is just liek a sneaker but its a boot. The fur will actually fit in well with my costume this year...but will i ever wear them again???? Probably not! These boots are currently on sale for about $40 US which is not bad.The thing about snow boots it that it has that drawstring which is to tighten the boots around your calf. The boots looks cute as is but not as cute when you tighten them drawstrings. So I am still thinking about getting them online but can't seem to find my size in this colour.
I was also supposed to get a new pair of silver sneakers to wear on Monday but did not see anything silver enough or cheap enough for that matter. I am sorry , I refuse to pay $100 US for any pair of sneakers.My one success almost did not happen. On my last day, in the last store that I entered to see what else I could pick up I found my Monday wear. I was a bit disgruntled as I entered the store as I did not find very much of the fabulous labour day sales that NYC was reputed to have. Sale in the 80s and 90s is not what it is now.Anywho, this store had a 50% sale on the entire store. I had passed it a few times but thought it was 50% on selected items. The store generally had more of the clubby clothes that we would see on the local party scene. And next to the sequined bra and the sequined net halter there it was. A long halter top with cut out sides made up entirely of silver sequined appliques. The back is completely laced up.The top looked like it was made to be a carnival costume. Ironically the salesgirl in store was a Trini. She insisted I try it on. I must tell you it is extremely hot. So hot in fact that I took a picture and emailed it to my friend to get a second opinion. I told the salesgirl why I wanted it and she admitted she had also gotten one for the same reason and that some other Trinis had indicated that they were coming back to get the tops for the same reason as well. It was so perfect for the occasion I did not even mind that I might see someone else with it.There were only two silver and one gold version left and I bought the other silver for a friend. With the sale I got them both for $35US. When I got back I scoured the internet for the same or similar top to see what it retailed for elsewhere and could not find it anywhere. I actually bought a silver bikini top (two hangers down) to wear underneath cause the sides are dangerously close to flashing ppl. What killed me is that I found this top in this store in the mall of a little NY suburb. It is beyond me who in their right mind would wear the top on any other occasion other than Carnival Monday. I would not even wear the top to a Carnival fete, that is how much of a costume it look like. So I have that locked early!! Meggie for the rest of you who stickin.I always organise as early as possible to ensure that I have a plan A and B and maybe C.Always remember that you need to leave room for delivery times if you expect to purchase online especially considering how early Carnival is. Christmas also causes delays in delivery times so try and get that before the rush. Make sure you order things that are IN STOCK and prefarably ON SALE.I have never reused any garment bought for Carnival Monday, buh thats just me.
So if you have not thought about footwear or Monday wear, start now. The mayor say is wining season.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


OK so I know I am a bit late but it literally took me this long to ketch back myself from this party. Now I don't want to toot my own horn but I must say that was a beest party. Things got a bit hectic leading up to it but in the end everything fell right into place.

As you walked in you got a fit for your free pair of Havaianas flipflops. Then you could go by the exotic bar or the martini bar for the first drink. Then you take a dip in the indoor Jacuzzi. When you get hungry you could go get a bake and shark like is maracas and have more BBQ on top of that. Food never done, Johnny walker never done. The vibes were high and people had time. Havaianas had is well entertained with their water ballon competitions and someone won the bling flipflops with the swarkovski crystals. I would love to know who cause I was eyeing them all night.

Nothing was funnier than the conga line to the pool at the end of which a few people actually jumped in with all their clothes. When the cops started to jumbie we to shut down the dance there were lots of protest. But we managed to talk our way into extending the party for a little while. When the party was forced to lock off we moved it inside! Who say indoor pool party? Cause it still had food and drinks. Unfortunately the gong never reach although his band was there. We still had a time!

I would like to thank all our sponsors and all who attended. To the jackass people who was fighting down the party and sabotaging we.. Take a meggie! Cause the party was hot and guess who is not! I have tickets booked for our next event and we have not even decided when that will be. Check the pics on and .

I making a small turn in the US of A so I go link allyuh if meh phone does work in foreign.
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