Tuesday, May 29, 2007

How addicted to facebook are you?

So some of you guys liked my discourse about facebook the other day. Well to help you guys out I found a quiz online that tells you just how addicted to facebook you are. Visit Quiz Galaxy and see what happens. I took it and it says I am NOT addictedto facebook (Yay). The quiz page gave me my random movie quote as "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse"- Micahel, The godfather. I almost dead with that one. Apparently I willalso go to jail at some point for fighting with a homeless person and suppposedly I am crazy because I am in some kind of Truman show like existance. HMMMM, they might have something there...Anywho,to tell you how facebook is about to take over the world(matrix), several sites have fetaures that allow you to copy their html code and paste it directly into facebook. For instance quiz central has several quizzes that are facebook friendly and after you complete the quiz they give you the code to place in facebook so everyone can see your results. Another fun one is Myheritage. Where you can upload any pic of yourself (or your worst enemy) and see which celebrities you resemble. It even lets you make a collage of your favourite celebrity matches. Let me tell you, when you are bored in work it definitely passes the time!! Its hilarious to see how different pics get you different matches. You may even get some weird ones! And for the record I am a cross between Halle Berry and Beyonce. lol!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Jumbies in jail!!

Well boy the popo looking to make some people cry right now. Breaking news, warrants have been issued for Machel Montano,Benjai and Kernel Roberts for the fracas outside Zen according to CNC3 News. Charges are to include use of obscene language and assualt causing bodily injury.
Well BOY , Look how Carnival might be different next year.

I am very suprised that the police actually followed through with their promises to fully investigate the matter and charges are to be laid. But really it may just be because of the celebrity status of the people involved and the media scruntiny that they would experience if they did not take action. Personally I would have sue them and take the money when they look to settle, Machel in jail eh go do nothing to put food on my table and it go only spoil my Carnival. Well we go see what else happens in the next episode of Calabash Alley.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Facebook and the Trinidad Matrix

Ok so after MONTHS of stubbornly resisting the peer pressure I finally gave in and created a facebook account. For those who live under a rock, facebook is an online networking and socialising website. You create an account , you add details to you profile about yourself and then you get your friends to add you. You then join lots of ridiculously named groups with people of similar interests or philosophies (if you can call "I love doubles" a philosophy). You can upload pics, send messages, write on the 'wall' etc.

Now I had a "hi5" account before and both sites operate in a similar fashion . However I must say facebook take maccosim to a WHOLE different plateau. Firstly, I must say that it was nice that I was able to connect with some people whom I have not seen and talked to in years. I bounce people from primary school and ting.Even people that I went university with who I lost touch with was able to link me. GREAT! But then yuh start adding more and more friends and THEIR friends start seeing you and want to be your friend. At first you start getting in to it cause you linking with everybody. It may even get a bit addictive. Yuh always want to see who add yuh , who say what etc.I actually created 3 groups in the week that I have been on there. But then you start to see the first signs of the babylon macco system,the site gives running updates so yuh could see all what went on when yuh was not there. Who add who as friend, who marry to who, who working where, who went Cancun on vacation , who join whatever group etc. So every time I do anything a note is added to my page saying what I do, THEN it have a general page that say what all of yuh friends was doing. The most maccocious thing it have is the tagging of pics. Anybody could see a pic in ANYBODY else gallery and if they know it is you, they could tag you so basicallyit labels the pic with your name. That pic is then added to your own pics even though you eh know who take it. Of course this can all be edited by you but still and yuh could confirm and reject ppl and filter your security settings so only certain ppl see your profile but ..... its the level of maccosity!!Saucy and all blow me up..all who eh know who I was before makin meh out.LOLOL Oh lawd and doh even start me on the POKE!! Anybody could tell me WTF is a POKE??It always have this little finger icon where people 'poke' yuh. Let me tell allyuh, I have few pet peeves one of them is for people to poke me.So I was NOT impressed by this poking thing.

But I have my own theory.....Facebook is the MATRIX!!! So a friend of mine first came up with this theory about the Trinidad matrix. There is a certain uptown social circle where everybody knows everybody and everybody knows (or thinks they know) everybody else's business. The macco talk and bacchanal is always plentiful and people have a bad habit of trading significant others. Members frequent the same bougie parties and events,51 degrees and Zen (upstairs). They always in the VIP section or got comps to go.Of course yuh always starring on Triniscene.Generally the Trinidad Matrix is over 21. Sometime sit seems that you can never disassociate yourself from the controversies, the macco talk and the goings on in this circle and hence it was nicknamed the matrix.It always have somebody who doh like yuh for some obscure reason or some stupid shit. If you think about it, this circle has about 1 or 2 degrees of separation. Everybody know somebody who know somebody. I am reluctantly forced to exist in the matrix like may others because I don't like bacchanal, I don't like watching people cut eye in party and I don't like people who feel they in something (other than in their own heads). Shortly after joining face book I started getting the feeling that people just really like it cause they maccoing people info, including people they doh like which goes hand in hand with the matrix theory.

If I had any doubts as to the effects of the matrix, within my inaugural week I have had one person attempt to add 3 separate facebook accounts as my friend. One as my friend and two others plastered with ads about his business. Now I doh mind giving a pardner a plug with he business (as I have done many a time here) but I take offense to the fact that you are using MY profile page to plug your shit. I doh even have MY OWN site linked to my profile (cause i had delusions of remaining anonymous) what make you feel I want to plug YOUR shit not once buh THREE Times!! So why when I reject you yuh send a next request?Its like spamming my profile page, oh you think you're so smart STEUPS. Good thing it have DELETE!! Hear wha just doh me my friend at all nah.

THEN my psycho ex decided he wanted to be my 'friend'. With that one I nearly delete the whole facebook account one time. Not knowing how my security settings were set at the time I was LIVID that he might have seen info on my profile page. Now I don't put any really personal info other than my past schools but still, I eh want to know he seeing who on my friend list, who write on my wall, who pics in my gallery..NOTHING. I had to take a stroll with that one yes, I started to write a reply but shortly realised that if you try to write a series of expletives without using pronouns or prepositions it doh really make sense..so i just rejected the request.

I had a friend who deleted her entire hi5 account after a rival created a picture gallery that directed insults at her even although my friend was in none of the pics. (????) I mean in an ideal world you would want to be able to share your accomplishments and keep in touch with old friends but by doing that you just open yourself up as a target for detractors, enemies and maccos. With facebook, if someone in my friend list puts a comment on my wall, I can delete it but only after its posted. With Hi5 you could set it so EVERYTHING had to be approved before it appeared on the site. I doh even want to put my job title before somebody go and carry the news and the ex reach in front my office with a channa bomb. Then it have the random people who for some reason want to add you. Now if you doh know me, and I doh know you (and I eh say I looking for new friends on the site) and we have ONE mutual friend,why you adding me? Furthermore, why you adding me and not even attaching a message indicating why you added me? Coincedentaly a few of this blog's other readers have also added me, and thats cool cause at least they have some BASIS for the connection, I even met a few of them.Its not like I could hide again (SAUCY!!!). And they all added a comment when sending the request. Suppose a pic of me in a less than flattering pose appears and somebody tags me. Suppose somebody tags me in a pic of somebody skettelising theyself and its not even me!! I can remove the tag in other people's pics so my name does not show but I can't delete the pic and anybody can add it back! Nonetheless the damage will be done.Even triniscene takes down pics on request and you can't identify people.

Honestly I giving myself another week or two and I taking that red pill to jump out that matrix.I fed up already!
Cote Ci Cote la Word for today is AGAIN ......
MACO- To observe maliciously,to spy on, especially to gossip about it later.
As in ..Doh macco meh f-in business!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dreams (not the band)

Ok so I stick a bit and did not report on Akon's public and interantional apology to Danah. One because, I did not really have the time and two because I though it was a pile of bullshit anyway. Oh NOW he sorry ? LOLOLOL. Puh lease its only cause its costing him money!!

Anywho, allyuh will REAL laugh at me with this one. I had this dream last night..now I don't put much faith in dreams but it would take me to dream this themed rubbish. My dreams always come across like a movie, sometimes I am in the movie, sometimes not. Sometimes I am one of the characters in the movie but I'm not myself. (I have a vivid imagination). In this dream I was myself but also the 'narrator'. So I dreamt that it was Carnival Sunday and I did not have a costume. Apparently in (me) talking to people in the dream I was able to gather that I had just never gotten around to registering for a costume. Now at the eleventh hour I was highly distressed that on costume collection day, I had not placed my order. I actually begged a friend to use his link to get me a costume in the band(Tribe) on the Carnival Sunday night. (And this is funny because If I was actually in this position he WOULD be the person I would call). Apparently he was not moving fast enough for me and I continued harrassing him and managed to get the ok to collect my costume at 10pm. So then when I went and get the costume, people were hiding my costume (which is funny cause they have a few ppl there who would love the opportunity to do just that) and after much grief I finally got the costume.

If its one time that I hope dreams don't foretell the future its this one! LOLOL

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Wedding Decorations by Trisha

Ok so I got a few enquires regarding the bouquets and decorations that were done for the wedding on Saturday. So I figured I would give her another plug as she really did a fabulous job on extremely short notice (4 days). Here are some better pics of her work.

The first pic is the bouquets for the bridesmaids. The flowers are not real but I imagine it can be done with real flowers. The next pic is the arrangements for the church, again not real but very realistic. Actaully the baby's breath might have been real.The last pic is the brides' bouquet which is real roses and was absolutely gorgeous!She also did the corsages for all the groomsmen and can be employed to do entire receptions etc. If you are wondering why I have such close up pics of the decor its not because I am a super macco but because her camera was not working and I took the pics on her behalf. I will definitely be using her for my wedding...... whenever my boyfriend proposes that is lolol.
Trisha can be reached at 6203546.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Mr.Slaughter gets Married

So this weekend I attended the wedding of Mr.Slaughter and the mother of his children Axia. You know Trinis love to go people wedding and bad talk them. But I must say that this event was very tastefully done. It was not over the top grandeur as I expected, it was not filled wall to wall with celebrities. It was a small informal ceremony and reception with just friends and family. For that reason I am not going to go into to much detail.

I tried my best to play paparazzi but it was next to impossible considering the paparazzi that they hired to record the occasion. The damn videographer was all up in their grill the whole time. All up on the altar with all kind of angles like if he was shooting a music video and not a a wedding. There are very few pics without him in the shot.Steups, he was even more annoying in the reception where he wanted to interview people next up in the buffet line. I was real hungry so I was not impressed that he was holding up the line. The entire wedding party looked fabulous and the decorations were very well done by a friend of mine as well. The food was great, the alcohol better. As can be expected the music was also great and we partied the night away.The highlight of the night had to be the dance off between Rapid Response frontman and Kimba Sorzano. They practically did the entire routine from Michael Jackson's Beat it. It was hilarious!

Shortly thereafter there was another dance off between DJ Dane and Fireball (who came kit out ina red suita nd matching bowler hat), this time they were breakdancing. All these performances were you tube worthy but the light was really bad so sorry guys.
The reception brought back a lot of memories from my own parents wedding which was held at the same venue (when I was five). I had a few flashbacks of almost falling in the pool to get the balloons and how I destroyed my dress from soaking up all the water on the floor. Unfortunately I managed to accomplish the same feat and the entire bottom edge of my very expensive dress is in a mess. It better be able to clean!
The after party was at 51 Degrees and a large contingent from the reception attended. This is where I got myself in trouble and had a litttle too much to drink. Fortunately the only person looking to tote me home was my boyfriend. LOL. I really should not have mixed my drinks cause it was one of those nights where you tell yourself.."I am NEVER drinking again" . It took me all day Sunday to ketch myself.

I would like the wish the new bride and groom congratulations and all the best for the future and I hope they like the pyrex dish I get them.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Can you hear me now?

Well I doh know where to start today.....

Well Machel finally hold a press conference to release his side of the story regarding the fracas in Zen. The Guardian also published a copy of his police statement. To cut a long story short , he is denying both being the agressor and partcipating in the beating of the young man.Actually, he claim he did not even see what happened (or who happened) to the guy at all. Basically he was minding his business in the club , a girl kept trying to wine on him and her friend kept throwing words for him throughout the night. At one point the people were dancing next to him while he was dancing with a female friend. One of then spilled their drink on the girl and him.When he complained the guy lunged at him and he pushed him back. As they were leaving the, group again confonted him and one of the ladies threw a shoe at him. Some spit on him. His friend Snoop threw drink in the air (not in a man face). Then the Zen bouncers pulled him across the street to protect him. His story is perfectly plausible but then again so are the other guys'. It remains to be seen if the police will press charges on anyone and if the injured will see the case through to court. The alledged victims are still maintaining that they were attacked by an 'entertainer. For some reason anytime they quote the victims they refer to the agressor as 'the entertainer'. We all assume it was Machel, I have a feeling that more than one person was involved.I did notice that when trying to find the links to the statements online that I could not find them.It seems that even Machel's fight has once again been pushed to page 2..WHY??

Because Akon is on page 1 yet again!! Apparently Verizon (Can you hear me now phone people) has severed ties with Akon on account of the incident in Zen with pastor daughter. This includes removing his mobile content from their site (ringtones etc) and removing sponsorship from an upcoming tour with Gwen Stephani. See the story here and here. According to Fox News took things a step further to say it was on account of a 'simulated rape'. All the girl name and family history get call up on the website. Imagine that, local winer girl gets international recognition. With regards to Akon, I only have two words...HA and HA. Serves him damn right for being so blasted disrespectful and out a timin. He want to talk about a trip to Africa, maybe he should think about repatriating just about now.

Last but not least, tucked in a corner of the Guardian is a story about our new Carnival Center.Sorry a line or two that states the new Carnival venue in the Savannah will be in ready for 2009. Sigh , I doh know if I should even START on that one.

All of these events are the source of my nominees for my Pookie award for 'Ass of the Day'. And the award goes to..... EVERY CHUPID ONE OF THEM. With that one, I gone!

Next thing to hit to be news

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Subscribe now for FREE!

Just in case you guys have not noticed.....you can now subscribe to my blog by entering your email in that lovely little box to the left of the screen (powered by Feedblitz). You will receive email updates when I make a new post. Yay!

Don't worry this service is free unlike Flow's new Cable line up that want to now charge me to subscribe to the premium movie channels that they were teifing all the time.