Sunday, April 29, 2007

Machel tells his side

Well Machel and Co. has finally broken their silence on the incident and released a statement. Now of course the story has only some threads of consistencies compared to all the other theories we have heard as to the cause of the fight. The only thing that is in fact consistent is that the girl Machel was dancing with giot a drink thrown on her. The statement is still a far cry from what the 'victims' alledge. But this is Trinidad and as we all know, the story that gets passed around is very rarely a 100% account of what really happened.

The one thing I was concerend about in Machel's statement is how their is very little comment on the fracas that ensued outside the club. It is impossible to refute that SOMEBODY get a cutass but as to who was the actual agressor or culprits is still a mystery. Machel seemed to have recovered from his 'traumatic' experience well enough to perform in Barbados on Saturday night at Lara's fete. And I guess we should all thank God for small mercies that he has retracted his comment about migrating. (Please note the scarcasm). There is some indication that once he returns from Jazz in Tobago that he will go public and clear the air properly.Maybe then we will hear his side of who was responsible for body slamming the man into the car.

In other Zen bacchanal , Zen was filled with merriment this Friday as they managed to secure the required documents to get their license renewed. Johhny commented on Saturday that he was suprised that the dailies were reporting that their license had been revoked as this was never the case. Apparently it was just in process pending the health certificate.Guardian columnist,Dana Seetahal penned an interesting article this Sunday about the legalities of the types of licenses required by establishments such as Zen. She makes quite a valid point at the end which states that Zen has (at face value) violated several provisions of the license agreement. As to why the license was reinstated at all...I go leave that for the daily reporters to investigate. I for one am not surprised seeing that Zen got their documents in order and approved forthwith to reopen on Friday.

Both of these dramas that are unfolding so closely parallel to each other are filled with inconsistencies on ALL sides. Everybody have a different story about what 'REALLY' happen. Trinidad for you again....

Cote Ci Cote La word for today....
BOBOL: French-Bobard-Lie, tall story.Cooking the books.To steal money or equipment,or anything valuable froma company.

IN BOBOL- Several persons involved in dishonesty and covering for each other.Financial scandal.Fraud.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Zen drama continues..

I really live in THE jokiest country in the world. So after I complain about the press shoving down the story of the pastor daughter down we throats, they get a new guinea pig. Right now Johnny (Soong not Walker, I always need to make that clear) and Machel sharing the spotlight. Pastor Daughter must be SO glad people have a next bacchanal to talk about!
Well let me start with Machel..... The first thing I laugh at is the picture in the Trinidad Express of the man who they alledgedly (ALLEDGEDLY eh allyuh, doh say I say) beat up and how he actually resembles Machel as compared to the picture they have alongside of Machel himself. A friend of mind commented that the man must have been pulling girls in the club pretending to be Machel and Machel get vex so that is how the fight all kinda theories floating around yes.In all seriousness the resemblance is not as noticable in the Guardian's picture.
So the Express calling names of all who get call down in the station to give their story. I was very surprised to see names I did not expect to see callinga nd those I expected to see missing.But I eh calling no names lol. Generally the one consistent thing we have heard from these reports is that some girl get pelt with a drink and Machel get vex and fight start. As I said before , it is quite ironic that recently there were rumours involved in another altercation involving more drink pelting. Anyhow, Machel tell he mother that he is so traumatised and considering migrating cause 'they don't treat him like this overseas'. That was laugh number two and three. It is quite ironic that after all the stories of continuous Machel's divo behaviour that he could be traumatised about anything. In regards to how they treat him ..I wonder if he does really get on the same way he does in Trinidad the way he does overseas. Cause I have a feeling that if he really start to cuss every and anybody in Babylon country in the way he has been purported to doing in Trinidad that he may get a very different response. We might have heard about him being charged previously. In addition I have no doubt in my mind that overseas he may actually be more respected and more catered to than he is in Trinidad. I say this because at any given fete/party Machel is still free to mingle with the crowd without being mobbed. Trinis (especially the uptown crew) generally have a very indifferent attitude to 'celebrities' when they are in the same environment. Of course they still get their perks locally like VIP entry,parking etc but I sure as hell not letting Machel skip the line in KFC in front of me cause he is Machel. So if he would abandoned his home soil on account of his ego then by all means go right ahead. The very fact that he so quick to jump out gleans suspicion on his level of involvement in the incident. Some people may even look at that comment as an intention to flee persecution. Well if anything, I glad his mother believes him.
Johnny must be just holding he head and wondering what the hell he do to bring all this on himself. Well I eh know, doh ask me. People laughing at me and saying how I goat mouth the man but I laughing at how the authorities are always able to conveniently find an excuse to serve their purposes. Zen is licensed as a restaurant although we all know it should be classified as a bar/dancehall licensed establishment. Now I had really hear how they were supposed to open some fancy restaurant at some point in time in the earlys, your guess is as good as mine what became of that. Anyway, the Zen was closed not because of Machel's 'fight' (cause that would be dumb as they always have fights) and not because of the wining pastor daughter (cause that would be dumb as they always have winer girls on stage in Zen) but because of a missing health certificate!! The club has been operating for sometime without this said certificate. So if bacchanal was not attracting attention to the venue, would anyone have ever cared to check that it was expired?NOOOOOOO! So yet again public opinion has pressured the authorities to take 'action' to have the semblance of a functioning legal system. Trini short term memory syndrome may have also led you to forget the incident of Inshan Ishamel who after calling for a nationwide shutdown to protest crime was arrested and charged under the terrorism act for distributing anticrime fliers without printing his distributer information on the flier. The case was later dismissed after a weekend in jail.
To add insult to injury...after yuh use the excuse that they have to close for a health violation...they are also questioning Johnny in regards to inciting lewd dancing in his club. Ahmmm ok, did the officers who are in Zen every week not know that at 1am (or thereabouts) that there is a dutty wine dance off on the bar? Do they not know that Zen has bonafide dancers on staff who dance on the bar every night? Do they not know that Zen permits any young lady patron who so desires to dance on the bar? Now I am not speaking for or against the club and I am not saying the dancers are strippers or even lewd, my point is the double standard that our people continuously propagate. If lewd dancing was such an issue then the red flags should have gone up a LONG time ago. Trinidad is just a pappy show for the world yes.
The Cote Ci Cote La word for the day is therefore :
Pappy Show: If allyuh eh know what this mean I go tell allyuh later when I get the book in meh hand.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Jumbie In Zen

Well boy!!! I can't believe what it is I wake up this morning to hear. Well firstly the pastor daughter bring the heat down in Zen yesterday afternoon when the police raided the club.Now I not understanding what the police really thought they were going to find....Supposedly the footage of Akon and the girl. Ahmmm after two weeks of this controversy yuh doh think they just MIGHT have gotten rid of it already? Even if they did not, what business really keeps security tapes for such a long period of time?? I dunno but unlesss they have digital recording equipment I doubt they will have that under normal practices.

But the big story of the day is Machel and he entourage beating up a man in Zen last night. According to preliminary reports, Machel, Benjai (NOT Bunji! who clear he name on 102FM),Kernel Roberts and Zan allegedly got into an altercation with a (white) man.Obviously being outnumbered the man got the worst of it and is now supposedly in critical condition at hospital with a fractured skull. Reports from witnesses alledge that neither police nor Zen security intervened and the group was not arrested.

WELL BOY! I want to see how them fellas getting out of this one!They looking at assualt charges right there. For their sake I hope that man doh die cause hmm PRESSURE. This year Carnival they take away we stage...yuh could imagine a Carnival without the stage AND Machel?

Long time people talking about how Machel bad lucky and have a jumbie because of all the freak accidents that seem to follow him. Just recently we had another rumour about an altercation with a woman on the road Carnival time.When he sing the song 'Jumbie' they say he was calling more ting on heself. All this morning people calling in on the radio to relate their 'run ins' with Machel and it has been nothing but negativity. All who he cuss, all who he disrespect etc etc. The thing with Trinis is that when yuh on top they applauding yuh but when yuh down they trampling on yuh. I guess that is what comes with celebrity. My thing is, if he do ALLL them bad things before why nobody made a issue out of it previously? You mean to tell me all these things happening in full view of witnesses and nobody ever sensationalise it prior to this one incident? STEUPS. Thay make the man an U.N ambassador, nobody ever protest that decision? My opinion is that I was never a fan of him as a person although I am the biggest fan of his music. I too have heard rumours and allegations and even first hand accounts of incidents. I too have seen him give some attitude towards people which is why I have never been star struck when he is around.

If is one thing I saying from long time is that ZEN have a jumbie. I personally have witnessed incidents on a regular basis which had me wondering what it is about that environment where people always seem to be looking to trouble other people. Some of which I have been victim of as well. That is a big part of the reason that I stoppe going Zen regularly, too much bacchanal in that place that doh ever seem to occur elsewhere. People make allegations of all the vice that takes place there and say that that is the reason for their troubles now. With this added bad publicity people are calling to shut down Zen completely! It amazes me that with the current situation that one 14 year old girl could potentially bring down an entertainment empire.

Well Johnny and Machel I go say a prayer for allyuh cause yuh need some Jesus juice right about now.This goes to show yuh, it does only take ONE wrong move to destroy an empire.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Best Winer Girl, the sad tale of Akon and the pastor Daughter

Ok so I was really trying all how not to comment on this bacchanal sweeping the nation...... Akon and the winer girl in Zen. Now if you happen to be living under a rock and don't know what I am speaking about , check it out here before they take it down again. But really and truly I am only commenting because I am SO SICK about hearing about this stupid shit. I mean COME ON ppl, do you mean to tell me why they turning such a dumb incident into a federal case? I'm sorry did everyone forget that they still killing people everyday in this country? Or that the smelter still building? NOOOOOO, I turn on my TV and see CNC3 having a debate as the 'big story' of the day with full panel and call in segment.

First off..who is to blame..Akon, the girl, or Zen management.Answer..EVERY BLASTED ONE OF THEM. Let's take Akon... Now I doh care how much of a superstar you are. He have no right to treat any woman in any part of the world like how he treated that girl on stage. What kind of jackass you have to be to lure girls on stage with a 'trip to Africa'.But allyuh getting on like is the first time he doing that. Why yuh doh check here or here and see Akon getting on in the same out of timin way. This is what he does ppl! Could you have figured that out from his videos and his lyrics??? The single reason I do not support anything that Akon does is that for some time I have found that from what I have seen and heard of him he is completely disrespectful to women in general.

What I doh get about Trinis is that we continue to have a very short memory and double standards. Like allyuh forget Neyo. STEUPS. The man raise up a girl clothes and flash all her privates for Zen and I yet the media did not go into an uproar. But now they want to 'charge' Akon. Why they did not charge Neyo? Why they doh charge Machel? Or Saucy wow x 10? What about the women who going down the road in just body paint on their tut tuts carnival time and just a thongs on? WHAT ABOUT the women who in the Punch wining in party every weekend? Hell, why they doh charhe me? If allyuh going and make a bacchanal at the very least you need to be consistent to have any sort of credibility for your purposes. So nobody eh say nothing about Neyo behaviour but somebody get upset at the irony of the situation that is a pastor daughter wining on stage lewdly and now its big investigation. STEUPS PUH-LEASE.

Buh lewwe talk about the pastor daughter nah! Now let me ask yuh something, for argument sake...if this girl was say 25 and she had on that same outfit and did eaxctly as she did, would anyone even have batted a eye lid? If she was a mature thick thing that he 'love' up would it even have made any other papers but the Punch? I really feel that the uproar is NOT on account of the girl's behaviour but on account of a 14 year old's behaviour. Worse yet , if she father was not a pastor would the story have been as sensational? I think not. Let me tell you, if my mother or father had see me leaving the house in that outfit at 14, best believe it would only result in a cut ass and a stay home. I have seen some other pics of her 'myspace' or whatever where she is wearing the same top with a micro mini, semi nude pics and pics in suggestive poses. (this is aside from saying she drinks socially). My girl have belly piercing and tattoo(real?)!Now THAT is entirely on her parents. You have to know your kids and it is the parents' responsibility to ensure that their child is given the guidance so that when they leave the house and come back they do so with their integrity intact. I pierced my belly button when I was almost 20 and living by myself at university.Nonetheless my mother was completely unimpressed. But she had to cool it cause I was big.By the time I was 24 and had a tattoo she stop botehring to tell me anything. Still,to this day if was to leave my house in a top like what miss lady had my father will still tell me to go find the rest of my outfit. I stopped dressing hoochie mama around 22 or so after I graduated university and started being a professional. Occasionally I might be adventurous and pull out one from the archives.I not getting down on the girl for dressing hoochie (or wearing skettel tops like i call it) cause most girls go thru that 'super sexy phase'. HOWEVER most girls do that between 16 and 25! NOT 14!!

So yuh sneak out yuh house and went in the you doh think that if yuh not supposed to be somewhere the best thing to do is to stay underlows? DUH!Yuh go come up on the stage to perform for the whole of Zen, Synergy Tv and the other press to see? Come nuh man.With it being said that Akon had no right to swing she like a rag could tell me what that girl really expected was going to happen when she reach on stage?? That he was going to serenade her? That nobody would see her?Any time yuh have a wining competition, one go-go dancer must try and out do the next whether it be to stand apart or to win a prize to Africa.So if yuh was going for the trip to Africa she damn well know what she was doing.Before she get swing round she show Akon a few moves ther ethat I know I does only use in my bedroom.She lost control of the situation and as a result now finds herself in this position.

So what about Uncle Johnny (Soong not Walker)? Well I actually go put in a good word for the man but ONLY because of my sister. My younger sister has only recently started to go out to Zen at 19years. She has told me on several previous occasions about a friend of hers that always gets carded at Zen because she looks young for her age. So I can say with certainty that although I have never personally been carded, that Zen does check ids. I think their METHOD is flawed because the check ids at random..not EVERY id. If you look suspect then they will check you. In this respect Zen is partially at fault because by this criteria, who would ever have thought that girl was 14? Apparently she got braced at the VIP door with a VIP ticket because she had no id but was let into the general admission. So she could not pass for 21 but since she passed for 18 she was inside.

At the same time what about pops. Talk is she told him that she was going for ice scream. Pops,I would love for you to tell me what ice cream parlour open at midnite or why if my 14 year old daughter leaving the house past 10pm to go anywhere during the week that I would not tell she to keep she ass home if she know what good for her!Pops come nuh man, you was young too..yuh could not POSSIBLY have fallen for that bullshit excuse. Pops parenting skills already under the microscope for letting them outfits,piercings and tattoo slip by. But I eh give him wrong for try to make excuses for her and having she back in an attempt to save face. No body want their daughter to look like Trinis biggest skettel ever. Nonetheless their attempt to make amends seems very forced and fake. So she make a public doubt only because daddy told her to. I feel sorry that forever more she will be the girl who was wining on stage with Akon.

The media needs to get another scapegoat. I should also mention that i think it was completely ATROCIOUS for the Guardian to put a picture of 'a girl who resembles Deena' on the front page of today's papers.How can this shit possibly be headline news?Is'nt it OBVIOUS that its her in the pic?Why is the Prime minister even entertaining this rubbish with a comment? In the U.S these papers would be in such hot water cause it is completely against the law to put a picture of a minor in the newspapers or on tv without parental consent. Why Fitzgerald Hinds on a panel defending his comments about her being stupid? Why the hell them teachers was FIGHTING over a difference of opinion on this matter? The girl was embarrassed and now she have to live it down, by persisting with this story all it is doing is causing further humiliation to the girl and her family. Again proving how Trinis just love a bacchanal and a old talk. It is poor journalistic integrity to be still pursuing the matter. Can you imagine than in the dangerous times we living in today that they call a PRESS CONFERENCE to talk about a girl wining on stage?

In conclusion, allyuh rest the girl nah. She get blow up and embarrassed and she have to live with that forever cause Trinis only remember the notorious. Only when people fall is it ever news and is it blazened across the papers for two weeks.. To the media....get a life! Go find some real news to talk about..they just hold 20 tons of cocaine in the U.S.

So in light of this, the Cote Ci Cote La saying (s) for today...

YUH CYAR PLAY SAILOR AN' 'FRAID POWDER: You can't be involved in anything controversial and be afraid of the risks or the consequences.


PETER PAY FOR PAUL,PAUL PAY FOR ALL: You may be punished for another's actions

BTW Big up the 10,000th visitor!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Who say CropOver?

Well its official..I have decided that I will be going to Barbados for Crop Over. I dunno , like I still on a Trinidad Carnival high and I will be too glad to get an opportunity to re-live a bit of it in Barbados. I have a friend who seems to have the arrangements (and the links) locked for what will be an undoubtedly fantastic time. Fantastic I say cause whenever me and her go ANYWHERE it turns into a party. I also have a few Bajan friends who have been nagging me to make a visit so I'm sure we will be well taken care of.

With that decision made we decided we would try and look into playing mas as well. With that thought came the realisation that I would have again have to pick back up my fitness routine it I was going to go represent in Barbados as a Trini hot girl lol! Since Carnival I have been eating without any thought for fat, calories or quantity. (oink,oink). Mysteriously enough I have not put on any weight. I am still less than when Istarted on my Carnival fitness routine last September. I think maybe its because I have been working so much that I don't eat as often as I was when my workload was lighter. So instead of 3 or four meals per day I am down to two plus a snack. Now things have also taken a turn for the worst because of my new braces. Although I have been managing pretty well with the change and the discomfort I have been exploiting the event to eat all the soft high carb foods I love e.g pasta and potatoes.I am going to have to cut back on those fries. Even though presently weight wise I am good,I don't like my muscle tone. So i definitely have to start doing something nonetheless.

Ok so it means I am on another Carnival cycle and I have never been to Crop Over before so I have no idea whats in store. We'll see how nthings progress!

Cawd Bleh!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Lies,Half-Truths and Innuendos

So on the heels of my post on mad people we have the bacchanalists. Those of you who may have attended 'Convent' since Mrs.Crouch was principal would be very familair with her quoting another delightful person,Mr.Basdeo Panday by referring to rumours within the school as 'lies,half truths and innuendos. To tell you the truth (no pun intended) sometimes it seems that Trinis are always very preoccupied with bacchanal and gossip.What I also realise is that when they have nothing to say, the simply make it up.

In these times where, as a friend put it, it very easy to dead for any stupid is quite disconcerting to me that Trinis still have such a bacchanalist mentality. For instance in reference to the mad people from last post, for argument's sake lets suppose that the security guard who kill his wife trip off cause the neighbour tell him she see some man leaving the house during the day while he was at work. Now the macco neigbour was just being a bacchanalist but could have easily cost someone their life.

Situations such as this also bring to mind the words of a popular song..."Tell me how it go one more time, the people want to hear the story line by line..."If you eh know that song this from, yuh living under a rock. Turn on yuh radio, it will play in the next 15 mins or so. But basically the main part of that song is about a he say , she say business and how people can be persecuted based on other peoples lies.

Now I am a person who (with the anger management well in check) is a very calm , cool person. I doh trouble nobody cause I believe Karma is a bitch and I doh need to get you cause God will. But by being female its hard to not to get rope into some sort of gossip when you with your friends. I have taken the position that unless I see it for my two eye or I know the persons directly involved and get a first hand account...I doh take anything for face value. Look at that whole bacchanal with our super soca star slapping the girl in the band. Umm I have YET to meet anyone who say they was there or who even know someone who was there to say what really play off. That doh cahnge the fact that people go watch him a kinda way now and his reputation has been tarnished. I have a basic rule, if I can't say it to yuh face or ask yuh to yuh face, I eh saying it at all.I also try not to repeat the info to arbitrary people as small talk , cause I eh want nobody say I say!! Really and truly if the matter does not directly affect me, my man, my family or my closest friends then I doh really care to know. Doh feel it doh have man gossipers too! Sometimes I feel like they are even bigger bacchanalists cause they requirements for 'evidence' is even more neglible than a woman's. If its one quality that I admire in my b/f for the simple fact that he REFUSES to gossip. Like there have been times when I WANT to give a macco talk (cause I mean its pillow talk behind closed doors) and he doh take me on. He not even entertaining that with me or anybody else.

It is amazing to me how some people spend their entire existance looking for the next story like if they working for the friggin National Enquirer and getting paid like the paparazzi. From my recent run in with mad people, I learnt that it was partially fueled by information that had absolutely no basis or substance and I just happened to be on the receiving end.Ok, correction, somebody just made it up.People who want to disrupt my life cause THEY mad will not be tolerated. No but seriously, people does really just MAKE up shit! If its one thing that will trip me is those who want to steal my peace. Cause as I said, I doh trouble nobody, so why ppl want to trouble me?

Recently, as you avid reader may know, I have been clubbing regularly which is really not something I have been known to do. My b/f in noticing the change commented that just now he go hear my name calling in some bacchanal just on account of being out and being 'seen' . Cause by doing this you automatically open yourself up for scrutiny and are an open target. So said so done. I in the club, minding my business, only talk to MY friends , only want to do a little dutty wine and two jumbie dance yet my very prescence causes the Enquirer presses to start running. I am not a paranoid person by nature but you ever get the sense that people are looking at you to see what you doing JUST so they can go back and report?Or just so that they can turn and say..'but i see she with so and so....'. You ever hear a comment made by someone about you and you eh even know who the person is... yet they calling you by name and talking as if allyuh pitch marble?Or better yet someone you eh know doh like you because their friend's sister's boyfriend's cousin say you screw up their face at them in the club in 1982!You would think people like this would be more concerned about their own affairs and who their significant other horning them with to have the time to study who buying me a drink in the club.

So undoubtedly the word for today is...
MACO- To observe maliciously,to spy on, especially to gossip about it later.

As in ..Doh macco meh f-in business!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

You is a MADMAN or what?

Now allyuh if its one thing that I believe is alarming about Trinidad is the number of mad people it have in this country. It only take a stroll down the road for you to see the abundance of clearly disturbed people that live amongst the homeless,.You might see the man trying standing in the middle of the road around the Savannah or the man screaming and pointing at people in St.James and think its funny.I always remember in my 'convent' days where there was a teacher from St.Mary's who apparently went 'mad'. Everyday he used to report for work at school fully promptly dressed in suit and tie with his briefcase in hand. Of course, the school would never let him in but he would spend all day at the corner rifling through the papers in the briefcase and intermittently cussing passersby. On a afternoon he would be cussing students. I always wonder what brought these people to that point where they just went mad. Did they go on drugs? Did they have some terrible experience that push them over the edge? Or is it just that they born mad? I have a friend who works at St.Ann's hospital aka 'the madhouse' and some of the stories he has told me about what he has to deal with on a daily basis is really something else.

What worries me more is that it have an abundance of people who seem to be living normal functioning lives and are just friggin looney tunes in their head. I go be very honest with you and say that I have been accused of being 'mad' myself at one instance because of my temper. But I can tell you, I am not mad because I don't get upset unless I have a valid reason to be upset. Valid being a belief that can be substantiated with hard evidence. What I have is an anger management problem because I can get very heated when I get angry. And it is something that I am managing very well.

But there are people in this country that seem to create their own fantasies in their head and believe things with no real foundation or evidence. Take for instance the girl who thinks I want her man and seems to be obsessed with me. If I don't EVER speak to your man, call your man, would never take calls from him anyway and I have MY OWN man whom I enjoy a delightful long term relationship with and who is definitely hotter. Why would you think that I want ANYTHING to do with him? Herein lies the beginning of all these tragic stories we read about almost daily with the spouses who trip and commit murder suicides. You will hear a story in the papers about a 'love traingle' when alot of times it is a paranoid individual who can't deal with the real issues in their relationship. Most recently it was the security guard who killed his wife on the job with his duty firearm. Their families have yet to even put forward a theory as to the motivation for the killing.They did not even know that they may have had problems. Take for instance again, my friend who has been receiving telephone hang ups and getting notes left on her vehicle from some woman who seems determined to let her know that she is with her boyfriend. Doh mind she does not kow anyone by the name of whom is signing the notes and her boyfriend is overseas.Mistaken identity? Or mad people? If god forbid the person was to attack her, it will be too late when they relaise they have the wrong person.

I really think its unfortunate that people who are living their lives in peace should be tortured by the evil forces present in other people's dysfunctional minds. In my case I have been accused of speaking about the person in front of her and saying things about her in passing. Now, seeing that I don't give a shit about these people, they are just about invisible to me. As far as I am concerned , they don't exist. The space that they occupy is empty.Being the asshole that I am , I can assure you that whenever I have reason to say anything to anyone I say so straight in your face. So I wanted to tell someone they were a psycho bitch, I would walk up to them and say 'Hey, you're a psycho bitch.' So if someone was to say I was speaking about them just because they see me speaking to someone in their line of sight I would definitely think that they are a paranoid freak. What makes people like this feel that they are even important enough for me to even speak their names?

I take particular concern with this since I have also been on the receiving end of having not one but TWO psycho ex boyfriends. My friend believes that we are all entitled to at least one in our lifetimes and I just got really lucky.I make jokes that I am not sure If I attract psycho men or if I just turn them crazy. My guy friends make jokes that I had to be the best bedroom performer in history to make them fellas act so. But in all joke and shit talk it was a very unsettling and sometimes scary experience on both occasions. In both instances I never saw any signs of instability until I broke it off. And that in itself was scary, how could I not know that they would be this crazy? What if I had married these people!! Dear god, what if I had their children!!

And by instability I mean, irrational behaviour such as not being able to accept the fact that I don't want to see them anymore and going all out to prevent me from seeing anyone else. I have had 50 voicemails on my phone (saying bitch), I have had incessant calls/text messages, I have had marriage proposals and even people following my car. You name it. Ironically my b/f has also had a stalker in his travels before me. A girl got his number from a party comittee invite and started calling him everyday and he had no idea what she looked like.Apparently this person had also done the same with his friends until continued to until she found a new victim.

I have also had the distinct displeasure of having one of the psycho exs resurface after YEARS of no contact. So being at peace with myself, I foolishly acted amicable instead of running for the hills. I soon found out that he was still mad. He eventually started speaking about our long past relationship and was seriously relating stories of things that happened that never did! When I pointed this out figuring that maybe he was just getting me mixed up with someone else, he insisted that I was indeed the person he was referring to. It was then I realised that he had created scenarios in his head to justify his past unreasonable behaviour.

Now considering that one of my exs had a supposed girlfriend/hornerwoman while he was stalking me and she was pretty much aware of what was happening, what would that make her?MORE CRAZY???? Now that I think about it, they both had woman waiting in the wings. And both women where delighted that I had locked off the realtionship becasue they felt that they would have the man all to themselves.Both women identified me as the enemy cause even though I was no longer interested, their man was and I became the unfounded cause of the strife in their relationship. Now if yuh man was tracking me how I could be the problem? All joke aside I would not wish these people on my worst enemy. Seriously, I urge all you men, and women out there to take HEED OF THE EARLY SIGNS OF MAD PEOPLE and get OUT as soon as possible. Mad people speak and get upset over things that have no basis or evidence. Doh feel that if yuh horning yuh man /woman and they suspect that they mad, no you bring that upon yourself. I am referring to complete fabrications, illusions, distorted realities. In order to asssit you, please note the following...SIGNS THAT YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER IS MAD.

  • They tell you that they still seeing other people but you can't see other people.
  • They follow you like James Bond to see where you are going OR They can't find you or reach you so they drive around the place looking for you until they do.
  • They don't waste time checking your phone, but call their link in TSTT and get a print out of your text messages and calls.
  • They tell you they want to marry you after 1 month.
  • They think everyone is speaking about them behind their backs or everyone knows something they don't know.
  • They make up stories about you to tell their friends so they don't look crazy.
  • They tell their friends that you are still in a serious relationship.
  • They run behind your car....while its moving
  • They call literally every minute (i.e call, go to voicemail, hang up , call again)
  • They leave a voicemail every time they call.
  • They call at every a.m. hour to make sure you home and have not left to go somewhere.
  • They try to be friends with your friends so they don't look crazy.
  • They show up in front your home/office unannounced and unwelcome
  • They just stand in front your home/office till its time for you to leave.
  • They make false reports to security/police just because you are not speaking to them.
  • They threaten to kill you and then call the day after like nothing happened.
  • They deny stalking you although you have witnesses and a read out of all your calls.
  • They violate the restraining order.
  • They are physically,emotionally or verbally abusive especially in public.
  • They believe that you are destined to be together, will have their children and will live happily every after.
  • Their family thinks its just a 'phase'
  • They have a shrine to you in their room.
  • You break up and make up every week.(sure sign they Will be mad when you finally get your head straight to leave their ass)
  • They threaten to kill themselves because they can't live without you. (by special request from anon!but doh feel I eh get that too!)
  • They have a horner woman/man who thinks you are a stalker because they believe that they are the real girlfriend/boyfriend and is also trying to get at you.
  • They try to control everything you do and then turn around and say 'Look what I did for you'
  • They say its your fault your relationship or lack thereof is in the state that it is.(doh mind they horn you)
  • They send emails/text messages to your new boo to let them know that they are still number 1 in your life! yay!
  • They threaten your family who have nothing to do with the situation.
  • They try to kidnap you by refusing to take you/let you go home when you want to go home.
  • When they see you in a party (after you done) they tell you go home.
  • Even though you are not speaking to them they lime in the party right next to you and speak to all your friends.
  • They do research on your new boo including memorising their license plate, their phone number, their full address and their workplace.

Again, this is a serious thing.GET OUT while you still can. No matter how in love you think you are, it is not worth it and things can be better!

To the mad people out their , you know yourselves, leave me out of allyuh bacchanal!!

Saying for today courtesy our friends and Cote Ci Cote La..

USE YUH KIDNEYS- Use your brains.From a joke about a madman released from the asylum because he 'used his kidneys' while pointing to the brain.

Millionaire Jumbie

Allyuh I win the lotto!! I am quitting my job and spending the rest of my days touring the world covering carnival after carnival.

April fool's ha!Steups allyuh really falling for that ? I still broke no ass,so doh send anybody to kidnap me.

I sure allyuh was wondering where i was all the time. Nah boy I was under real pressure in work and still am....but doh worry I working on a little post or two.