Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jumpstart it, Push start it

Right now I am stuck in a rut. A Carnival rut that is. I am still anxiously awaiting some sign that the season has finally begun. Yes yes we know we have Christmas but it is quite obvious that Carnival will be running parallel with Christmas this year.

So I was one of the many who attended the sweat box dance in Zen with Machel Montano. I was kinda boycotting Zen (long story) but was dragged by another friend who is probably just as excited for Carnival as me. Of course she only managed to get me there after I had a few drinks at the 'pre-show all inclusive'. I dunno if Zen does count how much tickets they sell but I am quite certain they were violating several fire codes with the amount of people it had in there. You literally felt like you were going to spontaneously combust it was so hot. Even though i end up there , I was more glad I did not reach until Machel had touch the stage. I missed all the performances before. I must say although Machel is Machel and the soca jumbie in me will always be excited to hear the music, his performance was somewhat lacking. First off, he look like he was home watching T.V or on his way back from Maracas and said to himself," Aye aye, lemme check Zen" His attire was deporable for a performance . I was more disappointed not to see a live band but Kernel on some Keyboards and the DJ. As for all the controversy, I was either not paying attention or deaf cause I did not hear him cuss anybody. (And yuh know I would have tell yuh). The next bacchanal with the women "touching his stones' (I heard that) was really just a climb up the ridiculous tree.

The powers that be in this country really disgust me sometimes. I can give so many examples of where there own indifference for the law has let people get away with murder (some quite literally) and then they does all of a sudden become big brother and want to play they putting their foot down. Hypocrisy is hypocrisy anyhow you look at it. The same way the popo in St.James want to give me a ticket for parking too near a corner when I was parked on the correct side of the road contrary to all those on the other side and did not give all them a ticket and then turn around and tell me he would have never given me if he had know my b/f was he family, is how I feel about the popo who wanted to lock up Machel for girls grabbing at his crotch when girls grabbing at his crotch for like 10 years now. How dumb can they be? I think over the years , the worst display of eroticism I have seen in one of Machel's performances is at Eyes Wide Shut Carnivale this year. Check that post in the archives for what went down. Comparably, what happened at Zen was rated G. Then , at EWS, I was actually suprised nobody told them anything cause they really went overboard. But at least that was consistent with the blind eye they have always turned towards his onstage antics.How all of a sudden he getting warned? That is definitely a case of victimisation, like they just looking to shaft he. Fortunately for him (them) the pending assault case put off till after Carnival as they demonstrated that they depend on the Carnival season for their livelihood. So we don't have to worry about no Machel for next year Carnival unless you grab his stones and he get lock up for that.As we all know performers have gone to jail for uttering obscene words so he may very well get heself in hot water.

In other news, I am still waiting on my boots. Mr. Ande has consistently put us off like 5 times! It is now nearly two weeks since I should have gotten them!! His first excuse was that he had done one and not both pairs. I now feel he has done neither one. Then it was he had something come up and could not finish. BB eventually get pissed and rough up the man and ask him exactly what is the problem. He said something about himdoing some renovations and having other orders to fill, not sure what kind of orders. Seeing that he gave us an initial delivery time of less than a week I never got the impression that he was back ordered with boots. As a matter of fact I thought we were early! As BB said, its a good thing its October and not January as we would be furious. So for all those who considered ordering boots, don't wait till next year cause you really have no idea what their workload is like and what can come up to delay your order.

Basically I can't finish my Carnival prep till I get those boots!!The next promised day is tomorrow when he claims he will be filling all orders. Then all I will have to do is find the balance of my costume cost. I am still wondering what will be the party to kick off the Carnival with a bang for me.

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Goddess said...

Hey Jumbie, what's the latest on the boots. Inquiring minds want an update!