Thursday, October 04, 2007

For the Super stickers..

Now I will NEVER understand why ppl always seem so shocked when a section or the whole band of Tribe or Island People sell out. I mean year after year we go thru this and year after year the "hot" sections sell out in under half an hour. Now if you want to play in Trini Revellers or Dream Team or Pulse 8, chances are you will probably get a costume in some section up until the week before Carnival. Even Harts that used to sell out in one weekend, still has many sections now. One day when people get fed up of Island People and Tribe and the new 'hot' band comes out you can pick and choose at your leisure. Today is not that day.

So I get the story with the crew I helped out registration day with the girl who reach the mas camp at 5pm and thought she was getting in "Black Magic". I won't tell you where she end up, you won't believe me.I hear about all who feel they was waiting till Sunday after Island People launch to decide whetherr they were going to Tribe or Island People. I am sure that worked out for some..but for many it did not. I tired hear from all who 'waiting on their friends'. That argument will always be baseless with me cause TRIBE is the type of band where you can mingle and roam. Your friends WILL find you if you in a section that they could not get into cause they stick and you didn't. And I hate wearing/paying for a costume I doh like. Even Natalie, the mas boot maker extraordinaire did not get her silver mist frontline costume cause she figured it would not sell out. Even she cannot get a costume an she usually plays in that designer's section. She went so far to say that since she can't get that costume she flying out for Carnival. There was only one time I hesistated when it came to registration. That was the first year Tribe was a new band and I went to sign up in the same section as my friend on opening day. I could not remember what section she told me and it was between Achean Odyssey and Machu Pichu as I had seen pics of both. I was actually going to come back the next day.Another friend wisely insisted I sign up immediately. I ended up picking Machi Pichu (which turned out to be the wrong one). However if I had waited till the next day I would not have gotten either one. I was very pleased with the choice in the end cause I had a lot of friends in the section still, it was hot and lots of ppl complained about Achaean Odyssey's fit.

Then earlier this month my friends in Jamaica send me a email and say they going to Tribe launch in JA that weekend to sign up for their costume. Now I did not even know they were really coming for Carnival otherwise I would have give them a reality check sooner. Cause my girl (and i sorry to laugh at it now) even tell me she fav sections..."Black Magic, Mystique,...."LOLOLOL. I say AHMMMM, I eh know where they finding a Black Magic costume for you cause as far as I know that section is oversold. It was almost sell out in the 'pre registration'. So she insists that they have 'reserved' for the Jamaican crew and thats why they do the launch there.OK Pally.... Needless to say the next day I get another email....."OHMIGOD! The band is sold out!" (duh.) Mind you, Tribe's JA launch was almost a month after TNT launch. Given that all those same Jamaicans could also have registered online like evrybody else, I could not believe that TRIBE would reserve anything especially considering the demand. I was suprised they even bothered to spend the money to 'launch' over there.

Fortunately for her , she got a link that got her squeezed in to one of the lesser popular sections but one that she liked nonetheless. I got nominated to handle the paperwork. Doh mind she still asking me to check and see if they have Black Magic available. lolol. I humoured her, and asked politely at the camp. I was told to politely let her know, not in her wildest dreams. The girl actually laughed at me as I knew she would, as everybody I know in Tribe has when I ask that question.I just wanted to be able to say I asked and they said no. Even funnier still I get another email this week for 1 more to take a squeeze. And even the link they went thru before told them everything done, even the worst of the worst. I have yet to see where that last costume will manifest itself from. My point however is this...if you want to play DOH STICK. Costumes does sell back cause they does sell out!! I got a message from a reader who wanted to know what to do now that she has just decided at the last minute to come and play mas for Carnival (in Tribe).So here are my suuggestions:

  1. Book and PAY for your ticket NOW.Not now, RIGHT now.It won't count for shit if you get a free Black Magic individual costume (cause you're that hot) if you have no seat on no plane to get here. At the end of the day, in a worst case scenario, it is still possible to enjoy yourself on the road without a costume or with a costume from another more accessible band.
  2. Call everybody you know who might know somebody who know somebody in your band of choice.Like it or not, Trinidad revolves around a 'who's who' mentality and if ever yuh need to call in a favour, it is now.
  3. Call the mas camp, get on the waiting list.Long time Poison used to have a corkboard in the camp where people could have stuck up 'for sale' ads for costumes. Tribe seems to have completely taken things into their own hands in the past and now matched waiting lists with people who want to get their costume off their hands. Not sure if they will be doing that this year.Can't hurt to find out.
  4. Visit online sites such as , carnival chat rooms , ebay etc for posts offering costumes for sale.
  5. Go to the camp on the day when your costume of choice is being distributed. If you are lucky you will find people who are trying to get the costume off their hands. ( all who had friends from foreign who did not pay for their ticket early enough; see #1). Their will be some who try to 'scalp' their costumes...that is a personal decision to pay that prices if you are really that desperate.If that does not work, go to the camp on Carnival Sunday which is usually the deadline for people to collect. At that point all unclaimed costumes will be sold. You probably won't get a discount but it won't be any more expensive so make sure you have the full payment. Of course none of these suggestions guarantees you will get a costume of choice or a costume period.
  6. Last but not least, make sure to have your accessories organised. Don't be left without shoes or stockings Carnival Sunday. You should also be prepared to make compromises with your costume size if you get it last minute. Some adjustments may need to be made so give tantie a heads up that you might need her to power up the sewing machine. It might also be a good idea to get a bikini bottom in your size at a carnival store just in case.

So really and truly if you are a super sticker you probably have no one to blame but yourself. There are many sites online which will tell you the Carnival dates for the next 100 years or so. You can therefore plan and save for any Carnival of your choosing.Stop stickin ppl.


saucydiva said...

The waiting list at TRIBE is around 500 people. Every time I call the mas camp to find out info for my costume they asking me if I don't know any sites where people selling/buying costumes to recommend people visit instead of adding to the ridiculously long waiting list.

Did you see the pleas on Carnival Junction? People begging for costumes!

I really don't know what brand of crack people were smoking thinking they could wait on TRIBE.. I mean even if I were planning on waiting on say Island People launch I would have registred for TRIBE just in case. And it was a BRILLIANT move by TRIBE to start registration on the same day as IP launch!! weed out the sheep from the goats.

I hear real stickers saying they going with Evolution though, we'll see how that works out :)

Carnival Jumbie said...

I actually think Evolution has a good line up so far and may be that 'next big thing' I was talking about. They sure to get a lot of the overflow from Tribe and IP.