Wednesday, September 05, 2007


OK so I know I am a bit late but it literally took me this long to ketch back myself from this party. Now I don't want to toot my own horn but I must say that was a beest party. Things got a bit hectic leading up to it but in the end everything fell right into place.

As you walked in you got a fit for your free pair of Havaianas flipflops. Then you could go by the exotic bar or the martini bar for the first drink. Then you take a dip in the indoor Jacuzzi. When you get hungry you could go get a bake and shark like is maracas and have more BBQ on top of that. Food never done, Johnny walker never done. The vibes were high and people had time. Havaianas had is well entertained with their water ballon competitions and someone won the bling flipflops with the swarkovski crystals. I would love to know who cause I was eyeing them all night.

Nothing was funnier than the conga line to the pool at the end of which a few people actually jumped in with all their clothes. When the cops started to jumbie we to shut down the dance there were lots of protest. But we managed to talk our way into extending the party for a little while. When the party was forced to lock off we moved it inside! Who say indoor pool party? Cause it still had food and drinks. Unfortunately the gong never reach although his band was there. We still had a time!

I would like to thank all our sponsors and all who attended. To the jackass people who was fighting down the party and sabotaging we.. Take a meggie! Cause the party was hot and guess who is not! I have tickets booked for our next event and we have not even decided when that will be. Check the pics on and .

I making a small turn in the US of A so I go link allyuh if meh phone does work in foreign.
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