Saturday, August 18, 2007

TRIBE Registration:The Aftermath

So last night I got word that quite a bit of pre registration had already been done. I did not try and fight down to get myself pre-registered as I figured I could have organised this morning. Even if I did not get a link, I was planning to be there early enough not to have a problem.Well today was interesting enough I must say.This is what I was greeted with when I arrived. I think I got there in good timin.I was number 17 or 18 in line I believe. In true form, the people I met are those who simply don't play when it comes to their Carnival. I must congratulate heartily Mummylicious (see pic)who went above and beyond and made it to the number 1 spot in line. I have a special "Pooky Award" just for you. Her face has been blurred to protect her identity. Ok, I lie, I forget to charge my camera and I had to take pics with the blackberry. Mummylicious was concerned that her Mystique Frontline was going to be gone in no time because inside sources indicated there were only 10 and 5 had been "pre assigned". I had similar concerns since I was trying for Silver Mist frontline and that section is not a 'house' section. Therefore the designer has the booking a certain number of costumes for her ppl. So between the special section pre reg and the in house pre reg. Nothing was certain. This again led me to wonder exactly what this TLC card was doing for me.I was to figure this out shortly. But not before we were joined by the first male carnival jumbie, my padnah Mark who gave the girls something to gape at in the meantime .
I was actually astonished to see him there that early cause he was ranking in the top 20. Then I assumed that his girlfriend had recruited him to go and register for her.No such thing! Mark was there for himself! I pointed out to him that men rarely have a problem getting into sections. He said that this was the only day he was getting to register so he just wanted it over with.What was killing me is that he had not even decided what section he wanted cause all he want is a "baggies and a band".Yet there he was.....This man had me well entertained for the entire morning with his special sort of humour. More so when the TRIBE staff started making announcements regarding the process. Basically the most important announcement was that if you did not have a TLC card and your user name you were screwed. As Mr.T would say, "I pity da' fool" who thought otherwise or forgot their info home. As I said, that first lot of people doh play so to everyone in thre had their business in order as they were leaving nothing to chance.There were two TRIBE girls in the room making announcements and every time they said anything another Tribe supervisior would come in and repeat what they said, sometimes talking over them. Mark quickly dubbed him "Captain Obvious".That nickname was true to form when he reminded everyone that you needed a TLC card to register on that day and no credit cards were accepted at the registration camp. I guess there are still ppl who play chupid and try a smart thing. We were also well supplied with the standard Gatorade and water.
As the first 30 ppl, myself included were ushered out of the waiting room and into the registration room, I realised the undeniable advantage that we had.In times past there were two waiting rooms . This year there was only one. This meant that as the registration elite left the room we were greeted by the scowls, the frustrated and dejected faces of all who were standing in the hallways waiting to get into the 'waiting room'. I could almost read some of their looks "I hope they not going in my section", "How much ppl them registering so! Oh shit!", and "Take me with you *sniff*". I heard there were some issues with the two rooms last year because once the two rooms were filled, ppl were taken from the first room and late comers filled spots in the first room. So essentially the second room ppl were constantly being jumped in the line. I kinda felt bad for the people who did not have as comfortable a wait as others but I really not sure how they can solve that problem when ppl seem so desperate to do anything to get in their section.
So when we finally got into the registration room, things moved pretty fast.I got word that online registration still had not gone up. My friend with me split up to get different attendants to have things running faster. So of course I fix up myself first. No problem getting in frontline.Then the other pile of ppl who asked me to help them out cause they were late for a wedding and on eof the guys was the best man (really!). I sent my friend to pay at the cashier with my stuff cause I was taking long.I almost got up before I was handed another person's stuff who is also part of my carnival crew and did not get the behind the scenes hook up that she expected. Why is it that after 15 mins of open registration and no internet registration that the attendant was to look at me and say "Silver Mist sold out"? I know it was going to go the first day along with Black Magic but that was ridiculous. If I was one spot down the line I and all may not have gotten it. Whatever magic they do I get a costume for the girl.I think they had to pull one from the online stock. But try the math on that.....If I had 17 people in front of me and 200 in a section...Lets say the designer took 100 for herself. That mean every person in front of me had to register at least 6 people in Silver Mist for it to sell out so.And funnily enough from what I gathered , most ppl in front of me did not have that many people to register in the section.. So thats means a whole lot of people was registered before the gates opened.I don't know what my poor friend who is the only one in the squad without a TLC card will do cause she wanted frontline silver mist as well.I was never so glad to get that over and done with.
What does this all tell me about my TLC card....That my TLC card serves ONE purpose. It affords me the right of getting to be one of the first set of people to line up.Nothing else. It does not grant me priority registration, cause apparently it have different types of priority. It does not guarantee that I will get my section of choice EVEN if I am one of the first 20 in line.It does not grant me any special reduced downpayment even though I have played with them every year since they came to town. I may get a discount on a fete ticket but the only TRIBE party I go to is the launch.Now don't get me wrong, I am NOT annoyed that Tribe staff register their ppls first cause if I was getting thru I would have done it and I would have done it for my friends if I was on TRIBE staff. I just think that there is a thin line between a 'bly' and a 'free for all'. I do know that there was a limit supposedly set for preregistration and it just seemed to have been completely disregarded.I get my things sorted out so I eh have no reason to fuss up myself. But I was very glad not to have been around when the rest of them ppls get that news. Nonetheless, if you tell me I have a TLC , It would be nice if I really felt the love and worked more for me regardless of who I may know in TRIBE.
So peopel 169 days till C2K8. GET IN YOUR SECTION!


Anonymous said...

I look a tad bit excited to be at number 1 there eh. Thanks for blowing up my spot. At least blur my face...geeeeez!

Carnival Jumbie said...

but it is blurred! the camera did it for me!

saucydiva said...

Hey one of the chicks with us, #3 to be exact registered 12 people including herself in Silver Mist and jer friend #2 was also playing in Silver Mist,I doh know how much people she register. Now I totally agree with you that it is near impossible to sell out ALL the in house sections (online had costumes reserved to a point cause when I came home Silver Mist was still open) but all the drama surrounding this pre-registration was going on all week.. ask #1 she go tell yuh de baccahanal!!!

All I know is I MUST be in the top 10 people come high or hell water, cause I ent playing with that crap of section selling out in what, 5 minutes steups?

dougla_1 said...

carnival jumbie, so nice that you got Silver Mist frontline!

I am quite surprised sections sold out so fast. So that is alot of preregistration going on right dey. The TLC should be about being in that very same "preregistration" pool. Inside connects should have been limited to an absolute fixed amount, and probably not as many as they got in this rounds, before the #1 TLC, mummylicious picked. So, I can conclude TLC is just about making registration more efficient for tracking your order/costume from downpayment (or full payment) to pickup. So TLC quite frankly is not really about the lovey huggy "Tender Loving Care" but more about "Tracking Lost Costumes." LOL

Be that is may, your mission was accomplished if even by a whisker ;) Silver Mist frontline is my absolute favorite carnival costume design of all the lauches sofar, and there are many lovely costumes in comparison. I love that it is quite avant-garde and yet still is one of the sexiest designs out. It will allow you to bring out a carnival flare within yourself, which may very well surprise your individual creativity (a higher heights for your carnival jumbism) to lIVE this mas on the road. No fronting on this one! It is time to bring glamorous sexy back!!!

You will flash the beacon backlines will aspire for when dey carnival jumbie REALLY ready someday ;) I ain't lie! :)

Mystique said...

Why my boobs looking so....orf hmmmm