Thursday, August 16, 2007


If you wondering wtf I was taking so long to post is cause the phone lines by my work fall dong and the ppl tell us two months to fix it. So I had no internet in work and find myself doing the ppl wuk when I reach home on my internet, hence no time for my tings. But I get everything sorted today so I back on these ppl case!

So the countdown to Saturday is fast approaching. I try not to think about it cause I am still traumatised from that experience in 2005 when they first started internet registration and the whole site crash. I had to run to the mas camp, only to meet the mob of ppl trying to throw dong the gate while trying to manage the influx of calls from my overseas friends who were panicking when they could not access the site. The very thought of registration day and the possibility of what I might have to face turns my stomach.(although last year was very painless)

The only thing that has turned my stomach more was the email we all got yesterday from TRIBE announcing the registration dates and prices. I am sure the whole world vibrated at that moment when we opened that email and heard a simultaneous "DEM MAD OR WHAT??$2400 FOR A FRONTLINE!!" I go give allyuh a joke, when I get the email, I barely scan through it cause all my inside sources gave me the info already, I was not bothered.I though teh downpayment was $1500. Only to have my phone blow up this morning with texts and calls of ppl in agony over the frontline prices. And I well saying, nah man is $1500, only to read the
email GOOD and see in truth and in fact it is $2400. SIGH (insert STEUPS if you prefer)

I for one have never played a frontline and was kinda preparing myself to do so next year. My whole squad went in the mas camp and we say 'YES! This year frontline for sure!We payin we big money!" Ahmm ok, i did not mean i want to pay it NOW. The downpayment is half of the costume. That is a bit overboard TRIBE!!! Now I understand that TRIBE has had problems in the past with people who pay down for frontline costumes and realise later on that they can't afford it and forfeit their downpayment. Ok cool. What I did not like is the fact that they hit everybody with that big price 3 days before registration before month end even reach. Ahmm if I had know that MONTH BEFORE I might have put aside $1200 and not $750!! What make them feel I have all that money to pelt out in one month just so. Or horr, so is only rich people could play frontline or wha?$2400 is some people whole month salary!! That is some people rent....and my car payment. So what I should do hide my car by tantie in Guaico so the bank cyar take it ?What you go say for the people who plan it out to save just enough money to make the downpayment from since last year carnival only to hear this shit now. Ok so I expected the price to increase...BUT NOT DOUBLE!!! Ok so come next year you won't (relatively) have much to pay on the costume. But I did not ask for a financial planner.Why you trying to plan for me cause Carnival early? Look how early launch was!! We have time to put it aside!! I rather yuh tell me I have to pay a payment every month lika a layaway in Courts befor eyuh hit me with a big bill so.I know how to plan my stuff and if I know this was coming I would have plan a little different.E.G maybe the Blackberry would have been bought NEXT MONTH.

EVEN if the people default on the balance of the frontline costume, fact is 1) they have the downpayment in their pocket and 2)they could still sell it at full price!! So exactly why are the LOYAL MASQUERADERS being penalised? At the very LEAST they could have given TLC card holders a break on that ridiculous downpayment (of the ridiculously priced costumes). Why am I a TLC holder again? What benefits does that afford me? Oh right, I get to line up for two hours with the first 1000 carnival jumbies. Yay for me. To me, if I am a TLC holder there on day 1, 2 or could pretty much be assured I AM playing mas God permitting and I wanted to be DAMN sure I got THAT costume.

I was always one to say , I eh care if the costume is 10 grand! I paying it cause I go dead if I doh play. These people really have me checking mehself now. Cause guess what!!My dream came true!!!Black Magic Individual is in theat price range ballpark...and it actually have people looking to pay the money. So it go only get worse. The prices are going up and up, the costumes getting skimpier and skimpier and all hope of me ever playing a frontline are proportionally decreasing.
The teasers from IP really leave little doubt in my mind that they will also be calling a big money for their sections.

Well my choices right now are Silver Mist Frontline. If i doh get that I doh want the floor, I may go Mystique or Black Magic regular. I can't make up my mind cause Mystique have a few technical issues that are of concern and Black Magic just a bit pricey for a costume I don't absolutely have to have.

So right now TRIBE is testing my LOVE of Carnival. Its like asking how much you willing to sell your soul for?How much is too much?I go see allyuh this weekend yes.STEUPS


cultureshok said...

Preach it sister.I totally agree with you that they coulda offer some sort of frontline downpayment concession as part of the TLC package. Mamaguy we a lil bit nuh! And I still feel they making so much money on the floor sections they could afford to take a bounce on the frontline - esp. since by Carnival Sun. it go sell.

saucydiva said...

girl you REAL pissed lol.Is a good thing I was hearing about FULL payment for frontlines and I keep asking if they were sure then I hear was 50%.. so I was bracing. I know it is really akin to some people's monthly Salary... and that has just messed up many people's hopes of playing frontline.

as a TLC member when it comes to registration I doh really see perks because it will still be madness at Cascadia tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree!!!

When does the madness end??