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TRIBE 2008 Costume Review

Well I am sure at least one of you is waiting for my two cents on Tribe's costumes and I am not one to disappoint. I started this post right after launch and never really got to finish it. However, viewing opened at Cascadia and instead of just starting over i thought I would give my before and after takes on the costumes.... if allyuh doh like it , tough shit cause its my blog not yours.Check my FULL GALLERY. So here we go:

My top picks after launch were:
  • Silver Mist
  • Mystique
  • Black Magic
  • Isis Frontline
  • Lady of the Lake
  • Goddess of the Chase

After Viewing:

  • Silver Mist
  • Mystique
  • Black Magic
  • Isis Frontline
  • Lady of the Lake
  • Goddess of the Chase

Notice i have a bulleted list not a numbered list because I may have to take a few more trips before I make up my mind. One thing I did not like about the viewing is that there was only ONE major frontline on display. How is anyone to make up their mind if half the costumes not there or in the book?So I will start with these and move on down the list and you know I doh put water in my mouth for anybody.

Silver Mist

Before: I like this costume, however everybody else seems to like it a lot more passionately than me. And I guess we all like it for the same reason since it is ridiculously skimpy.Either you love this costume or you hate it cause you could never see yourself going down the road like that. The best part of this costume is the metal work in the bra and the accessories. I am a little iffy about the working on the bra which from afar looks like crumple up toilet paper. A friend who saw it up close said its actually carpet.HMMM ...I hope its not...I just saying I have to watch it close up. What I am definitely concerned about is the price that is going to be asked for this itty bitty costume. As most people would know this designer is usually has the smallest costume and asks for the most money. I really like the frontline which seems to add a new dimension to the costume and seeing that I am wanting to play frontline its definitely a strong contender.Again, big money for sure.

AFTER: Ok so what is it in the bra really?? This is true quotes overhead at the viewing "Is that Rat fur?", " Ok , that looks like grey pubic hair", "WTF IS THAT!!", "Can we buy diamantes to cover up that furry thing?". Needless to say, this costume is QUICKLY losing ground with the masses.All on account of that furry material used on the bra and the waistband. Inside sources have reported that the waistband diamante appliques and diamante strands are pricey and the designer may call a hot price for the costume. This was one of my personal top 3. The half of my crew that got to the viewing all demoted the costume from their number one. The other half who did not attend heard the bad reviews and are very reluctant to see it in real. The waistband ha sboth cord and beads hanging from it. The metal jewellery and working is not solid metal but a flexible material (wire?) covered in fabric. I was concerned about the metal attracting heat but this should be ok..The headpiece has some cord and some grey foam strips hanging from it. The foam strips are what is hanging from the frontline backpiece. These are very lightweight and won't stab you or others around you if you were to go frontline. Then again it might since I see pointy things on the ends of the back back pieces..can't say for sure cause it was not on display!! That grey furry material is honestly the only thing I don't particularly like about the costume. Even the headpiece has the furry material!If the majority of the crew likes it I will play in it, if not...If I was the designer, I would change that out one time!

Before :Somehow I always end up playing in this designer's section. I think this is her best option from her designs this year.I am really feeling the colours in this one . The lead section is also hot but I not sure how I feel about having feathers in my bra. I actually like the floor bra and waistband and the lead section head piece and back piece. It would be nice if they had options.Personally I was not feeling the whole fairy theme or the fairy wings but out of all of them , this is the best one.

After: Love it!! The more I look at this costume the more it grows on me. I had a friend who did not even take it into consideration but by the time we left it was her number one. The accesories are really nice in this costume. This colour is really rich. I like this designer's sections because although they are always really sexy, you still get enough into the detail and working in the costume to feel like you got something for your money. I did think the head piece could have been a bit more detailed. There is a material part at the front that looks like its missing something.Again, no frontline to compare!!

Black Magic

BEFORE:Well this costume is just striking. It is very difficult to make a nice black costume as materials tend to be limited. But they definitely pulled it off with this one. This costume has been compared to Shahara Jumbie last year in Island People. Ok , I will give you that they probably got the head piece from the same supplier. However, this costume looks much nicer than Jumbie. It looks better designed for one. I really did not like the hanging strips in Jumbie as it looked a bit cheap but it looked ok on the road. Black Magic will definitely be one of the first to go.

AFTER: No disappointments here. The design and beading on this is really great. The bra seems to be similar to the Victoria Secret Very Sexy Bra (which I looooove). You can tell that this bra is of better quality to most bras used in costumes and it has a double shoulder strap. This costume is sexy but not skimpy, a good compromise. With the bustier option it is very versatile.However no bustiers on display and where is tehe lead section that caused such a stir at launch?

Isis Frontline

Before: Very nice!! This costume has been aligned with Jewel of the Nile from IP last year. The colours are the same but the design is a bit diferent. Very sexy costume.The head piece and necklace are really nice as wel I was left wondering why this costume is not its own section as it could easily carry itself. A bit concerned as to how they plan to size the pieces connecting the top and bottom for different torso lengths. As you may recall Achaen Odyssesy did not fare very well and neither did Cow mas in terms of fitting to individual sizes. Only reason I would take caution in this section.

After: You want the Good news or bad news?Good news...its every bit as lovely in real. Bad news...They only making 65!!! Yes , the designer announced at the viewing that this is a very limited costume. I was not maccoing properly so I have also heard from a secondary source that this may become its own section. Numbers will still be very limited. If I were this designer I would start on that glue gun and expand the section from now cause she WILL have a high demand.

Isis Floor

Before: The colour I love. The style is something I really need to see close up to assess. I was really feeling the foot pieces which are chains mixed with cloth. This whole costume is basically cloth with chain accents. A very comfortable thing to play in I would imagine. Very reminiscent of Angel Fish year before.

After: As expected, no suprises.The good thing about this is that the waist band can be as wide or as narrow a band as you position it to be, unlike Angel Fish. I worry about the metal work 'turning ' in the rain/sun like Sunken Treasure did year before. This might be a bad idea for those who have sensitive skin.

Lady of the Lake

Before:Very dramatic presentation at the launch and very nice costume. The frontline has a tie dye cape which looked nice onstage but may not be practical on the road. Its actually pretty large for a typical costume

After: I am really loving the arm and leg pieces on the frontline. However frontline in this section may be quite a burden to bear with both t he cape and the large back piece. The costume itself is gorgeous. This would be in my personal top three if I had not played in orange for the past two years. I'm trying to stay away but its drawing me in!!This was the ONLY section with its full frontline on display.

Goddess of the Chase

Before: One of the few costumes that actually managed to blow me away at the launch. The frontline headpeice is amazing. Some comparisions to the Nubians in IP last year.

After: A closer look at this costume showed interesting working on it. The bra top has a deep plunge and is haltered which I absolutely love. It is one of the few with a cut out side pieces in the bra.One good thing about this costume is that it has three options for headpieces. I assume you get more working and accesories with frontline (if they had it there) but the floor gives two options for the head pieces. I like options!


Before: Ok so Black Magic has a white version.It was hard to detect the differences while the models were on the move on stage.The individual costume for thsi section is teh one that went airborne, lots of oohs and ahhs but I would never have connected it with the floor section.Other than the fact that it was white, there were no similarities.Soo does this have a lead section? Who knows!!

After:The tops are generally the same design as black magic with the excption of an additional cloth over the unbeaded breast. Nice touch however I noted that the costume itself looked a bit dingy on display. It really did nothing for the presentation of it. The waist band is slightly different but I like Black Magic's better.Although the feathered armand leg bands look nice on display I am not a fan for such accessories on the road. They tend to flop very quickly. Especially these fuzzy ones.I absolutely did not like this head pice close up. You think its like Black Magic but its not.Whereas black magic has feathers rooted in a carboard (?) support, amalthea has a styrofoam (or similar?)cut out with feathers added to it. Its mostly that solid material with sequins on it. It has very little movement so you will look very stiff on the road. I compare to Wild Samanze with the giant shark fin year before , just this is to one side.


Before: Ok, Ok whats up with the feathered shoulder pads? The skirt for the frontline (i assume its a frontline) looks a bit too full for on the road and its layered! I can only assume that the designer is catering for more self conscious or older masqueraders. I liked the colour paired with the pearls.Very cute as a pink fairy.

After:Ok, Ok whats up with the feathered shoulder pads?Up close, I STILL did not like the shoulder pads. I don't know if its because it looked too broad on the models and on the mannequin but it does not seem right.Again, the feather thing..always a bit iffy for me personally. I wonder how they plan to size that for ppl who have narrow shoulders. I completely missed the wings at the viewing and only caught a glimpse in my pics. The frontline (i assume) with the skirt was not there to view either. It seems that its just the regular belt with a skirt sewn on. Best thing about this costume is the head piece. That is gorgeous! Very reminiscent of the Mikimoto crowns designed for Ms.Universe.

Autumn Sprite

Before: This name fits the costume to a T. Lots of green , lots of leaves.The wings look very intricate.

After: Although not one of my favourites I think this is the one of the more creative designs. Very much in theme for both the band and the section name. The wings are very detailed and it really looks like it should be a lead section by itself. Maybe it is and maybe you have options. I like the use of the different coloured ferns in the headpiece although the waist band had a bit of a jumble of leaves..but I suppose that was the idea! Not many people seem to be drawn to this one however.

Water Nymph

Before: I was not really feeling this costume although I liked the mix of colours. Those wings!!Needed a close up.

After: I think this costume is growing on me. This would be my pick for suprise sell out.Close up the detail is actually quite nice. The colours well selected. A lot of detail on the bar and the waist band. I think what sold this to me was how it was displayed in teh camp. The wings were spread out more to show its full span and I don't think that came across in the pics or on stage. Then again it may not stand up that tall on the road. The cloth in the arm pieces and the wings bother me a bit becasue I think with too much purple in thetie day it could make the costume look mucky. I say mucky beacause the purple is not really popping in the tie dye and it looks like its killing the colours.Although I have not commented on the male costumes up till this point, I will like to mention that the male to this costume reminds me of Mer-Man from He-Man cartoons. Not that that is good or bad...but that what he looks like.

Pixie Dust

Before: Argggh!! VERY Disappointed I only heard good things about this costume and I was a bit disappointed with what i saw. I thought this was going to be me for sure!

After: Love the colours and I like that she chose to go with a white bathsuit base.I am not feeling the bra itself as it is a bit to lacy and bralike for my taste. The appliques are nice. The waist band...although skimpy and sexy......true things overheard " That costume makes you look like you have balls.". Ok so there is this applique in frot your crotch that I think is a bit much, especially considering that everything else on the waist band is so simple. It really does kinda make you look like its a pube patch or something. Not really flattering. Again no frontline on display, but fromteh pics, I think its terrible. Besides the headpiece of course.

Butterfly Bliss

Before: Not impressed. Why those wings look so preschool? Lovely head piece though.

After: Very not impressed. This costume is little more than butterflies stuck strategically on your body. I for one don't understand what this has to do with the theme and why a section named butterfly bliss would literally be all about butterflies stuck on you. A bit more depth was needed here. Still loving the head piece, cause the colours were nice. The wings are a bit understated compared to the other sections.This should be one of the lower priced sections. On a side note, thsi designer tends to use a lot of applique work on her costumes. I personally don't favour that mode of design. I think it is very reminiscent of longtime Poison and narrows your degree of creativity as compared with other materials or techniques.

Sun Goddess

Before: The yellow section.(I was not paying enough attention)

After: The costume is very simple and well put together. It looks nice, the head piece is nice. Its nice but not much WOW factor. True things overheard...."That is one curry yellow!" With that in mind, the shade of yellow is a bit deeper than jab molassie last year.

Mystical India

Before: That costume looks familiar!

After : That costume looks Shanghai from Posion's past. The head piece is amazing. The working on the bra and belt is very detailed. Its a bot overdoen for my personal taste but it still look nice. You are drowned in gold in this costume and the working is very Indian. (I am not being racist!) I mean that the working is very similar to details and designs you would see in traditional indian jewellery. Best thing about this costume is that you get a whole lot of traditional indian accesories. This is hands down most accessorised costume!


Before: Ahmmmmm....Ok!

After: Out of all the costumes in Tribe this is the only one I can say I do NOT like. There is literally nothing about this costume I like. You might get away with the waistband, which although not to my liking, others may fancy. The bra looks cheap. It looks like very little effort was made to decorate it properly. Unlike ALL the other sections the bra cups are not worked up. The decor seems to be draped across the bra top. The wings are quite puny (and yuh know i already doh like wings but if yuh given me wings give me ones with some size). Exactly why would you as a designer decide that if you bra has so little working and your wings are small that you could get away with having NO headpiece!!!Sorry, they have a head band. EVERY section has a big plumed headpiece with the exception from this one. Even the ones I don't particularly like had a nice head piece to save it! Ok so I pay all that money and everybody have a head piece except me? Even if you doh like to wear a headpiece on teh road you still liketo HAVE it.Sigh, every one I have spoken to is of the consensus that this is the last choice costume in the band. And I certainly am not being biased in any way as this designer has had a history of having their last few presentations 'reworked'. Sorry to say,This one needs to be added to that list. Oh gosh man, give me a head piece nah!


Myths of Babylonia


After:Wow! I am really presently suprised by this costume. It is very elegant! Very '300". I would play in this but I am a skettel at heart and like my bamcee outside. BUT if I was 20 or so years older I would be in this for sure! The cloth is really draped in a nice way. It may be a bit much cloth but it seemed to have options of different styles. I did not get to see too well cause of the GUY who would not move from directly in front the costume although no male was on tdisplay.


JJ said...

Excellent commentary! Well worth the wait. you cracked me up.

saucydiva said...

Great review, we both have the similar takes on the costumes. I also heard that only 65 costumes for Isis Option A will be made. Frontlines should be up on Monday and I am going back to take a look of course.

Carnival Jumbie said...

but saucy yuh eh read meh post lololol i said that about isis!!!lolol

caisoqueen said...

Hi CJ...thanks for your fantastic pics and commentary! I'm still in love with Black Magic, Isis backline is now a leader for me and Goddess of the Chase!

saucydiva said...

girl, after the costume viewing I went Pricesmart.. with a stop to shop for something to wear last night.. then I came home, uploaded pics, wrote the review and started getting ready to go to D Krewe's launch. When I got home in the wee hours of this morning I saw your message on the message board came over here and read yuh I didn't read it properly :D Yuh see the time I made that comment?

shells said...

great commentary.
frontlines are on display now, Isis option B is great, as is Goddess of the Chase.