Saturday, July 28, 2007

Its Carnival!

As far as I am concerned Carnival does start with the first band launching! Last night was SUPPOSED To be HARTS launch but it was cancelled. Rumour has it there were some sponsorship problems. Anywho, I don't care cause TRIBE is out the gate tonight at Pier 1 with their Launch of "Myths and Magic"

I am most excited. I know you guys have not seen or heard from me for awhile but that is because I was trying to focus on other things and I can't focus if I am thinking about anything Carnival related. I swear I could give myself and anxiety attack just thinking about costumes.I see Saucy has distributed the list of Sections. I had some knowledge of this as well but I did not want to buss the files till today.

So....the consensus is that the costumes are HOT!!!!! Word on the street is that decisions will be difficult as there are many sections that will have us over excited. Last year I honestly felt Tribe's costumes were lacking and the choice if nice costumes were limited. This year we may be in for some serious conferencing among the carnival lime. Which I think is good because everybody won't be rushing one or two sections as has been Tribe's trademark in times past. Year one was Machu Pichu vs. Achaen Odysessy, Year two was Angel Fish vs Nylon Pool and Year three was Dragon vs. Jamette/Fireman. And not only are the costumes great but the head pieces are as well!

So hot sections to look for.... Leasel Rovedas with Silver Mist. A Silver and white costume which I heard is ridiculously skimpy and gorgeous. But we know she love to buss price!!No way this costume is under $3000. Monique Nobrega's with Black Magic. I heard is the best black costume in ages. Lana Nobrega (who we always appreciate) with Pixie Dust which is Teal and cream/white. Look out for the purple costume designed by Monique. Generally the costumes are getting skimpier and I have mixed reviews on how prices are going to be. I have not heard what will be the costume of the season for those who are a bit more modest. I will of course be at the launch to open the gates and give my full review. Paparazzi in 'da building!!

P.S..I get a blackberry...look who posting remotely!!!! Well..if I can figure out how to use it by then lol....

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