Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ready for mas again

Well as far as I am concerned Carnival season has started! We now have the potential date of TRIBE band launching as the last weekend in July. If you guys think I'm joking about the season start, how about I started my exercise routine already. Ok I lie, I never really stopped, I just slowed down. I went from about 3+ days a week to just one (or none). And it was all very intentional cause I know myself. If I had stopped completely I would have procrastinated forever to start back. Last year my bench mark starting time was band launching. At that time I STILL delayed nearly two months before I actually set foot in the gym.

This season I am not playing AT ALL.My fitness goal last year was to look "absolutely ridiculous". As in..."That girl body is absolutely ridiculous" . I did not do too bad but I think I could have done better. I get away with murder because of my good genes since my great eating habits went out the window after Carnival. Then you see things like some of them girls who modelled for Caribbean Fashion Week.....then I have to watch BET awards tonight and see Robot Beyonce shaking her ass. Them setting the bar real high, cause HER body is ridiculous. A few ppl at the awards tried to get their sexy on as well. I must say Ciara's bod is weird.(thats the best word I could come up with) Cause she is very much in shape but her proportions look so square and hard that it was not very flattering. So now I want to be bootylicious like Beyonce. Partly because I think its great to have flesh on your bones and STILL have cut abs and two, I have accepted the fact that I will never again see 110lbs and am going to have to make the extra 15 pounds liming in my big bottom work for me.

So where am I at now? I try to get in at least 2 spin classes a week. I even go on a Saturday morning sometimes when i miss or feeling particularly motivated. Plus I have taken to running( i lie, walking) Lady Chancellor at least twice a week cause my b/f makes me and I have yet to rationalise $375/mth in gym membership. Yeah I love spin, but I hate running. Which is ironic cause I ran track till form six. I am a sprinter not a marathoner, anything past 100m and I bun! But you guys will be shocked to see how many people are on that hill every day rain or shine. Uusally there is a drop between Carnival and the band launch time. This year...people were chronic right thru. I would like to be really running that shit by the end of the year. Mercifully, the gyms are still empty awaiting the yearly migration of the gymbolassies. If you don't know what a gymbolassie is then you have not been reading this blog long enough and need to do a search on this blog. I have encountered them on several occasions. I know soon the Gym H.O. s are going to start migrating as well and pissing me off. With all this also comes expense othe rthan the gym fee cause my sneakers are beaten up and my gym clothes need a revamp. Then I was actually considering buying spinn clothes e.g the spin shoes and the spin pants and that is a piece of money as well.

Interestingly enough, a new national weight loss campaign has begun recently in the U.S called "The 50 million pound challenge". This is encouraging minorities to lose weight as a collective group for better health and to educate the youth on healthy lifestyles. The site also has a weight tracker and diet tools. This is all serious business , and I encourage all of you to start looking after your health and weight if you are not already doing so. Not for Carnival, just for life.If you procrastinating check your TLC listing's for "Inside Brookhaven Obesity Clinic". If THAT show does not scare you into action I don't know what else will. Of course you guys may now that the only diet I endorse is the South Beach Diet which is the only one that I have actually seen work and does not make you feel like you are starving yourself.

I really don't know why nobody bothered to point out that my Carnival Countdown Timer mysteriously disappeared at some point. So we have to get back on schedule... T-MINUS 222 days and counting!! Get your ass in the gym!

P.S So I look at the pics online of Beyonce's performance and although stilll hot, she is definitely a bit wide at the hips and not as porportioned as it looked on tv. With that in mind, I hope I can be cuter than her next year. Aside to see what we DON'T want check Liz Hurley out.


Triniprincess said...

"I have accepted the fact that I will never again see 110lbs and am going to have to make the extra 15 pounds liming in my big bottom work for me"

I love the reference to liming, cracking me up. I guess I better get active so my extra pounds can stop "liming" on my hips and ass.

Carnival Jumbie said...

Is lime it liming oui. Yuh know like when yuh have people over and they doh know when its time to go home? yeah just so the weight hanging out there.

saucydiva said...

Beyonce? You really think her body is aspiration material? Umm ok, personally I find she does have that pear shape with the very wide hips and her abs are soft.. and she is YOUNG.. no excuse for not being toner when you are in your twenties and have no kids!I think u look cuter than Beyonce right now to be honest.

As for Liz Hurley the woman is 42 so what if she has some cellulite? steups dem papers is summtin else yes, the woman looks very good for her age.

Anyway I see you and Mummylicious going all out for Carnival! Is Spin and all kinda thing.. I taking notes people, taking notes!!

Crankyputz said...

Im trying to loose 10 pounds, but apparently I have absolutely no self discipline....best of luck, rooting for you to look your best in the ridiculously overpriced costume....

Carnival Jumbie said...

Thanks for the compliment saucy lol. I going and tell everybody that Saucy say I cuter than Beyonce loloolol. But nah boy I write that post after I see the show and she looked a lot better on tv than when I saw the pics after. When I saw the pics I was like ooook my girl has some toning to do and some hips to booty shake off. Maybe I should take a page from Shakira instead lol.
I was not really bashing Liz but her cellulite as something I am attempting to avoid altogether (however inevitable it might be)
Cranky ..likeyou really cranky lol. Believ you me that although my costume will forever be overpriced I definitely cut corners along the way to make it happen. I will stay home from now till Carnival Monday to buy that costume. Seriously

Mummylicious said...

How Saucy bussing my secret files so boy.I not GOING to spin eh, i TRYING to go to spin. Its an attempt...i won't say I am successful at it yet. And I still find beyonce body ridiculous...like i was telling CJ if i could look like that I would wear a bikini to work...when yuh have a pear yuh hadda work with it yes.

I had to pull out the calculator to add 15 to 110 there yes because the figure i was coming up with in my head wasn't making sense so steups@you. If pounds liming in your bamsee then me eh know what the hell they doing in mine. They having kids, building a 3 storey house and having a damn party for the whole neighbourhood in MY bamsee...and THAT is no lie.

saucydiva said...

Is the papers I steupsing at, the way they highlight these imperfections on these women like they did with Tyra.

Beyonce is an attractive girl and with the hair, makeup, retouching and airbrushing she looks even more so in her pics and video BUT a hot body she does not have sorry to say and yeah I think you are much better proportioned than she is.

cranky lets not even discuss costume price with a Carnival jumbie, we all have our weakness, that one thing we will spend our dollars on regardless of price and Carnival is like that for some. I cut corners too, doh worry, plenty people I know lie low throughout the year to be able to buy their ridiculously overpriced costume while other can simply afford it.. we cyar be vex with them.

I am certainly not vex with the person who drop 5K on rims for their car or 3k for a blackberry even though I will never spend my money on an expensive cell phone.

Carnival Jumbie said...

mummylicious I almost dead with that one lolol all that going on in d bamcee?. I never say I was heavy, just that all the weight is in one place. And 125-130 on my frame have me looking 'healthy' as the shady man in the club tell me a night.It is still enough to make me have to jump to get in my jeans and for every short pants I own to look like a pom pom shorts.
Saucy i agree why buy 5k rims when you can buy a nylon pool lololol.
I think I have to go revaluate my body image double cause Beyonce really looking like she was just fooling ppl right about now

saucydiva said...

Ahh, now I do think Beyonce is a role model for "healthy" chicks who do not think rail thin is in; for that she and Jennifer Lopez (when she used to have an ass), Kate Winslet and Tyra are very commendable...I can even add Rihanna to that list as she has the exact shape as Beyonce but somehow looks tighter and more toned.. yuh eh find? When Beyonce lost the extra pounds for Dreamgirls I ent lie, she was smoking!!! That robot costume did not do her any justice.


Mummylicuous I find you looking quite healthy and rosy these days.. is all the eating out you doing LOL.

Carnival Jumbie said...

Yeah Rihanna does seem to be in better shape than Beyonce. But like the rest of Barbados( according to her) I am not a fan. I had like her first song but that umbrella song irritates the hell out of me.
Beyonce is a DREAD thief with that performance lol. Blatant plaigarism yuh call that . Tyra of course had it locked but i tried not to look at her cause my breasts will never be that big and I jealous lol.

Hottie Hottie said...

Ella Ella aye aye aye. Mudder harse. Blasted song annoying oui. And why de hell Beyonce looking like the inner wrapping in a chocolate bar? She need to take a lil rest yes. And you! Miss Jumbie. Try yuh best with this carnival talk eh. Allyuh just doh have no damn consideration fuh nobody.