Thursday, June 14, 2007

Akon strikes again..and again!

Boy I real fed up of this man Akon now. I did not even bother to post anything about him pelting a man into a crowd because the man pelt him with a styrofoam cup first. But yesterday I had the distinct displeasure of hearing Akon's new song courtesy Hypa Hoppa and the Hypa Drive team on 96.7 RED FM.(Check site for streaming webcast 3PM-6PM, EST). Now FYI Hypa has a daily ritual of giving an award to people who doing stupid shit in Trinidad (and sometimes around the world). This award is called the "Issac Hunte Award". Why? Well put the name together and say it really fast and you should figure it out. Its very similar to my "Ass of the Day Award"/ Pookie Award.

So usually Hypa puts forward his nominees which are referred from various sources, including some of his friends' personal experiences and then people call in to vote. Yesterday he did not even take a vote and Akon was given the award unchallenged. 1) For throwing the man in the crowd and 2) For releasing the song "I'm Sorry" which dedicates and entire VERSE to the Danah Alleyne incident. For those who did not hear or were not paying attention while it played, the song says that he is sorry for those who want to ruin his name and the embarrassment that the girl experienced as she was only looking to have fun. Also that the father should have known where she was that late and he sorry for the club that did not close down. Is Akon for real? So now he making money off this bacchanal?He not SHAME??? STEUPS. Needless to say Hypa and DJ Dane spend the whole segment shitting up Akon. Again for those who are out of the loop. When the drama first buss, the pastor said that his daughter told him she was going out for ice cream and not to a club. Hypa and crew had a running joke on air that it was all the ice cream man's fault. DJ Dane went so far as to find a song like what an ice cream truck might play and everytime they talk about the ice cream man they play the clip.Well i nearly drive off the road laughing a short while later when they played Akon's song again and mixed it in with the 'ice cream man' song.

What gets me is that the girl must be well feel that the whole thing was blowing over. No charges have been laid thus far for the incident and Machel problems pushed her out the limelight. She must have breathed a sigh of relief after Machel's incident so soon after her bacchanal.Some people says he should have packed her stuff and fly out till things cooled off. Now how she could do that now Akon has gone and stirred back up the waters and basically immortalised her for life in song. I personally would never have been more humiliated. It would be bad enough for ppl in Trini to point at me for years down the line and say 'that is the girl dey boy.' But now she gone international! Now the whole world can point at her and laugh or feel sorry for her if you like.

I can't believe when I read in the papers that the reporting the song as an 'apology'. Allyuh really feel he sorry? If he was , would he be still throwing ppl in crowds? If she was over 21 would he think he even have anything to apologise for? That song is just a farce and a way to capitalise over bad publicity. The same way OJ write a book and Abu Bakr giving away hospital beds.If a cent was not to be made I don't think he would even have bothered. He obviously has a great manager.Boy Akon really deserve that Issac Hunte award and he certainly deserved my ass of the day.

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Hottie Hottie said...

Girl, I feel he take the ass a de year award. That is a real jackass apology if ever there was one. If that is the best he could do re an apology well then is best he didn't bother. Yuh hear he going on tour with all he wife dem? I waiting to see if he going and man handling all ah dem at the same time or take turns. Issac Hunte indeed.