Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Wedding Decorations by Trisha

Ok so I got a few enquires regarding the bouquets and decorations that were done for the wedding on Saturday. So I figured I would give her another plug as she really did a fabulous job on extremely short notice (4 days). Here are some better pics of her work.

The first pic is the bouquets for the bridesmaids. The flowers are not real but I imagine it can be done with real flowers. The next pic is the arrangements for the church, again not real but very realistic. Actaully the baby's breath might have been real.The last pic is the brides' bouquet which is real roses and was absolutely gorgeous!She also did the corsages for all the groomsmen and can be employed to do entire receptions etc. If you are wondering why I have such close up pics of the decor its not because I am a super macco but because her camera was not working and I took the pics on her behalf. I will definitely be using her for my wedding...... whenever my boyfriend proposes that is lolol.
Trisha can be reached at 6203546.


Marcia said...

Wow!!! They look great up close. Once my budget permits I am going with the girl for my wedding. Thanks a lot CJ for the info!!! :)

JJ said...

Wow, this is beautiful work! thnx for sharing the pics!