Monday, May 07, 2007

Mr.Slaughter gets Married

So this weekend I attended the wedding of Mr.Slaughter and the mother of his children Axia. You know Trinis love to go people wedding and bad talk them. But I must say that this event was very tastefully done. It was not over the top grandeur as I expected, it was not filled wall to wall with celebrities. It was a small informal ceremony and reception with just friends and family. For that reason I am not going to go into to much detail.

I tried my best to play paparazzi but it was next to impossible considering the paparazzi that they hired to record the occasion. The damn videographer was all up in their grill the whole time. All up on the altar with all kind of angles like if he was shooting a music video and not a a wedding. There are very few pics without him in the shot.Steups, he was even more annoying in the reception where he wanted to interview people next up in the buffet line. I was real hungry so I was not impressed that he was holding up the line. The entire wedding party looked fabulous and the decorations were very well done by a friend of mine as well. The food was great, the alcohol better. As can be expected the music was also great and we partied the night away.The highlight of the night had to be the dance off between Rapid Response frontman and Kimba Sorzano. They practically did the entire routine from Michael Jackson's Beat it. It was hilarious!

Shortly thereafter there was another dance off between DJ Dane and Fireball (who came kit out ina red suita nd matching bowler hat), this time they were breakdancing. All these performances were you tube worthy but the light was really bad so sorry guys.
The reception brought back a lot of memories from my own parents wedding which was held at the same venue (when I was five). I had a few flashbacks of almost falling in the pool to get the balloons and how I destroyed my dress from soaking up all the water on the floor. Unfortunately I managed to accomplish the same feat and the entire bottom edge of my very expensive dress is in a mess. It better be able to clean!
The after party was at 51 Degrees and a large contingent from the reception attended. This is where I got myself in trouble and had a litttle too much to drink. Fortunately the only person looking to tote me home was my boyfriend. LOL. I really should not have mixed my drinks cause it was one of those nights where you tell yourself.."I am NEVER drinking again" . It took me all day Sunday to ketch myself.

I would like the wish the new bride and groom congratulations and all the best for the future and I hope they like the pyrex dish I get them.


saucydiva said...

I am a fan of small weddings and I am liking the brides maids bouqets, very nice!

Congrats to the happy couple and thanks for the pics :)

JJ said...

great reporting! thnx gurl. if the stain doesn't come out on that dress, can it be "mini-fied" or calflengthened to save it. dat thought of a ruined dress worn once turns my stomach. really.

D Trini in Me said...

Nice, small, and very eleagant sounds like everything thing went well. So all the best Mr. & Mrs. Slaughter.

isme said...

All the best to them! That's a pretty name she's got how do u pronounce it?

Hottie Hottie said...

Everybody like pyrex girl. Doh worry.