Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Jumbies in jail!!

Well boy the popo looking to make some people cry right now. Breaking news, warrants have been issued for Machel Montano,Benjai and Kernel Roberts for the fracas outside Zen according to CNC3 News. Charges are to include use of obscene language and assualt causing bodily injury.
Well BOY , Look how Carnival might be different next year.

I am very suprised that the police actually followed through with their promises to fully investigate the matter and charges are to be laid. But really it may just be because of the celebrity status of the people involved and the media scruntiny that they would experience if they did not take action. Personally I would have sue them and take the money when they look to settle, Machel in jail eh go do nothing to put food on my table and it go only spoil my Carnival. Well we go see what else happens in the next episode of Calabash Alley.


JJ said...

excellent reporting and coverage, Master Jumbie!

I agree with you that their celebrity status make the police act a la American jailbirds Martha Stewart, Paris Hilton, Lil Kim, James Brown etc. etc. know too well.

i would sue too, in the US having a criminal prosecution (particularly a guilty) verdict from the government, helps with your civil lawsuit.

not sure bout Trini law, but the victim woulda been able to still sue and get money.

Hottie Hottie said...

Yeah they could still sue. But they will have to wait until the second coming of Christ to see any of THAT money. Who could stall better than a Trini? Look at me. I cooking a curry since Saturday. Today is Monday. Yuh tink I eat any curry? No. Where I going with this? I eh sure again nah. Ah hongree.