Tuesday, May 29, 2007

How addicted to facebook are you?

So some of you guys liked my discourse about facebook the other day. Well to help you guys out I found a quiz online that tells you just how addicted to facebook you are. Visit Quiz Galaxy and see what happens. I took it and it says I am NOT addictedto facebook (Yay). The quiz page gave me my random movie quote as "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse"- Micahel, The godfather. I almost dead with that one. Apparently I willalso go to jail at some point for fighting with a homeless person and suppposedly I am crazy because I am in some kind of Truman show like existance. HMMMM, they might have something there...Anywho,to tell you how facebook is about to take over the world(matrix), several sites have fetaures that allow you to copy their html code and paste it directly into facebook. For instance quiz central has several quizzes that are facebook friendly and after you complete the quiz they give you the code to place in facebook so everyone can see your results. Another fun one is Myheritage. Where you can upload any pic of yourself (or your worst enemy) and see which celebrities you resemble. It even lets you make a collage of your favourite celebrity matches. Let me tell you, when you are bored in work it definitely passes the time!! Its hilarious to see how different pics get you different matches. You may even get some weird ones! And for the record I am a cross between Halle Berry and Beyonce. lol!


gtwarrior said...

I tried that Myheritage link on facebook and I pused different photos for kicks and here are the results.

With the first picture I was a cross between some female movie stars...okay...cool.

With the second picture I was a cross between some male movie stars like Brad Pitt and others...okay...cool...but I am a woman...LMAO

I have to do it again just to make sure I am not a man and I didn't know it...LMAO

I think it has to do with your features but still...LOL

buublenut said...

Facebook is great for killing time at work :)

buublenut said...

Facebook is a great way to kill time @ work :)

ttfootball said...

your Facebook post really was kicksy...i dont understand why ppl so surprised about all the maccoing! the day i joined and wrote this http://trinitodebone.blogspot.com/2007/01/be-ultimate-maco.html i knew this would be the MO. go and make everything private!!