Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dreams (not the band)

Ok so I stick a bit and did not report on Akon's public and interantional apology to Danah. One because, I did not really have the time and two because I though it was a pile of bullshit anyway. Oh NOW he sorry ? LOLOLOL. Puh lease its only cause its costing him money!!

Anywho, allyuh will REAL laugh at me with this one. I had this dream last I don't put much faith in dreams but it would take me to dream this themed rubbish. My dreams always come across like a movie, sometimes I am in the movie, sometimes not. Sometimes I am one of the characters in the movie but I'm not myself. (I have a vivid imagination). In this dream I was myself but also the 'narrator'. So I dreamt that it was Carnival Sunday and I did not have a costume. Apparently in (me) talking to people in the dream I was able to gather that I had just never gotten around to registering for a costume. Now at the eleventh hour I was highly distressed that on costume collection day, I had not placed my order. I actually begged a friend to use his link to get me a costume in the band(Tribe) on the Carnival Sunday night. (And this is funny because If I was actually in this position he WOULD be the person I would call). Apparently he was not moving fast enough for me and I continued harrassing him and managed to get the ok to collect my costume at 10pm. So then when I went and get the costume, people were hiding my costume (which is funny cause they have a few ppl there who would love the opportunity to do just that) and after much grief I finally got the costume.

If its one time that I hope dreams don't foretell the future its this one! LOLOL


isme said...

Try not to eat so much before you go to bed! Just kidding that's a reoccuring nightmare for me that and reaching to school late doh mind i left school years ago.

Carnival Jumbie said...

funnily enough I have an extremely bad habit of eating bread and cheese right befor ei go to sleep! lol

Paul said...

I actually had the same dream 2 nights in a row. It was weird because the first night it was about aliens landing, quite similar to "War of the Worlds". What made the dream so weird the next night, besides being exactly the same thing, i was actually warning ppl in the dream about what would happen. LOLOL, they didn't believe me until the aliens landed. How weird is that!!!