Friday, May 04, 2007

Can you hear me now?

Well I doh know where to start today.....

Well Machel finally hold a press conference to release his side of the story regarding the fracas in Zen. The Guardian also published a copy of his police statement. To cut a long story short , he is denying both being the agressor and partcipating in the beating of the young man.Actually, he claim he did not even see what happened (or who happened) to the guy at all. Basically he was minding his business in the club , a girl kept trying to wine on him and her friend kept throwing words for him throughout the night. At one point the people were dancing next to him while he was dancing with a female friend. One of then spilled their drink on the girl and him.When he complained the guy lunged at him and he pushed him back. As they were leaving the, group again confonted him and one of the ladies threw a shoe at him. Some spit on him. His friend Snoop threw drink in the air (not in a man face). Then the Zen bouncers pulled him across the street to protect him. His story is perfectly plausible but then again so are the other guys'. It remains to be seen if the police will press charges on anyone and if the injured will see the case through to court. The alledged victims are still maintaining that they were attacked by an 'entertainer. For some reason anytime they quote the victims they refer to the agressor as 'the entertainer'. We all assume it was Machel, I have a feeling that more than one person was involved.I did notice that when trying to find the links to the statements online that I could not find them.It seems that even Machel's fight has once again been pushed to page 2..WHY??

Because Akon is on page 1 yet again!! Apparently Verizon (Can you hear me now phone people) has severed ties with Akon on account of the incident in Zen with pastor daughter. This includes removing his mobile content from their site (ringtones etc) and removing sponsorship from an upcoming tour with Gwen Stephani. See the story here and here. According to Fox News took things a step further to say it was on account of a 'simulated rape'. All the girl name and family history get call up on the website. Imagine that, local winer girl gets international recognition. With regards to Akon, I only have two words...HA and HA. Serves him damn right for being so blasted disrespectful and out a timin. He want to talk about a trip to Africa, maybe he should think about repatriating just about now.

Last but not least, tucked in a corner of the Guardian is a story about our new Carnival Center.Sorry a line or two that states the new Carnival venue in the Savannah will be in ready for 2009. Sigh , I doh know if I should even START on that one.

All of these events are the source of my nominees for my Pookie award for 'Ass of the Day'. And the award goes to..... EVERY CHUPID ONE OF THEM. With that one, I gone!

Next thing to hit to be news


D Trini in Me said...

He said, she said. Can't wait so see how this saga ends. "Can't we all just get along"

And as for Akon...nuff said on that subject and good!

CJ loving that email updates!

JJ said...

thnx for the update, carnival jumbie!

Fox News is a bunch of sensationalistic schmucks to call it the "simulated rape" know my perspective. Verizon made their choice. Don't think it will knock Akon off of the top ranked performer listing among 18-34 year olds demographics in the US. I guess they can afford it. It is but a PR move.

The whole incident was disgusting and he was a bit raging lunatic with it, but i still stand by my position that i've seen similar antics by other performers (nope doesn't make it right) and he had no idea her hot tail was under 18 in an 18 and over club.