Sunday, April 15, 2007

Who say CropOver?

Well its official..I have decided that I will be going to Barbados for Crop Over. I dunno , like I still on a Trinidad Carnival high and I will be too glad to get an opportunity to re-live a bit of it in Barbados. I have a friend who seems to have the arrangements (and the links) locked for what will be an undoubtedly fantastic time. Fantastic I say cause whenever me and her go ANYWHERE it turns into a party. I also have a few Bajan friends who have been nagging me to make a visit so I'm sure we will be well taken care of.

With that decision made we decided we would try and look into playing mas as well. With that thought came the realisation that I would have again have to pick back up my fitness routine it I was going to go represent in Barbados as a Trini hot girl lol! Since Carnival I have been eating without any thought for fat, calories or quantity. (oink,oink). Mysteriously enough I have not put on any weight. I am still less than when Istarted on my Carnival fitness routine last September. I think maybe its because I have been working so much that I don't eat as often as I was when my workload was lighter. So instead of 3 or four meals per day I am down to two plus a snack. Now things have also taken a turn for the worst because of my new braces. Although I have been managing pretty well with the change and the discomfort I have been exploiting the event to eat all the soft high carb foods I love e.g pasta and potatoes.I am going to have to cut back on those fries. Even though presently weight wise I am good,I don't like my muscle tone. So i definitely have to start doing something nonetheless.

Ok so it means I am on another Carnival cycle and I have never been to Crop Over before so I have no idea whats in store. We'll see how nthings progress!

Cawd Bleh!


saucydiva said...

Sweet!!!! I am looking to head over myself, but them friends ah mine in a mess. :S Who have baby to mind, who getting married..steups!! But never mind come high or hell water I will be there!

Not too sure I playing mas eh it just too damn easy to storm somebody band LOL.

Crankyputz said...

My sympathies on the braces, I got mine off last november....and everything startchy is so much easier to eat with braces on. But it gets better...and a little meat helps fill out those costumes!!!

Carnival Jumbie said...

Saucy, yuh know I love a storm lolol!! My suggestion was to go with we costume and headpiece and be fully deck off like we suppose to be there !

Cranky girl I taking meh penance yes. I have been putting it off for so long that I would have already been finished if I had gone ahead back then. You can check my mirror blog brace face jumbie for updates on that.

LB said...

I heading over there too... so btw you and saucy I need to know where d lime is...I in d states and its my first time to crop over.
the bloggers mus link up.

Anonymous said...

i decided to go for cropover too..this will be my first cropover so i real excited