Sunday, April 29, 2007

Machel tells his side

Well Machel and Co. has finally broken their silence on the incident and released a statement. Now of course the story has only some threads of consistencies compared to all the other theories we have heard as to the cause of the fight. The only thing that is in fact consistent is that the girl Machel was dancing with giot a drink thrown on her. The statement is still a far cry from what the 'victims' alledge. But this is Trinidad and as we all know, the story that gets passed around is very rarely a 100% account of what really happened.

The one thing I was concerend about in Machel's statement is how their is very little comment on the fracas that ensued outside the club. It is impossible to refute that SOMEBODY get a cutass but as to who was the actual agressor or culprits is still a mystery. Machel seemed to have recovered from his 'traumatic' experience well enough to perform in Barbados on Saturday night at Lara's fete. And I guess we should all thank God for small mercies that he has retracted his comment about migrating. (Please note the scarcasm). There is some indication that once he returns from Jazz in Tobago that he will go public and clear the air properly.Maybe then we will hear his side of who was responsible for body slamming the man into the car.

In other Zen bacchanal , Zen was filled with merriment this Friday as they managed to secure the required documents to get their license renewed. Johhny commented on Saturday that he was suprised that the dailies were reporting that their license had been revoked as this was never the case. Apparently it was just in process pending the health certificate.Guardian columnist,Dana Seetahal penned an interesting article this Sunday about the legalities of the types of licenses required by establishments such as Zen. She makes quite a valid point at the end which states that Zen has (at face value) violated several provisions of the license agreement. As to why the license was reinstated at all...I go leave that for the daily reporters to investigate. I for one am not surprised seeing that Zen got their documents in order and approved forthwith to reopen on Friday.

Both of these dramas that are unfolding so closely parallel to each other are filled with inconsistencies on ALL sides. Everybody have a different story about what 'REALLY' happen. Trinidad for you again....

Cote Ci Cote La word for today....
BOBOL: French-Bobard-Lie, tall story.Cooking the books.To steal money or equipment,or anything valuable froma company.

IN BOBOL- Several persons involved in dishonesty and covering for each other.Financial scandal.Fraud.


D Trini in Me said...

CJ - I don't think we will ever really get the facts straight on this one. Unless somebody have it recorded on they cell-phone. I am surprise nobody take pics when all this was happening. Bobol is right!

Carnival Jumbie said...

funniluy enough someone did! It aired briefly on TV6 news, I only caughtthe end but town say that it was just a bunch of footage of ppl running