Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Lies,Half-Truths and Innuendos

So on the heels of my post on mad people we have the bacchanalists. Those of you who may have attended 'Convent' since Mrs.Crouch was principal would be very familair with her quoting another delightful person,Mr.Basdeo Panday by referring to rumours within the school as 'lies,half truths and innuendos. To tell you the truth (no pun intended) sometimes it seems that Trinis are always very preoccupied with bacchanal and gossip.What I also realise is that when they have nothing to say, the simply make it up.

In these times where, as a friend put it, it very easy to dead for any stupid is quite disconcerting to me that Trinis still have such a bacchanalist mentality. For instance in reference to the mad people from last post, for argument's sake lets suppose that the security guard who kill his wife trip off cause the neighbour tell him she see some man leaving the house during the day while he was at work. Now the macco neigbour was just being a bacchanalist but could have easily cost someone their life.

Situations such as this also bring to mind the words of a popular song..."Tell me how it go one more time, the people want to hear the story line by line..."If you eh know that song this from, yuh living under a rock. Turn on yuh radio, it will play in the next 15 mins or so. But basically the main part of that song is about a he say , she say business and how people can be persecuted based on other peoples lies.

Now I am a person who (with the anger management well in check) is a very calm , cool person. I doh trouble nobody cause I believe Karma is a bitch and I doh need to get you cause God will. But by being female its hard to not to get rope into some sort of gossip when you with your friends. I have taken the position that unless I see it for my two eye or I know the persons directly involved and get a first hand account...I doh take anything for face value. Look at that whole bacchanal with our super soca star slapping the girl in the band. Umm I have YET to meet anyone who say they was there or who even know someone who was there to say what really play off. That doh cahnge the fact that people go watch him a kinda way now and his reputation has been tarnished. I have a basic rule, if I can't say it to yuh face or ask yuh to yuh face, I eh saying it at all.I also try not to repeat the info to arbitrary people as small talk , cause I eh want nobody say I say!! Really and truly if the matter does not directly affect me, my man, my family or my closest friends then I doh really care to know. Doh feel it doh have man gossipers too! Sometimes I feel like they are even bigger bacchanalists cause they requirements for 'evidence' is even more neglible than a woman's. If its one quality that I admire in my b/f for the simple fact that he REFUSES to gossip. Like there have been times when I WANT to give a macco talk (cause I mean its pillow talk behind closed doors) and he doh take me on. He not even entertaining that with me or anybody else.

It is amazing to me how some people spend their entire existance looking for the next story like if they working for the friggin National Enquirer and getting paid like the paparazzi. From my recent run in with mad people, I learnt that it was partially fueled by information that had absolutely no basis or substance and I just happened to be on the receiving end.Ok, correction, somebody just made it up.People who want to disrupt my life cause THEY mad will not be tolerated. No but seriously, people does really just MAKE up shit! If its one thing that will trip me is those who want to steal my peace. Cause as I said, I doh trouble nobody, so why ppl want to trouble me?

Recently, as you avid reader may know, I have been clubbing regularly which is really not something I have been known to do. My b/f in noticing the change commented that just now he go hear my name calling in some bacchanal just on account of being out and being 'seen' . Cause by doing this you automatically open yourself up for scrutiny and are an open target. So said so done. I in the club, minding my business, only talk to MY friends , only want to do a little dutty wine and two jumbie dance yet my very prescence causes the Enquirer presses to start running. I am not a paranoid person by nature but you ever get the sense that people are looking at you to see what you doing JUST so they can go back and report?Or just so that they can turn and say..'but i see she with so and so....'. You ever hear a comment made by someone about you and you eh even know who the person is... yet they calling you by name and talking as if allyuh pitch marble?Or better yet someone you eh know doh like you because their friend's sister's boyfriend's cousin say you screw up their face at them in the club in 1982!You would think people like this would be more concerned about their own affairs and who their significant other horning them with to have the time to study who buying me a drink in the club.

So undoubtedly the word for today is...
MACO- To observe maliciously,to spy on, especially to gossip about it later.

As in ..Doh macco meh f-in business!


-:¦:-·:*""*:·.-:¦:-·* cb *·-:¦:-·:*""*:·-:¦:- said...

CJ, girl. Your two most recent posts hittin' real close to home.

I was so glad when I left TT because for some reason, at that time, I was involved in so much bacchanal--bacchanal that I have NO IDEARRRR how it come about... I come back to TT to visit and I get phone calls about how "Ah hear.... happen wit chuh." More losers looking to start more nonsense. Steups.

And the mad people thing, well your list isn't nearly long enough, in my mind. They have some real crazies out there capable of ANYTHING.

Crankyputz said...

I don't understand why some people need to be reporters....

The nice thing about Canada is that you are completely annonymous, I may see the same people next week, but chances are they don't know my family, friends or boyfriends...

Natasha C said...

I too felt relief when I moved to the US that the neighbours weren't in my business and reporting to mih mother all the happenings they see.
A friend always said to me "what eh meet yuh eh pass yuh" and I felt plagued by that in T'dad when I was going through my rebellious teen years.
But alas I can't say I truly like the anonymity this place gives, especially when yuh have young pickney whom yuh want to feel connected to an extended family.

buublenut said...

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