Friday, April 27, 2007

Zen drama continues..

I really live in THE jokiest country in the world. So after I complain about the press shoving down the story of the pastor daughter down we throats, they get a new guinea pig. Right now Johnny (Soong not Walker, I always need to make that clear) and Machel sharing the spotlight. Pastor Daughter must be SO glad people have a next bacchanal to talk about!
Well let me start with Machel..... The first thing I laugh at is the picture in the Trinidad Express of the man who they alledgedly (ALLEDGEDLY eh allyuh, doh say I say) beat up and how he actually resembles Machel as compared to the picture they have alongside of Machel himself. A friend of mind commented that the man must have been pulling girls in the club pretending to be Machel and Machel get vex so that is how the fight all kinda theories floating around yes.In all seriousness the resemblance is not as noticable in the Guardian's picture.
So the Express calling names of all who get call down in the station to give their story. I was very surprised to see names I did not expect to see callinga nd those I expected to see missing.But I eh calling no names lol. Generally the one consistent thing we have heard from these reports is that some girl get pelt with a drink and Machel get vex and fight start. As I said before , it is quite ironic that recently there were rumours involved in another altercation involving more drink pelting. Anyhow, Machel tell he mother that he is so traumatised and considering migrating cause 'they don't treat him like this overseas'. That was laugh number two and three. It is quite ironic that after all the stories of continuous Machel's divo behaviour that he could be traumatised about anything. In regards to how they treat him ..I wonder if he does really get on the same way he does in Trinidad the way he does overseas. Cause I have a feeling that if he really start to cuss every and anybody in Babylon country in the way he has been purported to doing in Trinidad that he may get a very different response. We might have heard about him being charged previously. In addition I have no doubt in my mind that overseas he may actually be more respected and more catered to than he is in Trinidad. I say this because at any given fete/party Machel is still free to mingle with the crowd without being mobbed. Trinis (especially the uptown crew) generally have a very indifferent attitude to 'celebrities' when they are in the same environment. Of course they still get their perks locally like VIP entry,parking etc but I sure as hell not letting Machel skip the line in KFC in front of me cause he is Machel. So if he would abandoned his home soil on account of his ego then by all means go right ahead. The very fact that he so quick to jump out gleans suspicion on his level of involvement in the incident. Some people may even look at that comment as an intention to flee persecution. Well if anything, I glad his mother believes him.
Johnny must be just holding he head and wondering what the hell he do to bring all this on himself. Well I eh know, doh ask me. People laughing at me and saying how I goat mouth the man but I laughing at how the authorities are always able to conveniently find an excuse to serve their purposes. Zen is licensed as a restaurant although we all know it should be classified as a bar/dancehall licensed establishment. Now I had really hear how they were supposed to open some fancy restaurant at some point in time in the earlys, your guess is as good as mine what became of that. Anyway, the Zen was closed not because of Machel's 'fight' (cause that would be dumb as they always have fights) and not because of the wining pastor daughter (cause that would be dumb as they always have winer girls on stage in Zen) but because of a missing health certificate!! The club has been operating for sometime without this said certificate. So if bacchanal was not attracting attention to the venue, would anyone have ever cared to check that it was expired?NOOOOOOO! So yet again public opinion has pressured the authorities to take 'action' to have the semblance of a functioning legal system. Trini short term memory syndrome may have also led you to forget the incident of Inshan Ishamel who after calling for a nationwide shutdown to protest crime was arrested and charged under the terrorism act for distributing anticrime fliers without printing his distributer information on the flier. The case was later dismissed after a weekend in jail.
To add insult to injury...after yuh use the excuse that they have to close for a health violation...they are also questioning Johnny in regards to inciting lewd dancing in his club. Ahmmm ok, did the officers who are in Zen every week not know that at 1am (or thereabouts) that there is a dutty wine dance off on the bar? Do they not know that Zen has bonafide dancers on staff who dance on the bar every night? Do they not know that Zen permits any young lady patron who so desires to dance on the bar? Now I am not speaking for or against the club and I am not saying the dancers are strippers or even lewd, my point is the double standard that our people continuously propagate. If lewd dancing was such an issue then the red flags should have gone up a LONG time ago. Trinidad is just a pappy show for the world yes.
The Cote Ci Cote La word for the day is therefore :
Pappy Show: If allyuh eh know what this mean I go tell allyuh later when I get the book in meh hand.


D Trini in Me said...

I to had to LOL about Machel mother comments. Ah mean come with something better. He leaving us, so what we must go down on we hands and knees for him to stay. We know the man music is the best, but personality is better.
CJ you said it best in your article double standard for everything in we country.

And I was well planning to hit Zen for the first time in May. Oh well!

Mummylicious said...

I doh have too much to comment because i too relaxed at this point in the Bago but yuh make me laugh today. And i glad he mother 'believe' him too yes. If not she then who? She was probably the first person he call to tell her what happen for them to figure out what to say...steups.

Carnival Jumbie said...

mummylicious you could tell me why you even studying me and my shit in the bago???LOLOL gyul go Pigeon Point and take some sun nah we go be here when yuh get back!

But i hear ppl well kitting out fot the Jazz everybody in their Sunday best!

Trouble said...

Must've been one of dem zen-like fights...