Monday, April 23, 2007

Best Winer Girl, the sad tale of Akon and the pastor Daughter

Ok so I was really trying all how not to comment on this bacchanal sweeping the nation...... Akon and the winer girl in Zen. Now if you happen to be living under a rock and don't know what I am speaking about , check it out here before they take it down again. But really and truly I am only commenting because I am SO SICK about hearing about this stupid shit. I mean COME ON ppl, do you mean to tell me why they turning such a dumb incident into a federal case? I'm sorry did everyone forget that they still killing people everyday in this country? Or that the smelter still building? NOOOOOO, I turn on my TV and see CNC3 having a debate as the 'big story' of the day with full panel and call in segment.

First off..who is to blame..Akon, the girl, or Zen management.Answer..EVERY BLASTED ONE OF THEM. Let's take Akon... Now I doh care how much of a superstar you are. He have no right to treat any woman in any part of the world like how he treated that girl on stage. What kind of jackass you have to be to lure girls on stage with a 'trip to Africa'.But allyuh getting on like is the first time he doing that. Why yuh doh check here or here and see Akon getting on in the same out of timin way. This is what he does ppl! Could you have figured that out from his videos and his lyrics??? The single reason I do not support anything that Akon does is that for some time I have found that from what I have seen and heard of him he is completely disrespectful to women in general.

What I doh get about Trinis is that we continue to have a very short memory and double standards. Like allyuh forget Neyo. STEUPS. The man raise up a girl clothes and flash all her privates for Zen and I yet the media did not go into an uproar. But now they want to 'charge' Akon. Why they did not charge Neyo? Why they doh charge Machel? Or Saucy wow x 10? What about the women who going down the road in just body paint on their tut tuts carnival time and just a thongs on? WHAT ABOUT the women who in the Punch wining in party every weekend? Hell, why they doh charhe me? If allyuh going and make a bacchanal at the very least you need to be consistent to have any sort of credibility for your purposes. So nobody eh say nothing about Neyo behaviour but somebody get upset at the irony of the situation that is a pastor daughter wining on stage lewdly and now its big investigation. STEUPS PUH-LEASE.

Buh lewwe talk about the pastor daughter nah! Now let me ask yuh something, for argument sake...if this girl was say 25 and she had on that same outfit and did eaxctly as she did, would anyone even have batted a eye lid? If she was a mature thick thing that he 'love' up would it even have made any other papers but the Punch? I really feel that the uproar is NOT on account of the girl's behaviour but on account of a 14 year old's behaviour. Worse yet , if she father was not a pastor would the story have been as sensational? I think not. Let me tell you, if my mother or father had see me leaving the house in that outfit at 14, best believe it would only result in a cut ass and a stay home. I have seen some other pics of her 'myspace' or whatever where she is wearing the same top with a micro mini, semi nude pics and pics in suggestive poses. (this is aside from saying she drinks socially). My girl have belly piercing and tattoo(real?)!Now THAT is entirely on her parents. You have to know your kids and it is the parents' responsibility to ensure that their child is given the guidance so that when they leave the house and come back they do so with their integrity intact. I pierced my belly button when I was almost 20 and living by myself at university.Nonetheless my mother was completely unimpressed. But she had to cool it cause I was big.By the time I was 24 and had a tattoo she stop botehring to tell me anything. Still,to this day if was to leave my house in a top like what miss lady had my father will still tell me to go find the rest of my outfit. I stopped dressing hoochie mama around 22 or so after I graduated university and started being a professional. Occasionally I might be adventurous and pull out one from the archives.I not getting down on the girl for dressing hoochie (or wearing skettel tops like i call it) cause most girls go thru that 'super sexy phase'. HOWEVER most girls do that between 16 and 25! NOT 14!!

So yuh sneak out yuh house and went in the you doh think that if yuh not supposed to be somewhere the best thing to do is to stay underlows? DUH!Yuh go come up on the stage to perform for the whole of Zen, Synergy Tv and the other press to see? Come nuh man.With it being said that Akon had no right to swing she like a rag could tell me what that girl really expected was going to happen when she reach on stage?? That he was going to serenade her? That nobody would see her?Any time yuh have a wining competition, one go-go dancer must try and out do the next whether it be to stand apart or to win a prize to Africa.So if yuh was going for the trip to Africa she damn well know what she was doing.Before she get swing round she show Akon a few moves ther ethat I know I does only use in my bedroom.She lost control of the situation and as a result now finds herself in this position.

So what about Uncle Johnny (Soong not Walker)? Well I actually go put in a good word for the man but ONLY because of my sister. My younger sister has only recently started to go out to Zen at 19years. She has told me on several previous occasions about a friend of hers that always gets carded at Zen because she looks young for her age. So I can say with certainty that although I have never personally been carded, that Zen does check ids. I think their METHOD is flawed because the check ids at random..not EVERY id. If you look suspect then they will check you. In this respect Zen is partially at fault because by this criteria, who would ever have thought that girl was 14? Apparently she got braced at the VIP door with a VIP ticket because she had no id but was let into the general admission. So she could not pass for 21 but since she passed for 18 she was inside.

At the same time what about pops. Talk is she told him that she was going for ice scream. Pops,I would love for you to tell me what ice cream parlour open at midnite or why if my 14 year old daughter leaving the house past 10pm to go anywhere during the week that I would not tell she to keep she ass home if she know what good for her!Pops come nuh man, you was young too..yuh could not POSSIBLY have fallen for that bullshit excuse. Pops parenting skills already under the microscope for letting them outfits,piercings and tattoo slip by. But I eh give him wrong for try to make excuses for her and having she back in an attempt to save face. No body want their daughter to look like Trinis biggest skettel ever. Nonetheless their attempt to make amends seems very forced and fake. So she make a public doubt only because daddy told her to. I feel sorry that forever more she will be the girl who was wining on stage with Akon.

The media needs to get another scapegoat. I should also mention that i think it was completely ATROCIOUS for the Guardian to put a picture of 'a girl who resembles Deena' on the front page of today's papers.How can this shit possibly be headline news?Is'nt it OBVIOUS that its her in the pic?Why is the Prime minister even entertaining this rubbish with a comment? In the U.S these papers would be in such hot water cause it is completely against the law to put a picture of a minor in the newspapers or on tv without parental consent. Why Fitzgerald Hinds on a panel defending his comments about her being stupid? Why the hell them teachers was FIGHTING over a difference of opinion on this matter? The girl was embarrassed and now she have to live it down, by persisting with this story all it is doing is causing further humiliation to the girl and her family. Again proving how Trinis just love a bacchanal and a old talk. It is poor journalistic integrity to be still pursuing the matter. Can you imagine than in the dangerous times we living in today that they call a PRESS CONFERENCE to talk about a girl wining on stage?

In conclusion, allyuh rest the girl nah. She get blow up and embarrassed and she have to live with that forever cause Trinis only remember the notorious. Only when people fall is it ever news and is it blazened across the papers for two weeks.. To the media....get a life! Go find some real news to talk about..they just hold 20 tons of cocaine in the U.S.

So in light of this, the Cote Ci Cote La saying (s) for today...

YUH CYAR PLAY SAILOR AN' 'FRAID POWDER: You can't be involved in anything controversial and be afraid of the risks or the consequences.


PETER PAY FOR PAUL,PAUL PAY FOR ALL: You may be punished for another's actions

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gtwarrior said...

You couldn't have said it any better!

ttfootball said...

Great post, i was thinking the same thing: enough talk, can we please move on?!
up to today ppl still sendin me emails with pics steups

cultureshok said...

Jumbie, you hit the nail squarely on the head - and you know we full of hypocrites milking the story for what it's worth. On another note - I wonder if I could find any of my skettel tops, boy...

'rah said...

Well said, Jumbie, well said. I still want to hit she parents two coff in dey head tho. But daz just me. I'll get over it.

saucydiva said...

well said! You would think poilticians had better things to do than get involved in this stupidness and is FRONT page news too booth :S

Poor chile, she was too hot for she own good.

Crankyputz said...

Great step by step analysis, he thought she was going for ice cream, LAMO

Bagogyul said...

Hello CJ, you hit d' nail right on the head.
Imagine, I open up the guardian today via internet and scrolling down all i could see is this Akon vs. 14-yr old vs. Zen.
I mean hello, isn't their anything else news worthy in TNT.


D Trini in Me said...

I thought Zen was suppose to be a club for the grown & sexy, I thought it was suppose to be a cut above the rest. I have never been to Zen and was hoping to go sometime in the future. But maybe not. And recently I read that the crowd was mostly young teenagers, that kind of turn me off.

And as for Machel....he alone know what jumbie he have to shake off.