Saturday, March 10, 2007

TRIBE Carnival 2008

Allyuh excited yet? Well I most certainly am. According to Saucy and one of my own links the theme for TRIBE 2008 is "Myths and Magic". Well I am hoping that they are going to keep it real and stay true to Trini Myths and Magic!! and include some locally themed sections.I doh want to be a stinkin' fairy although I am sure other people would want to be.I however would LOVE to be a La diablesse. So for those of you who eh know about the history of Trinidad's Myth's and Legends , you need to get this book that I reccomended in the post "Freshwater Yankee Books". It's called "Folklore & Legends of Trinidad and Tobago" and has descriptions of the major folklore tales of Trinidad. I have already indicated how much I love this book just for the traditions and culture it continues to pass on to younger generations.

So if this was my band ( which it isn't) I think my section line up( in no particular order) would be something like this:

La Diablesse

Pirates of the Caribbean


Fairy Maids

Papa Bois




Mama D'lo

Obeah Woman


My section of choice would be the La Diablesse which if I designed it (which i did not) would probably look something like Jean and Dinah this year.But cuter. Seeing that they've been there, done that, I would love to see what they come up with. I guess they could throw in a little Vampire or Werewolf (Then again, the soucoyant and the ligahoo is the trini vampire and werewolf!) but the design may end up looking horrible if they not careful. Well I guess that goes for everything!

I must tell you I am still riding on my Carnival high and have been in the best of moods since then. I have been faced with some challenges by the forces that be who wish to mess with my positive vibe. Bun out bad mind people! I made a turn in the 51 Degrees last night and let me tell you me and my friends still wining like is Carnival next week. I am hoping I can keep it up the spirit till band launch when I will get over excited yet again and be bouncing off the walls until next Carnival.That may not be too hard since launch is sure to be extra early!

So of course the word for the day is .....

La Diablesse- (pronounced Lah-jah-bless) Patois. Folklore. Bride of the devil.Notorious creature of the night,which solicits or woos male passers-by. Very attractively attired,wearing a large hat that concelas her face.At the end of one leg,through her draped skirt can be seen the satanic cloven foot,mark of the evil one.She invites her victim to follow her home after a dance and misleads the unfortunate.

Ok that sounds a bit scary..maybe I will be something else instead.I'm feeling inspired to run a series of the characters in anticipation of what may come. Again, I love these stories! The series all depends on how lazy I feel and how busy I am in work


saucydiva said...

I don't think the costumes will be scary at all, even if they use local myths like socouyant and la diablesse. Now, if it were my band (which it is not) I would make up names and not necessarily use local or European instead of La Diablesse the section would be called Siren Temptress or summtin like that..Lots of people want to be Fairies, lol, but I do not want to see a fairy section either!! I would prefer to be a Nymph ..and I know lots of people who want to be witches..which I would call that section summtin like Spellbinder ;)

Carnival Jumbie said...

good point saucy!! I think the renaming of the sections would be nicer as well.You really sticking on organising your own band lolol!

dougla_1 said...

Saucy, I see your point. But if it were my band, ah coming full force with Trini Myths and Magic, no name changes, but oh lawd I would make them all sexy (the men I would make a little more scary but not too cumbersome like Cow Mas this year, so them fellas could really play sometin for once in ALL sections). My reason for no names change is it is allyuh (mine by heritage) culture and we foreign pay for the privilege to participate and BE Trini (and Tobago), and let ourselves steep in d ting. It is up to all to educate our selves. And so no one feel they taking part in something evil (yuh know there IS ALWAYS THOSE critics out there), Myths and Magic are all just illusions and fantasy. However, I swear a soucouyant suck meh last night!!!

Carnival Jumbie, ah feel yuh on the theme (note, the la daiblesse cloven foot does not have to be a literal interpretation for the costume, but should be designed as a suggestions where beads and feather could be employed, with sexiness for the ladies always in mind). And you keep your positive vibe strong, no matter what. There are always some challanges, but like you said, bun dem out ; )

How did you feel TRIBE's Ole Time Something...Come Back Again, came across as a BAND (just the costumes, not the road services)? Ah know allyuh had favorite sections, but when you observed the band to get a flow of the sections did you feel the band looked like the designers hit the mark for their "sexy" interpretation of the Ole Mas? The consensus I get from the bloggers comments is the Imps had a fantastic wow factor on the road (putting aside the diva head piece fiasco).

My experience with MacFarlane's "India" is I was wowed by every single section on the road. The band was tight with design consistency, section flow, and interpretion (I think Saucy would have liked to see more sheer silks in some sections, rather that cotton. I agree, but the cost of that much silk would have made the already expensive sections much more expensive).

saucydiva said...

See the way I look at it TRIBE for the past 2 presentations were stuck trying to keep to theme; hence the reason the costumes were limited in what they could do. I mean, look at IP, and Goddess and Defenders.. they did whatever they felt like with that costume cause you nor I have never seen a Goddess or Defender ent? In fact some of the costumes looked like Sahara was in Rio lol!

So when you broaden the scope of the band with the theme and the names of the sections u can go wild with the design!! I just want really glamourous costumes :D

Carnival Jumbie said...

Well dougla_1 I agree with you to an extent cause I campaigning for my culture. Its just that as I was writing the post and listing the sections I realised that there may not be ENOUGH legends and myths in Trini that can be used to make up a whole band. E.g there is a legend called Gang Gang Sara that may be difficult to interpret.Although I have an idea how it could be done.And who would even understand the interpretation if they don't know about the character?Hence why I also think Saucy has a point, not all themes have much room for interpretation or expansion.
As a Band I think TRIBE did pretty well.I think it was good they had BOTH the traditional and the modern versions.About IMP ...I tell allyuh so!! All who bad talk the costume, i knew it would have come out hot! I was very dissappointed in BAT which I felt should have been black cause you hardly see black sections period. But I might just be biased cause I don't ever like the 'green' costume. The others were very well done. Dragon was hot but I realised from my own research that it was difficult to find much info on the traditional version so the designer just made it their own.I wish that Cow Mas would have been black as well (if not Bat) just cause the colour was not very appealing to the eye with that too too brown.It did not have very much pop at all.

dougla_1 said...

Saucy, Harts glamarous is calling you... ; )

CJumbie, well to be all inclusive Myths and Magic could be inspired by as many of the world's ideas/beliefs, including T&T's, as the designers can conjur. But meh, pride of Trinidad's culture does make me want to put a spotlight on the unique richness of the cosmopolitan Trini spirit. Some could highlight the negativity of the crime per population, but the wonderful bright light for me is one should look at how many artistic creations have come from the many minds of such a small island. I also like the Trini talk (but I did notice folks are sounding a bit more "serious" in tone nowadays, I am having a tabanca for the the ole singsong Trini talk...)

Anyway, I feel excited that y'all are excited by the design possibilities for the TRIBE team, including a big glamor factor to wow the diva in the Saucy :D

Anonymous said...

I know it's kinda late to be trying to go to Carnival for 2007 but I still want to go. I went on the TRIBE website. Any suggestions on what I can do since the website says all of the Costume/All-Inclusive packages are sold out?

Carnival Jumbie said...

Well if you were going for 2007 then you are definitely late lololol! that already past1 I take it you mean 2008. Well there are a few things you can do. 1) Is to call the camp directly and get put on a waiting list. 2) is to check online sites such as to see what costumes are up for sale. 3) getting a costume is pointless if you have no ticket so make sure that is booked from now.To date people have been able to get costume sat the last minute in most major bands. Its not a guarantee but chances are you will get lucky. I would not hang my hat on it. If worse comes to worse, you can play in another band or take a chip down the road alongside.