Thursday, March 01, 2007

Go Jumbie!It's your Birthday!

Well tomorrow (2nd) is my birthday..I only now start to get in the spirit of things. I stopped getting excited for my birthday when I hit 21. After that its about getting old. Then you start to think about all the things you thought you would have by "this age" and you get depressed cause you don't have any of them.Right now I not doing too bad .I'm not married but at least I have a good candidate line up.LOL. Decent job.MY Car.No house but who the hell can afford one if you not making $30 grand per month. I find some comfort in that. So I know allyuh want to get me a birthday present so the following is my birthday wish list in no particular order ( Is ok if allyuh put up or something):

  • A Costume in TRIBE for 2008 (Like what else would be first lolol)
  • A house in the West, prefarably somewhere bougie but I go take what I get
  • World Peace
  • A trip for two to Bora Bora (And is not you I taking)
  • Have my credit cards paid off. Put some money on the mobile while yuh at it.
  • Quick Books 2007 (software)
  • A wardrobe for Carnival fete season 2008, call allyuh links and let Jebelle or Eva's sponsor meh nah
  • A piece of beachfront property in Tobago
  • The secret of success
  • A jacuzzi
  • Joan Yuille Williams phone number to ask she if she is ah ass for that carnival stage debacle
  • A pair of Dolce & Gabanna sunglasses
  • A nice man for my friend, (i eh greedy)
  • Doubles to go back to $1
  • A helicopter to duck all the traffic
  • A snow machine. I eh see snow since I was 4. I doh like the cold but a snow machine in the savannah would be fun ent?
  • A big macco plasma tv
  • A nice woman for my ex so he go stop harrassing my ass.
  • A Rubiks cube. Everytime I go by Knowledge Zone they sell out. I real like them things
  • A renewal of my subscription to Vogue and Cosmopolitan, I get tired paying them damn freight charges

Please note that cash and credit cards are always welcome. No cheques please. Doh frighten if the present late, I go still take it.

Word for today:

Glad man (woman): A person who is always bubbling over with enthusiasmk. Or makes light of life's problems and concentrates on having a good time.

As in..I is a real glad woman lolol!


saucydiva said...

Happy Birthday Ms. Diva!!

You are a Pisces like my mom and a water sign like me, first thing my hubby said when he saw Bora Bora on your list is "ay, she like you"! because that is one of the places I want to visit before I die.

Man I wish you could get that as a gift, if I can't go I would love to read your review of a week in an overwater bungalow at Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort

Jamette said...

That is like that ad for *hmm doh remember what* where the ppl went into the store and there were helipcopters on the shelves, get me one too nuh because this traffic we about to get brace with for Cricket not going to be easy. And yuh will let me know the secret to success when yuh get it. Thanks.

dougla_1 said...

Happy Birthday, Jumbie Diva!!!

Everything except one, World Peace (I sincerely share your wish too) on your list are quite attainable (Ms Williams is even open for calls). Pick a star, wish upon, and move to your dreams. See, each one is within your reach.... Oh, yuh just waking up,...oh, is about CASH not smoke!!!...LoL

Gosh, lehme see what I could do...

Meanwhile, seriously, your wishes are quite reachable. Godspeed.

Carnival Jumbie said...

thanks guys still trying to ketch myself from last night

SocaDiva said...

happy birthday girl and the only thing o nthat list i can actually get you must be the Rubik's cube lol. The rest i could only wish for you haha

-:¦:-·:*""*:·.-:¦:-·* cb *·-:¦:-·:*""*:·-:¦:- said...

I was going to give you the Rubik's cube, but Socadiva beat me to it. I'll team up with someone else and get you either the Quickbook, or the D&Gs.

Have a happy day, tho'! All the best to you.

Trini By Injection said...

HAPPY BIRHTDAY TO YOU!!!!!!! Pisces is boss gyul. I will see about di jacuzzi eh. Lol!

-:¦:-·:*""*:·.-:¦:-·* cb *·-:¦:-·:*""*:·-:¦:- said...

What do you mean by the freight charges for the magazines, tho'? I know they charge you out of your pooch for international subscriptions, but how much extra we talkin' about for TT? And do you actuall get the magazines, or do TTPost staff members have good reading material on a regular basis (as with your VS catalogues)?

Carnival Jumbie said...

well thanks guys.
cb in order for it not to get tief you have to use like a mail forwarding service. What most call a 'skybox' which gives you a US adress for delivery, they then ship the mail from the states ad deliver it via courier to you. They charge you weight on the packages and when yuh talking about a Vogue magazine with 2 pound of ads it adds up.its like $2US per pound

-:¦:-·:*""*:·.-:¦:-·* cb *·-:¦:-·:*""*:·-:¦:- said...

Dang! That's brutal funds for some current reading, girl. Yeah, now I understand your placing it on your b'day wishlist.

BTW, why are you around to answer posts? You doh have birthday plans to get to?

squeezle said...

Happy Birthday wishes from me and the boyfriend (the 'other' Jumbie)!

'rah said...

Happy Birthday!!! Well...belated at this point.
Yuh realise is a setta cheapass bloggers yuh limin' with eh because everybody want to sponsor the Rubiks cube, including me. lol.
Lemme see...I travelling this summer so I could pick up a hot top for you to add to the 2008 wardrobe...I have a 50" plasma home (de hubby is a gadgetman and a football peong - somebody say Real Madrid?) so yuh could drop by and we could watch some DVDs...and I don't pay freight on magazines on my skybox (who you using?)

btw before I forget my manners...IT WAS GREAT MEETING YOU!