Monday, March 12, 2007

Cricket Confusion

I doh know if allyuh take in that Opening Ceremony of the 2007 Cricket World Cup.Now I was kinda bunning out the whole event because as much as I love cricket,I hate the prospect of what is going to happen this week. (more on that shortly).I doh know who tell me watch that opening to get me more irritated with the whole occasion.All I hear is Machel performing and I get excited. If you did sneak a peak,you are most likely wondering the same thing as me. Since when Jamaica is the ONLY island in the Caribbean?

Seriously though, the entire ceremony was like Jamaica Heritage Festival or something. A slew of Reggae artist after reggae artist after dancehall artist after reggae artist. I mean I love Buju and Half Pint as much as the next reggae fan but I was really sick of seeing the producers of the show shoving Jamaica down our throats.UMMM in case they forgot, its the WEST INDIES team playing in the world cup not Jamaica. If they wanted to slant it that way, they should get their own blasted team. (Might I also point out that the majority of the team are TRINIBAGONIAN)

Doh get me wrong,I love Jamaicans, in particular Jamaican men.LOLOL Seriously though I have many friends from Jamaica and even on campus I was perplexed as to why they seem to always feel the need to prove their dominance among the Caribbean nations. There is always this Trini vs Jamaica war , which to me has always been perpetuated by Jamaicans. Cause honestly, Trinis doh care who better than who, they love their country and doh business bout anybody else. But still Trinis ignorant too, yuh can't diss a Trini and expect them to keep their mouth shut.They might just tell you about yuh mudder.

I think the whole West Indies should be offended that they blatantly excluded almost ALL the other countries. Ok so I finally see a little soca segment happening. I see Alison Hines rolling it. But I realise she roll it for all of 30 sec. But I hear meh boy Machel piping up in the background. Well my b/f thought I was a madwoman cause I GET up out my chair and ready for mas again and ready to jumbie dance.Buh I telling yuh...doh laugh. So Machel come out very dapper proving why he get a Pookie award from me.He sing he two line from Alison song and then start on he own tunes. Well he must be sing two line from "one more wine" and one line from "higher than high" and then what? ARROW the man who sing "Hot Hot Hot" come and jump on the stage. Ok, cool, give the man he little end. You could tell me how they could have Machel Montano, the King of soca singing back up for stinkin Arrow. I sorry but I always thought that song was CHEESY. But I waiting to jumbie dance still, I eh sit down yet. All of a sudden everybody just run off the stage and its a next reggae artist. NAH ! NO JUMBIE? With all that fancy Minshall ting from AC5 ? No jumbie!!!

I was annoyed but that was still pretty early in the show before the other 10000 reggae artist. Ok Ok so we getting to the end. They have a Carnival segment! Oh gosh! Jumbie!Jumbie! Well I see a set of ppl come out in Carnival costume which frankly I would not be caught DEAD in. I was relieved to hear the costume came from St.Lucia or somewhere not Trinidad. But why it have a man singing soca and leading these people around the field and I never see him before in my life. Ok so they over plug Jamaica, I eh saying to plug Trini more. But lets get real, soca eh come from Barbados or Grenada.It come from Trinidad. Trinidad soca artistes have the best sales out of all the soca artistes in the Caribbean.So they might not have ask Bunji to bun out all the Babylon but they could have get somebody cookie cutter like Kees and Nadia to sing "My land" ent? Ditto for the Carnival Costumes to 'represent' each West Indian country. I eh see Trinidad own yet but I was real disappointed with what was there as 'St.Lucia's contribution'. Again, lets not fool ourselves, St.Lucia eh have a clue about Carnival. I actually doh even like the idea of other West Indian carnivals because its basically orchestrated. It is a tourism gimmick to make money on (white)people head.Trini carnival has very deep roots in HISTORY,culture and tradition.Its not about who Carnival better than who eh..imy point is the fact that Trinidadians did not wake up one day (this century) and say "AYE LEWWE HAVE A CARNIVAL NAH".Go Grenada and find me a midnight robber nah.Yuh could hardly find any in Trini these days. At least they bring some King and Queen from Trini Carnival 2008.Which of course just made the other costume slook even more shitty.

Well since it having Carnival on the field they HAVE to bring back Machel right? I mean they bring back Buju! Well David Rudder come on...Not bad, Machel had to be the finale. David pelt out High Mas which was THE most moving performance of the entire ceremony and Rita Marley could get vex all she want for me saying so. You could tell me why in Jesus name they did not have David sing 'Rally round the West Indies'? Wait nuh is not CRICKET we opening here? How that make ANY sense. Ok so they give Faye Ann, Rupee and Shaggy a bly to sing this world cup's theme song. Again what Shaggy purpose was in that song I doh know. But everybody know Rally is the cricket anthem. Just like Soca Warriors is the football anthem no matter what TTFF say or Chris Garcia feel(Deutschland. were they serious?!). Them is the songs in the heart of the people. What is the point of bringing DAVID RUDDER to a CRICKET function and having him SING but he doh sing RALLY? STEUPS.

Well I was cussing shortly after when I realise the ceremony done and I still eh Jumbie dance.WTF!!That show was so balatantly biased to Jamaica it was ridiculous. So what nobody else exist except Jamaica? I mean it was an INTERNATIONAL event broadcasted worldwide. No wonder the rest of the world feel that Trinidad and Barbados is part of Jamaica. I almost thought so myself.

So we reach the prospects of what happening this week. I going and real cuss for that TRAFFIC.Cause if yuh living in Diego yuh HAVE to pass in the environs. The poor business places cussing cause no traffic can pass in their area and they losing business. By poor I mean the pie man by the Oval whom I notice put up a sign outside saying "ICC:International Cricket Criminals". I was so mad yesterday when I read a letter in the bacchanal papers (Tnt Mirror) from a man in SOUTH who find the businessmen should not get on so for the traffic restrictions. He find they should cool it cause its such a great opportunity for the country blah blah blah. I want he to move to Diego for the month. He living in South, he obviously doh have ANY clue what does go on around that Savannah on a daily basis, doh talk for when it "rain", when it "have bomb in town", when it "have hurricane". STEUPS if he even go through that shit ONCE he go understand why people vex.I sure I go have a story for allyuh come Wednesday. Is best I walk down the road and take in some cricket too yes.


Crankyputz said...

Hehehe, wonderful review on the opening ceremonies, and to illustrate your point was watching it with my geographically challenged folks who assumed that Jamaica was the "country" and the rest were states. No worries I set them right.....

saucydiva said...

Arrow is probably MUCH more widely known globally than Machel Montano sad to say, since his cheesy song "Hot,Hot,Hot" is a hit in several languages, seems to be the "Caribbean" anthem in movies, advertisements, at hotels, resorts, cruise ships.... you get the picture!

The opening ceremony was so lame, I sat there wondering to myself how Minshall could have done such a fantastic job for Olympics in Atlanta and Barcelona yet no one brought him onboard.

I also wondered the very same thing about David Rudder NOT singing Rally Round the West Indies.. maybe they thought it would be too biased *rolls eyes* to the other countries participating in the World Cup.

dougla_1 said...

CarnivalJumbie, this is why I LOVE to read your "hotness." Well said lady. Your fire was well placed. I could feel the passion in your words.

I hope the traffic isn't as bad as you expect (maybe the police presence and directing the traffic flow at many intersections would do the trick from early O'clock, like starting from 1 pm, and not 4 pm). Yuh know, when I was there I was quite frustrated several times trying to find a path through town on my way to my homebase in Diego Martin (between 4-5 pm), but once I found my "reliable" short cuts, I was able ease the tension a bit ; )

It is really silly that in our in a second information age, many people STILL THINK Jamaica is the only island in the Caribbean. Americans are the worst offenders of this ignorance.

Jamette said...

Hmmmm am i the only person who enjoyed the opening ceremony? I do agree though that Jamaica was shoved down our throats but come now ppl, if DAT ceremony was to take place in Trinidad, Machel woulda been the master of ceremonies. It woulda be AC6 up in dere, the whole of Tribe and Macfarlane woulda be on the field AND ppl would be jumbie dancing. The people doing what they think they need to do to big up their island which hosted the opening ceremony and... they need to remind the tourists to come there at every opportunity.

And i would have said David didnt' sing 'Rally' because they don't want the other teams to feel bad but since they didnt' care about the other islands feeling bad the mans houlda sing de song man.

Hottie Hottie said...

Well as far as the world is concerned Jamaica IS the West Indies and since most of them think all we do is smoke weed and frolic on the beach whole day you could well imagine how dark we ass is. Anyway, hope to not offend nobody but my experience with Jamaicans up here has lead to me not being very surprised about the opening. Most of them that I've encountered encourage that "we is the only place that count" mentality. And before anybody bash meh I writing from MY experience eh and I have dated a Jamaican man and I've been to the country plenty. Anybody could tell meh if the Boston jerk people still dey?!

Trini-in-Toronto said...

I love rally round the West Indies, but I think its not that upbeat of a song. It kinda says we were great back in the day, but the old generals have gone and now we suffering. But if we rally around the team, we will once again regain our rightfull position. Maybe they felt that is a good message to give to the fans, but not so much to tell the rest of the world.