Friday, February 02, 2007


Ok so I reach back in the ppl place today with money (cash!) in hand. The linx machine is now up and running. My costume is paid off yay!! I even get a credit cause apparently I can't get 3 bottom pieces even if I was paying for them.(Go figure, soimething about the system) Seeing that I have Monday wear planned out already, I ditched the hot shorts. Oh yeah , I ordered 3 cause I could never make up my mind what I want to wear on Tuesday till the morning of.
Their database is still down so manual receipts are still being given. I got thru very quickly all the same. It never have more than 3 people in their whne I go. So I guess I had the best timing.
So things in order so far, I just hope I doh have to cuss anybody come collection day.
Remember, today is the last day for payment to get into the "Express Pick up" Line. And assuming everybody doh pay early, and they actually distinguish between the areas for express pick up and regular pick up this year, it really is faster.So the time draws near ppl, get in yuh section!

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saucydiva said...

ay! glad yuh get through today.

I will NOT be in the Xpress Lane but dat is alright ;)