Thursday, February 01, 2007

TRIBE Linx Down

Sigh, so I gone in the TRIBE mas camp today, park my car in their carpark on the left side obliquely opposite...reach inside to meet only one person in front of me. Only to be told that the phone lines were not working properly and that prsently LINX could be used.In addition they had no internet access so their database updates would not be current.Therefore you cannot get a computer generated receipt. So if you going to pay, walk with cash!! If you do pay with cash you will only receive a manual receipt (which is just as good).
There is no word on when the system will be back up, a technician has been called in. I don't get the impression that they will be extending the pre-pay deadline further because they HAVE to move to Cascadia this weekend.
Not impressed, I wasted my time going down there, cause yuh know I am the original superswiper. Who the hell wants to walk with $2000 in their pocket in these days we living in?Steups . Allyuh hear about that man who was by Republic ATM Monday and get rob as he was coming out? At 9:30 pm he get one hard lash in he head and get completely disorientated.When his family went looking for him and find him to carry him in the hospital he was dead in an hour.Read the article here. Not me papa, I never going in any ATM at night again.I does minimise my ATM visits as much as possible. Every thing does swipe.


No longer annon (fellow superswiper!!) said...

But eh eh. What time did you go?
Because I went there lunch time and the linx was down, and they were not sure when it was going to be back up!

Look how collection day when I have to pay I am walking with cash eh...because I aint taking no chance that linx would be down again.

saucydiva said...

Yeah heard the machine was down which sucks. I already decided I am paying on collection day.. seeing as everybody going for the fast track line my line go be shorter :D

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

i went after lunch like 2pm
buh saucy you might be right but then you might be wrong....lolol. If everybody think the same thing as you then what???
It all depends on how big your section is and who pay when. I was pissed last year when nylon pool and angel fish distribute on teh same day.They were the two biggest sections!!
For me, the reason I want to pay early is so I don't spend it!!Once I have that cash in my hand I want to dip! I took out the cash yesterday, this morning I go to the dentist and want to pay with the cash..I had to ketch myself yes. I would stiff the dentist before costume doh pay!!lol

saucydiva said...

girl well I was at TRIBE 2 days in a row and real people were coming in to pay off their costumes!

I just waiting for me email saying when I can collect my costume I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited :D