Monday, February 19, 2007

TRIBE Carnival Monday

So My Carnival Monday started off at 12:30 am. I had a little conflict in scheduling my appointment to do my dragon airbrush so I had to push it back to after Lara Fete. I nearly did not do it at all cause after the fete the guy was still tied up in the East and he wanted me to come at 7am!! Oh hells no! Miraculously as I was on my way home he called me and tol dme to come NOW! So I went. In addition to the original plan to get the Dragon on my back I put some Chinese writing on my forearm which supposedly said "Life, Love, Laugh" according to the contact sheet. It could have said "Cow, Moon, Chair" for all I know. As you can see from the pic I did it in all black. I think it made a bolder statement that way. The airbrush guy kept trying to twist my arm to put glitter on it. I was like NO WAY, this is a bad man tattoo ,we doh deal up with glitter.LOLOLOL.
So I put on my hot Monday outfit to a variety of reviews. My mom loved it. My neighbour who played in Sailor said I looked like one skettel and then added that I look like a skettel no matter what I wear anyway lololol. Most people thought it was just hot. A lot of strangers came up to me to ask where I got it. Thats in addition to the 10 million people who asked if the tattoo was real . The tattoo really was done well and it did shake quite a few ppl. My friends were like "when the hell did you do that ?". I guess cause they know my b/f has some huge ones as well they figured I might have taken the chain up.
So of course my squad was late to meet the band. I parked by my friend in St.James and we walked from near the police barracks all the way to Stanmore Ave. Then had to run down St.Vincent St. Well as I said, I was till out of breath from Lara, so it was a bit rough.When we ketch the band they was in South Quay crossing the stage. We take we first drink and take up position one time. I was very lucky that my section was with the Radioactive/ Red Bull truck. It turned out to be the hot place to be on the road. The red bull truck was just HUGE. It was pimped out like the HD truck on the inside and it had a patio on the roof complete with railings.The band itself was huge and had many many trucks rolling down the road including two pee pee trucks.
I jumbie all over town yes. Any thought of any other song winning road march was quickly dismissed. The red bull truck nearly stick on Park st cause it was so huge it could not make some corners. That driver is really something else, he put down some real moves there. It would not be the last we see of that.A little way down the road I bounce up Saucy standing on Charlotte St. She make me out easy easy. A couple people did as well but just cause they recognised the tattoo from the blog. So if yuh made out the tattoo yuh know what I wore on Monday. lolol
The procession across the "stage" at the savannah went completely unnoticed.At a point I was like "Wait, we finish?" STEUPS. To me it made no sense . But talk about hot truck? We had Peter Ram and Mr. Vegas and Iwer and that man who will groovy soca performing throughout the day!We jumbie and hot wuk dong the street!
Lunch was well organised and uneventful. I had Chicken Parmesan...imagine that. Fancy ting yes.The vanity room is always very convenient. Lots of Rexona deodarant and Maxi pad. A male friend actually asked me if we just meet the band. When I enquired as to why he would think that he told me that we all look and smell so fresh that is like we now bathe and come down the road. Further props to TRIBE for having stocked their pee pee trucks with Safety pins and Listerine. My friend had a slight wadrobe malfunction and we solved it painlessly. They should start walking with extra tights yes, people will buy them on the road.
One and ONLY complaint, the bathroom lines at lunch were extremely long. Usually the pee pee trucks would be parked alongside the park to offer additional stations but I guess they were cleaning or something.
As per usual TRIBE masqueraders took their time to get back on the road although the trucks started moving in due course. St. James was a good jam session as well. Throughout the day we were sprinkled with rain. But it was like having a cool zone all over, not a wet down. The sun was still shining (blazing) throughout. I never had any problems getting to the bar. I was however avoiding going to thebathroom caue it was just too much stress to have to fight my way through the band to get back up to my section. Security was present in full force but seemed indiffferent most of the time I guess more cause they did not really HAVE anyone to put out to begin with. We really were blessed not to have any set of stormers. Or rather stormers who behaved badly. I think for the most part the stormers were somebody in costume g/f or b/f.
So the day wound down as we passed down the Ave chipping into the night all the way back to Stanmore Ave. It was great Day 1 and I could not wait for Day 2.Unfortunately that could not happen till I found my way back to St. James...from Stanmore!!! Arghhh. Talk about walk a mile and a half!


Jamette said...

Ever wish yuh was in 8 places at the same time? i wanted to be by allllllll the trucks and dem same time because i feel like all ah dem was playing what i needed to hear right then. Some people who shall remain nameless does talk too much eh...this is not news to anyone, but oh gormmmmmmmm !!! And somebody tell mr vegas that we doh need to hear any dancehall for carnival.thanks. Sing yuh soca, doh try and wheel ene no old dancehall chunes. *that was mr vegas right?*

Carnival Jumbie said...

yes yes it was vegas!! I could not be bothered to walk up and down through all that mass of ppl.I real lazy to post on Tuesday..I had to mkae notes yes!

saucydiva said...

lol I know who Jamette talking about :D

girl I ent even see Dragon properly, I waiting for d review notes and all LOL

Karabana said...

I saw you! Well, your back, I remember seeing that tattoo!

Prettidolli said...


I saw you (de tattoo) at one point when you were directly in front of me. Good deal and lol @ cow, moon, chair......

And Vegas did need 2 SHUT UP! Like he 4get which country he did deh in.