Thursday, February 15, 2007

RIP Granny Jumbie

I am a little embarrassed that I did not post this yesterday...Every Bacchanal Wed I think of my Granny Jumbie who passed away a few years ago on a Bacchanal Wed. My grandmother was the original Carnival Jumbie. She used to make costumes for entire sailor bands back in the day before the "pretty mas" came to be. As a result all my dad and aunts and uncles know how to cut and sew a pants.On a carnival monday or tuesday when all the kids got dropped of by the jumbie parents who gone to play mas she was real dread cause once that TV turn onto the parade of bands you were risking certain death by trying to change the channel! WHOLE day is parade of bands, even when they start to show the repeat for the day. And when mom and dad reach back, they not leaving till they see their band crossing the stage.
I will always remember the day she died , most of my family was in the country for the Carnival. Her death was expected as she was both very old and sick. We were all sad nonetheless (obviously) but after mourning for the day my cousins and I found ourselves outside the wake pondering whether it would look bad or not for us to go in the Bacchanal Wed out of respect. Trinis and their Carnival yes! My whole family is a bunch of Jumbies. Well after feeling out the parents we figured they would not dig a horrors and we went although it put a damper on things. But in the discussion we did touch on the fact that my granny would have wanted us to go. She was so into the mas that she would not have wanted to see us miss out. Of course the same discussion was had when we were deciding if to play mas or not. My mom was making us feel guilty that we wanted to play (even though it was her mother-in law who died, not her mom). My dad set her straight one time. He was going down the road! Well yuh know me, If my father could go down the road right after his mom's death then who is me ? So me and my father went down the road . But again, I don't think my granny would have wanted it any other way. She always looked forward to that parade and seeing she ppls on tv. So I just wanted to pay a little tribute to the old school granny jumbie,bless her soul, for starting the family tradition. I always make sure and take a wine for her on the stage. I sure she rolling in her grave now that there is no stage!RIP Granny Jumbie!


dougla_1 said...

Carnival Jumbie, I have been on a comments "pause" since ah in Trinidad, but reading this post, I just had to pay respects to your Granny Jumbie. I love that you have a family that really understand de Carnival Jumbie ting. Big ups to your dad for making a sad loss become a moment to celebrate life!!!

Jumbies in town, Jumbies jumping around...Bless to you and your family :D

Carnival Jumbie said...