Monday, February 26, 2007

Outta body, Back to yuhself

Sigh, so today was my first day back to work after a much blessed Carnival vacation. I really thought I would be ready to jump back into work with a fresh outlook with all the good spirits(jumbies?) I collected from the experience of Carnival.

Phhst! Yeah right! Its so hard to get back to reality and get back into the routine.I guess I should have realise I was in denial that Carnival was over when I did not take off the id bands until Wednesday night. My TRIBE box still on the floor where it rest since I collect my costume (as if I going and open it, try it on again, wine, take it off,put back in box). The sound of dancehall on the radio is like chalk on a blackboard to my ears. Doh laugh eh but how about the my fabulous idea for my fabulous tattoo has fabulously backfired. Well being that I was in denial, I did not actually attempt to remove the airbrush dragon tattoo until Friday. Yes I bathe!! It just doh come off with water jus so. I scrub a dub and it still doh want to come off. Eventually I had to recruit my mom to use some rubbing alcohol to remove the ink. So why I still have a tattoo on my back in the shape of a dragon? BECAUSE the sun was real hot Monday and Tuesday and my skin tanned around the inked parts. So now I have a WHITE Dragon on my back. And yes it looking white cause I had real house colour before Carnival. Close up it just look like lothar but apparently from a distance it looks like I took a tattoo with white ink. You can still see the shape clearly,its very well defined. I did not realise that it stood out so much until I went to the beach this weekend and a friend approached me and say half the people behind my back talking about me (literally behind my back). Like the black was as big a hit as the white.Needless to say, two days at the beach and my dragon still chillin on my back.

I am just so not in work mode, my boss will hang me this week if I don't finish my tasks. I know quite a few people who just stayed home the whole week after Carnival...just 'cause. I know myself..I take vacation! But what about those visitors who are desperately trying to get back to the U.S or U.K? They in Piarco there holding their heads and bawling . Who might not have a job when they get back, who overstay their vacation already,who eh pay their rent this month cause they buy costume etc.I spend whole day looking for Carnival pics. Or rather for me in Carnival pics. I find the photographers eh give Dragon no love at all.I have seen very few pics of ppl in my costume and almost none from my section.

Well allyuh hold it down , get back to the grind. I was not sure how much momentum this blog would have after Carnival so I started a new one parallell to this (just in case). It may not be as entertaining but then again , I find humour in everything. It should kill some time if yuh bored and might interest some. Join me at .Doh worry I still maintaining this blog cause Trinidad life just too jokey....I going and have plenty to say bout the bacchanal World Cup Cricket going and cause.

My bad, word for today is...

TABANCA: pronounced tah-bang-kah. Spanish-Tabernero-barkeeper. The forlorn,wretched, abandoned feeling that comes with the end of a love affair, driving you to drink!Curry Tabanca-the same , but the East Indian experience, that may involve weed-poison! Tabanca-Tarange-Foufoulou. Advancing stages of Tabanca.

As in...I have a Carnival Tabanca !

BTW I eh make up that part about the weed-posion eh..das what Cote ci Cote La say!

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saucydiva said...

Take a pic of your white tattoo nah, I was wondering how to get rid of my tan line..a big X on my back and the clevage is burnt to a crisp :S

Oh and I have no zeal to work either..

checked out yuh other blog... funny as hell.