Thursday, February 08, 2007

Not on allyuh

Allyuh know I am NOT amused about TRIBE distributing my section on Carnival Friday!! I eh know if I should be very afraid or very relieved. Afraid cause maybe something off with the costume and they eh want to give me time to cuss them and I won't have the time to get it fixed properly. MAYBE the costume is fine and is all of allyuh who distributing early who may have problems. Maybe everything is ok and they just do shit by distributing the week before Carnival.

Now I am not a stranger to this last minute thing at all. In my Poison days I used to get my costume at 7am every Carnival Saturday..regardless of where I went the night before. That is what I had to do to get something free so I did it. Then it had my last year in Poison when I play in Discomania and they distribute Carnival Saturday and did get rough up from me. The girl watching me and telling me I have $400 more for them than what I walk with because she have me registered in the lead section and not the floor section. Doh mind my reciept clearly stated floor section. Yuh know I tell them that is their ass business and they better find a costume for me. Yuh could not even tell the difference ..other than the beads were a little longer and it was more expensive. The girl actually give me attitude like I should just pay the extra.I fix that.

But like I spoiled now. I have never had any issues with my costume collection in terms ofthe day /time before. I make noise last year when I paid off in advance and still found myself in a long line with others who had not paid. I fix that too. I got pulled out the line and out of there in 10 minutes. Hopefully we won't have a repeat of that again.Or I will have to fix it again.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think they started distribution earlier last year..or was I just one of the first costumes?Really and truly they should start distribution two weeks before Carnival so that people have time to sort out their buisnes with accesories and costume problems etc. That week before Carnival could be just for foreign masqueraders.Now hopefully I won't have any problems to fix with my costume but I doh have much costume to speak of.My friends who signed up in Jamette, signed up with the intention of altering the costume.I eh know what they planning to do but I hear they wanted to get rid of the ruffle completey and change it to beads. Now I know they have a good mas maker in their trenches but still, that is a lot of work (x4!) for a short space of time. At least we go find out the order of the sections tomorrow....

So in light of today's costume revelation the Cote Ci Cote La phrase/word for today is....(Drum roll)

Play Wid me! : A threat, meaning you are not to be played or toyed with or taken lightly

As in my costume better be ready to go, TRIBE better doh play wid me!!!


saucydiva said...

Awww so that is what Jamette planning? Look how yuh buss she files.

I think she could make a run to Samaroos next week, see what they have, even get samples and then when she collect her costume match up the sample beads then go back like the Sunday if she eh want to go on the Friday.Or send someone to pick up the beads.

But that is a cool idea man, seems like everyone dropping lil surprises for Carnival.


buublenut said...

but wait girl - did you find out the orser of the sections??

Carnival Jumbie said...

I get one or two tidbits....
Sailor is definitely number 1
Dragon is number 5
Imp is to the middle /back.

Will have the full line up later today.

Jamette said...

Buhwhade??? Me? i ain't cutting off nobody ruffles (but now that yuh mention

Nah i don't think I have that kinda time nah. I can't even think about how to add beads to a belt. I actually don't mind the ruffle...but is not like i would know for sure if i like it anytime soon....steupsssssss

caisoqueen said...

Well, it seem like I order my waistband fuh fireman a little too small. I pickin up my costume on Carnival Saturday so I feel I will be up in Samaroo's yes....