Saturday, February 17, 2007

Enter the Dragon!

Well boy today was REAL pace.I had so much things to do yesterday and my whole game plan get throw off. Firstly like I drink too much red bull Thursday night in Beachhouse cause my heart was racing and I could not get to sleep.

I woke up early to do some stuff (early being before 12). My appt to do my nails was 11 pm. When I reach by the nail shop the woman not there, she in town. She tell me she reaching in half and hour. So I decide to try and cross some of the other stuff off my list. I made into the bank and was about to get lunch when I hear NP going on strike.Of cours my tank was on quarter mark cause I was planning to go get gas after lunch. So I had to rush through the piles of traffic to get to a gas station before the ridiculous bumper to bumper lin eup up begins. You know how it goes, just a rumour of a gas strike sends traffic backing up everywhere with ppl rushing the pump. I did not get to start my nails till 12:30. The hair appointment was at 2pm and in between I was supposed to get my costume. Well I soon realised either I was not getting my costume or was not doing my hair. I called a friend to collect my costume for me. She called me from the mas camp to let me know the place was madness and she would have to come back. Apparently only the express line was really moving quickly. I would have been able to get the costume in no time but I was under the dryer.

I eventually called a friend in TRIBE who was working and authorised her to get my costume for me. I was not willing to wait till saturday to deal with more madness and risk some bad mind ass selling my costume while I in the line. So I got the costume and well...its real HOT and real sexy. You really have to be in top shape to pull off this costume well. . The waist band was perfect. The bra was a next connundrum (look it up).So I took a 32A although I am a 34B. Why? Experience has taught me so. Last year in particular I had a 32 A and was able to boost my bosom with inserts. The 34 B last year was waaay too big (my friend had one). Well the bra I get would have fit me when I was 12 and I have very little to speak of even now. It fit across the back comfortably but he cups were so small that they were flattening me out. I could not use inserts to boost me up as that and all were bigger than the cups. I guess cause the inserts are for a size B bra. So anyhow I swing it I had to get a bigger bra. I managed to secure a 34B. I hope it won't be too big now. One thing that I was annoyed about is that the colour of the bra is a salmon coloured orange and the bottom piece is a bright orange. During the registration process I specifically asked whether they were going to change the bra colour cause it was looking a bit off. I was told that it would be changed and it was just a sample on display.This was actually one of my points of conetntion in deciding between imp and dragon. I was not impressed to see it still the same ugly colour. Apparently several section shad some tweaks that were unexpected. I know Imp on display had cloth both in the front and back, now its only in the front. Some head pieces have shrunk, I think mine might be one.I know a few ppl had problems with Jamette's corsette being two big and quote "cheap".

A next thing that annoyed me is that I got the wrong bottom pieces.When i went to pay I was told I was only allowed one extra bottom piece and not two as I had signed up for(even though I was paying the xtra). I wanted the thong, boy short and regular as I can never make up my mind till the morning of and I was not sure what I was wearing on Monday. I have done this every previous year in TRIBE as well as years before in Poison.So I don't see why its and issue if I paying for it.But whatever I chose the thong and regular as I had the Monday wear locked.Ironically I had try to drop the boy short earlier once I got Monday wear and was told I could not make changes . You could tell me why my box come with a boy short and a regular? My b/f hates the idea of me wearing the thongs. I actually call him and ask him if he sabotage me and got somebody to switch it. LOLOL. But it really was Tribe's mistake, my box has the wrong options as well. I did not want the stress of going up just to get a thong when for peace's sake I probably won't wear it anyway. I will still have the last laugh as the "regular' is so narrow in the back that when worn under my waistband you can't see it. You can' t even tell if I have on a thong or a regular. And you know my costume already skimpy to begin with so how the regular so small I eh know. So the regular looking like it want to be a regular thong. The thong thong is even smaller.

Unfortunately my earrings from Hong Kong never reach in time. I am so dissappointed. They would have been ridiculous. My friend really did notthink things through by sending it regular mail. She thought that by sending it via HK mail which is good that I would be safe since it send since end of January. She forget when it reach it have to go by TTPOST.Who of course is the worst!

But the goody bag though....

  • One Digicel coupon
  • One $10 Neutrogena Coupon
  • One pack Perfit Thong Panty Shields
  • One Digicel Money Pouch
  • One Tribe Note pad
  • One Tribe Key chain
  • One Tribe mirror
  • One Heineken Key chain
  • One bottle Ocean Spray Grape Drink
  • One mini Opi Nail polish (that match the costume)

Where the ass is my matching drawstring pouch??STEUPS. Did they not have a make up bag too? STEUPS
So aside from that its full steam ahead and we ready for mas again!


-:¦:-•:*''''*:•.-:¦:-•* cb *•-:¦:-•:*''''*:•-:¦:- said...

Girl, yuh soundin' ready, despite the little hiccups. I have no fear, however, I know you go be rockin' the Dragon like nobody's business. Enjoy it, eh?

saucydiva said...

That friggin TRIBE line yesterday was madness and AFTER I line up den I realise I was due some "special" treatment cause ah meh section...steups..anyhow they hook meh up nice! My costume is the total opposite to yours BUT I love it :D This year will be a totally new experience for me and mas :D