Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Doh ask me to work for Carnival (Or the week before)

So all now so I supposed to be doing the ppl wuk. But I I really online waiting for the email from TRIBE to tell me when to come fro my costume.LOL. My boss decide yesterday that the office too 'quiet' and get put a radio in the office. I doh know what make him feel that by putting it on Red 96.7 with soca playing whole day and bmobile concerts in Woodford square broadcasting everyday will make me do any work. I think I doing less work now than before he put the radio. Usually I doh start shutting down till maybe this Friday coming (2 weekends before Carnival). But he speed up the process with that move there. There is a REASON I take vacation for Carnival...cause I does nothing. I does just be studying costume, accesories, fete, wining etc etc. So thats his bad....he just lose 5 productive days from me. This is after sending everybody home early Friday on account of me, he tell everybody that I have to get ready to go fete this weekend.

To add to the whole debacle, we jokingly made a comment in the team meeting about when the company all inclusive is. He said hey, good idea. Well me and my next partner in crime say we think Cranival Sunday is a good day, specifically Lara Fete. Boy, the man say organise yes, find out if they giving package deals. If he call Lara tickets for the whole office..well boy , is now I making mas. On top of which....!!!! He call Ash Wednesday a public holiday. By now you can guess the kind of slacker I have for a boss. Good for me, I get back one of the days vacation that I file for seeing that he giving everyone anyway.

Well for those of you who doh have vacation, or have to work for the Carnival...I hope you sort out your plan of action from now. All now so yuh telling yuh co worker yuh neighbour have chicken pox and yuh "hope" you eh get it. I touch on this topic already in my other post where I nearly trip on the "big boss" for insinuating that Carnival was not a holiday.I eh know what the big boss going and say when he find out we spend he money on all inclusive tickets and the office shut down for Carnival. LOLOLOL

As far as I concern, I on vacation from now!


saucydiva said...

One week until I am OFF for the week, I will home from next Wednesday until Ash Wednesday!

Man I doh know how people could work right down till Carnival Friday!

Oh and I waiting for my email too,I over and beyond excited to get my costume :D

All I need now is to sort out my Monday wear that change a million times since the first idea was born and get sunblock.

Anonymous said...

de trini here.....you believe my boss deny my leave after i buy ticket, pay for FIREMAN, buy boots......well I sorry de flight aint leaving me.....come ash wednesday I go be jobless but me aint playing de games.

-:¦:-·:*""*:·.-:¦:-·* cb *·-:¦:-·:*""*:·-:¦:- said...

Wow, anon, that's pretty messed up. My boss wanted to pull that balls for me, too, but it wasn't happening. I put in my form for approval since last year. Last week at a staff meeting, my boss got the reminder and was hemming and hawing to come up with excuses as to why I shouldn't go, but I've got my signed leave approval and I doh want to hear nuttin'!

CJ, you big up yourself and tell Big Boss to cool he herbs. Enjoy your company all-inclusive! :-D

Carnival Jumbie said...

Allyuh, how about my boss say take Carnival Friday too lololol.He is one joker lolol!

Carnival Jumbie said...

Allyuh, how about my boss say take Carnival Friday too lololol.He is one joker lolol!

Anonymous said...

so what fetes do you plan for the carnival weekend? (Apart from company sponsored Brian Lara!)