Sunday, February 04, 2007

D' Original Jumbie!

So I hope here chillin cause I not in the Panorama. I fgured I would take the opportunity to clarify something. I am the ORIGINAL Carnival Jumbie. Some of you who now jump on the blog bandwagon may think I decided to be Carnival Jumbie after Machel Montano go and sing a song called Jumbie for 2007. Lets get it straight, I was born a Carnival baby, I was brought up a Carnival baby and became a Carnival Jumbie after my first Mas playing experience in '95. I feel I have a responsibility to my family to carry on the Carnival Legacy . You can also check out those pics here.

When I started this blog last September, I picked the tag Carnival Jumbie simply cause it really was the best name to describe my personality and the purpose of the blog. Any of my friends can tell you that all through the year I am very calm and collected in parties, even bougie (the Diva) and as Carnival reach my party personality changes (The Jumbie) cause is then I dancing whole night. There is NO WAY I could possibly have anticipated at that point that Machel would be releasing a tune with the same name.
Although I had nothing to do with influencing the creation of the song, I can still appreciate that I now have a theme song!The song definitely embraces my passion for Carnival and the excitement that is steadily increasing as we draw nearer to the big day.
So best believe , I have dibs on THAT copyright. In light of all this and the fact that Carnival is a mere 2 weeks away, the Diva is going into hibernation and the Jumbie is coming right out so I will be dropping the Diva from my tag as of today. So we ready for mas again!.Jumbie dem!!


dougla_1 said...

Well, I am really looking forward to meeting the "original" Carnival Jumbie at the bloggers' lime.

I would like to believe Machel maco yuh blog and tief d concept. So when the diva return after Carnival is ah lawsuit in he

Btw, I really appreciate how you express yourself in writing. It is kicks rel kicks, e.g (preceding blog post) "Destra was still left to perform after him. Which means she perform for the palm trees." Ah gone ; )

squeezle said...

But eh eh! What about my boyfriend 'Jumbie'? Granted, he is not a CARNIVAL jumbie, or a PAN jumbie, he is just plain old 'Jumbie', or sometimes, according to my best friend's daughter, 'Uncle Jumbie'.

So I think he's entitled to a piece of the jumbie action! lol

Carnival Jumbie said...

Well they could have other jumbies yuh know, just as long as we clear that I am the original lololol.
And any action he want go have to come from you!

squeezle said...

He has consulted with his 'Jumbie Board of Advisors' (that would be me), and he finds your terms to be acceptable.