Friday, February 09, 2007

D' Canal swimmer

Nah allyuh, somebody send me this and I almost dead laughing. Its a video clip of a vagrant swimming in a canal on Charlotte St. Check the link. Dread the man squirting water out he mouth lolololol. Nah! Turn on the audio (buh not too loud!) True Trini reaction! This is to entertain allyuh while you waiting for the day to collect yuh costume.

Canal Swimmer

Oh and word for today...

Spranger: Cocaine addict, thief. See piper

As in this man HAD to be a spranger!!!


Mani said...

Oh loss that was funny, but Jumbie, warn we about the big cuss next time eh, oh loss, lol.

That cuss ketch me off guard and meh volume was loud.

Carnival Jumbie said...

but I warn yuh! yuh eh read properly?? It say doh turn up the volume too loud for a "true trini recation". You should have see that coming lololol.

bmob said...

LOL lawd ah shame, nah u got to be joking and d man happy go lucky wearing the life saver vest like he think he was going and drown in the 2 ft ah canal water, well at least one vagrant had a bath today, d cuss was a true trini cuss that on all had meh LOL.

ttfootball said...

Dat cuss make the whole thing authentic!