Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Carnival Tues

So Carnival Tuesday started at 10pm Carnival Monday for me. As I reach home Monday I realise...but wait...I never try on my leg/foot pieces. Of course they were all too big so I had to rev up the sewing machine and was well mas making. The pouch I had made to match my costume was starting to shred so I had to fix that as well.The glue gun pull out to fix some loose beads and reinforce some other iffy ones.

At 5:30 am I found myself agonizing over the eyelash that wanted to fall off. I fraid to call my beautician that early cause I was going and wake up she ass. I realise I does rub my eye in my sleep cause I does wake up with lash missing. So with the help of a toothpick and some weave glue (aye not for a weave,for eyelashes) I managed to tack it down enough to secure it for the day.In putting on my costume I realise that even though I fall into the small zone on the stocking chart like I needed a medium for length. I put on a medium on Monday intentionally cause my Monday kit was flashing some bumcee crack. But like the low rider stockings in small could barely cover my backside. All kind of pull up and jumping up and down I had to do to get it fix (with my long nails).I was just happy to see that the tattoo was still very much intact. I just had to powder it down to soak up the sweat during the day.

I gone down the road with my full kit to meet my friends in St.James. Who tell me to take a last pee before we head down the road?? As i putting back on my waist band , the velcro ketch on my tights and pull it. ARRRGGGGHHHH!! And I was doing so well. Well my friend make up artist telling me that is was small ting cause i just fray it, I eh run it so I good. Who tell me listen to her?I had an extra pair in my bag (good thing I buy 3!!I know myself) and did not put it on. Of course the pull did run later in the day.

So we walking and talking down the road fixing weself. I did not put on my blogger yarn because one, I figured if yuh wanted to pick me out yuh could have do so just on the tattoo alone.Also I had these wrist bands with two long panels of cloth. They covered my whole wrist to the point where I lost one of my airbrush tattoos underneath.That start to annoy me one time as they were dragging on the floor. Then in trying to put on my head piece to look cute going down the road, I realise something up with my head piece. It just not sitting right on my head. I decided to wait till I got in the section to observe other people to see how they wore it. My head was already starting to hurt me with that hot sun and that long trek we was making down the road.

Even though we move kinda late we still caught the band on Stanmore Ave. Why?Hmm maybe cause IP decide to meet on Cipriani Blvd to cause bacchanal AGAIN!(if allyuh remember last year when they cut us off same way)If allyuh was in the stadium Monday, why they had to Jumbie people and come and line off next to us on Tuesday?That is just childish bullshit.
Well we had time to get breakfast nonetheless. It had doubles, bhagi and bake, saltfish,cheese,ham and cheese, yogurt and orange. I played it safe and took the bake and cheese. I not playing with that doubles to turn my belly or saltfish to smell up my mouth so early .The bake was HUGE and tasted great. It had lettuce too aye aye.

We start the trek down town and it was sloooooow goings.I was by the red bull truck with my section once more. But honestly I was bored out of my mind just on the fact that we were stationary and it just felt like the party had yet to get started. My friend I I took a walk up to the Heineken truck to macco. Well that is supposedly a mobile club. Apparently they were doing the heineken airbrush tattoos in there as well. Well it have a tv mounted on the outside to show you what going on inside the 'club'. I real laugh when I see it was just a man sweeping the floor. We did not even bother to go inside. So I walk up and down St.Vincent St. I eh go lie to tell yuh, some people need a mirror in their house. Why people feel they could go without stockings?WHY??!!! I see things I never see before yes. And why if they have a tankini/whole piece option ppl INSISTED on wearing bikinis. If you have EE breasts, you NEED support and a bikini is not going to give you that. If you belly is lapping over the waistband like a fanny pack (them pouches yuh buckle around yuh waist) chances are you waistband/bottom piece is too small. People in my section were the biggest culprits. You had to know what is for you. My costume was extremely scanty, but yet they insist in buying a Charlotte St bra and bringing it for TRIBE to decorate. Why I had to see a woman cut her tights like a short pants and wearing it under the boyshort? No , you need the whole tights to get support!!! I not fooling myself, if I put on plenty weight I know that I can't continue wearing what I did when I was a size 2. TRIBE provides options for larger sizes in terms of costume style and swimsuit options..PLEASE use them to obtain a result that is FLATTERING to your body type. Every body could look good, whether yuh big or small but it is all based on yuh choices and ppl were making disastrous ones. Aye and allyuh skinny ppl to blame too. Just cause yuh skinny doh mean yuh doh have to wear tights.Unless your skin is FLAWLESS and i mean airbrushed like a magazine, you need a tights. I see a stick figure with a set of black stretch marks all over she bottom. She so skinny the boy short not even biting she bumcee. But yet she eh even put a coat of foundation on she leg for we benefit. STEUPS them good yes.

I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery cause come Carnival Tuesday, there were two other girls in the section who went and get dragon painting son their back. I say paintings cause it did not look like airbrush, or maybe a bad airbrush. It looked more like somebody painted it on with body paint or maybe a free hand airbrush. I know they definitely did not have it on Monday. I don't want to feel that they ran out Monday night to find somebody to do it for them after seeing mine on Monday. But whatever the case....mine looked so real that either ppl ignored me cause they figured it was real or they came to ask who was my tattoo artist cause they were into tattoos. I had a friend try to scrape it off because he could not believe it was fake.(OW!)

So a hour or two pass on St.Vincent St and we start to edge up to South Quay stage. Mt friend was getting on like one paparazzi. She had her digital camera I was going mad.I don't advise anyone to walk with a digital camera on the road unless of course you had someone like we did who had a bag on their back to put it away properly. Well we see Michael Ealy, that guy from the movie Barbershop ( Halle Berry ex nuh) and well taking pictures. My friend with one leg up in the air. I bounce up Jamette moaning about all she fancy jewels that falling off. Coincedently as she was talking me a girl make out her yarn and we met CB.A bit later on I met other bloggers who recognised my tattoo. I sorry guys, I know one was 'rah and I can't remember the next one. Big up all the same.So i still trying to fix my head piece and came to the conclusion that my head was just too big. All i try, the decorations on the side was digging into my ears. When I try to put it behind my ears it pushing it forward like Dumbo. I try a one in front and one behind and that just looked dumb. I dunno how oher ppl managed that nuh.That is when my friend with the bag get recruit to hold my head piece till I reach back to drop it in St.James. Well then I had to change my hairstyle cause without the head piece my big head look like something out of Alien. My friend had to get a bottle of water and flip my hair over to give me a hairdo in the middle of the road. It came out pretty cute I must say. Good looking out.My wrist pieces were annoying me still cause they kept popping off as it had very little give going around the wrist.Every little pull (or step on it) it wanted to come off. I should have stapled it.My bad

Is then the weather start to get inclement all of a sudden.As we was crossing the stage the rain came down. And I eh talking no drizzle nah. Bucket a drop. Well we had a time crossing the stage in the rain. Of course somebody jump on my wrist piece and it went flying. By the time we finish the stage the next one was soaked with canal water, so that get leave on South Quay right there. On the way up Fredrick St. I got a nice surprise when my b/f come amd jam me. He was rolling with IP and made a point to say he walk ALLLL the way from the Savannah to find me. Doh mind his friend who I bounce up earlier tell him I had on a YELLOW and BLUE costume.Too much Johnny anyone?So I had to get in all kinda wine from all direction to make up for the two days. He hung out with me till we reach back up the Savannah and we walked ahead to go for lunch. One the way up a guy stopped me and asked if I was Jumbie and I was like yes. He then turned to his friend and tell him "I TELL YUH SO!!" and walked off. Ok , nice meeting you too whoeve ryou are.So then we have the next bacchanal. IP crossing the Savannah...TRIBE want to skip the stage and go staright to lunch.TRIBE try to cut up Stanmore Ave and get cut off by IP. Ok fine, what I doh understand is if IP going down Cipriani for lunch,why the had to PARK on the Savannah. They were not even attempting to herd the band down the road.

We walked ahead to get lunch and chilled out for quite a long time since the band was stuck at the Savannah. So we lay on the blankets that TRIBE had provided and ate Chicken Parmesan and Ice Cream. Aye, where my garlic bread though? I eh get garlic bread. Eventually the band started moving on Serpentine Rd. The DJ then told us to take a look overhead...What am I to see but a PLANE flying overhead with a banner saying "TRIBE is Higher than High". WTF!!! Nah!! That is beyond ridiculous. That is like a big meggie in all them other bands face, no matter where who they were, ppl were thinking about TRIBE. They really went overboard. We get a wet down again in St.James and proceeded down the road.On the way we get Pizza and Bake and Shark which really could have used some Shadon Beni and Tamarind Sauce.I nearly fight with a girl who at after 6pm still wanted to wear she Fireman backpack and had no thought for anybody around her. She swing she backpack and get tangled in my hair and start to walk. She nearly rip my hair out. I doh have to tell you what that felt like.Yuh know I pull she back pack so hard I nearly throw she dong. She get one cuss. And then watch me and tell me, not sorry but I should not have walk into her. At 6pm yuh not crossing no blasted stage again, dash that shit away. She get more cuss and the only reason she eh get a hard slap is cause it was Carnival Tuesday. Serious, if it was any other day of the year I was going and rumble in the jungle. Then there was Wendy Fitzwlliam playing in Jean and Dinah. She looked really nice but she started doing this jig down teh road. It was two hop, a skip and a jump. Repeat. I eh know hat happen to she, as black as she is like she never wine in she life.

We bounce up the end of Western Main Rd with the big truck fighting up to make the turns again. He nearly reverse on the concrete dividers.The driver showed his skill again and ended up ramping up the pavement. I could have swear he was going and flip the truck. I did not want to be anywhere near where that happened so I walked ahead to Mucurapo Rd (where I could macco but not get crushed!). Then I hear Hoppy say "Drive, when yuh get straight just mash gas, I go tell yuh why just now...DRIVE!". I was confuse but when I look behind e I see a set of yellow jerseys rushing up the road with rope. Then I realise IP coming up THE WRONG WAY up Mucurapo Rd. Now tell me why they must do that. The damn IP security rushing to cut we off again!! Doh mind the front of TRIBE already on the Foreshore. YES I SAY THE FORESHORE. When last yuh wine on the foreshore? TRIBE get special permission to go down the Foreshore like long time. M friend telling the IP security "Where allyuh going? Allyuh can't go nowhere!" Which was true cause we was already on the stretch they want to turn onto.Hoppy see the scene and ws not taking dat! Boy the Giant Red Bull truck block of the whole end of Mucurapo Rd and he say "Hello IP!!Let we show them how TRIBE does do things". Then he open up them big stinkin speakers on them.LOLOLOL. He had call up Vegas on the truck. Vegas drop Hot Wuk on them and the place mash up , throw dong, explode, incinerate all kind ting.IP get full blast of them speakers. See the video here!!But how about TRIBE and IP security start to argue in front the truck!!! Ip security try and pull the truck driver from the cab!!! I see it with my own two eye. I was wining in front the truck. My friend is one Shorty Bum, how about she reach up inside the whole bacchanal. She cusssing and carrying on opposing IP security. TRIBE security had to brakes for IP cause she was ready to beat them up herself.LOLOLOL. So the two security forces were all in a huddle and eventually they just had to let we pass. One of TRIBE management told me that it was shit to begin with cause they cut us off twice for the day already and even though they all have walkie talkies and they all supposed to be friends IP keep shitting them up. So we wait this morning they go cool they ass now.LOLOL

Well I think it was baad to bounce up IP sipy because all their ghetto stormers wanted to jump in TRIBE when they see Vegas on the truck. We went down the Foreshore in semi darkness with a set of straglers who were not there before.They had no behaviour and startedto sour the scene. The band became very disorganised . As we swung onto Ariapita Ave the bars closed off. I suspect cause last year when they stayed open till the band stopped, the ghetto youths were jumping on the bars and stealing bottles of alcohol. The band contined and at about Carlos St announced that the official TRIBE experience was finished but the RED bull truck still had half hour so you could follow the truck at your own risk. The truck continude down the road with myself in tow. The security actually stuck around although they did not have to which was nice.

I eh go lie to tell allyuh, I turn off the music on that Red Bull truck.I was there till the last song play at 9;30pm or so. Hoppy say one more and of course we get one last Jumbie Dance. Then as the music shut off, Hoppy say "One more Bandit!One more". Of course DJ Bandit play "One more wine" which was a nice way to end it off. I sadly chipped down the road to get a ride back to St.James. I was so bummed it was all over. I had a time.

I did not even cut off my ID bands till like 4pm Ash Wed. I still have my tattoo cause I don't have the heart to scrub it off. Can I tell you that I had this thing on my foot that looked like a golf ball! It was just one area that was swollen on one foot. My friends insist that is cause I was jumbie dancing on that foot all day LOLOLOL. They just might be right.
I can't wait until next year allyuh, man I live for this!


saucydiva said...

I hear bout dat drama on Mucurapo road, wellI should say I read it on islandmix.com with someone from IP saying how TRIBE masqueraders was cussing them and how we DJ was acting immature by saying tings bout IP. Yet they ent realise the shit IP pull in the morning and at the Savannah!!

I too see wid meh own eye when IP cut through TRIBE and the a TRIBE crew quarelling with another one saying how he could let IP buss through the band. Den people does want to say oh dem ting didn't happen steupssssssssssssssss.

As I was telling Jamette all now I studying what colour I want to play in next year :D

Carnival Jumbie said...

Yeah but IP was getting physically violent, which was uncalled for. TRIBE Ppl MUST cuss cuse thats why we could not get to our lunch stop. I knew a lady on one of IP trucks STOPPED at the corner of the Savannah and Cipriani and she tell me that IP just doing shit. There was no reason the truck could not continue down the road where they was going.

Jamette said...

Honorable mention to meh jewels...thanks...is half past four i wake up to put dem tings on...and they not clear on not one of de pictures and the hot sun + the rain + sweat, sweat dem off. Two girls was helping me stick dem back on all kinda ting. I walking with spirit gum but like de spirit gum get de jumbie and decide to spirit iteslf away. Steups.

I not going o say anything about that other band nah because ppl quick to say how tribe ppl like to hate and how tings wasn't their fault. But we know de scene. Is the ignorance i can't handle. The other mentality.

First time i ever wine down the foreshore and it was a good wine too. I am about to turn into a Jumbie like you two and invesitquire bout everything on any potention costume because I not sitting with no needle and thread again adding nothing.

Thanks also for mentioning the skinny girls who tink because they skinny they can get away with anything. No you can't. cover your shit up. And i thought it was just me needed a bigger size in tights than i would normally wear. Thanks for making me feel better.

saucydiva said...

girl I wanted to do a whole post about the bodies I saw on display on both Monday and Tuesday that made me gag. Cellulite in hot pants was the theme for Monday; I mean everybody has it but when yuh have waves like Maracas all behind your legs and your bottom dimpled like a golf ball PLEASE wear stockings with the hot shorts!! I saw some girls, a whole crew, in blue hot shorts and none of them were wearing stockings with the cellulite shaking and rolling as they walking, sad part is the fellas pointing and laughing, kill dem girls dead they hot!

And I doh know boy, but like is only me does obssess how I does look in a costume or what? Other people just doh care! They eh even make a lil effort to work out or diet, braps just so they jump in the SKIMPIEST costume :S

I find the ladies in Jean and Dinah look well nice in the corsette and long/short skirt... plenty people should ah choose that costume instead of fighting up with the hot/hard bodies in Dragon and Warrior Spirit....

-:¦:-•:*''''*:•.-:¦:-•* cb *•-:¦:-•:*''''*:•-:¦:- said...

Well, can I tell you that I'm chief offender of the no-stockings-crime. I jes cyah wear them to save my life.

BUT, in my defense, I was looking like the Queen of the Airbrush in comparison to some other heifers that were bubbling out of their costumes.

Still, I will apologise in advance for my future transgressions. LOL

Carnival Jumbie said...

NOOOOO CB!!! Well I honestly did not notice when I saw you so you really could not have been that bad. In the earlies I had problems too, stocking sused to itch me like crazy. I don't know why I learnt to tolerate them. Apology accepted!

saucydiva said...

cb some people can wear the no stockings look and pull it off nicely, I did see some chicks looking good with bare legs including Warrior Like Me.

What kills me though is the no stockings and THONGS lol. There was one girl in Warrior Spirit who is quite slim, and from the front she looked good but when she turned around she had NO ass, flat as a pancake AND flabby, so flabby when she walked her ass was drooping and moving!! No muscle tone lol... well I nearly dead with that one. Her friends are evil cause they could have told her how she looking from the back !

Jamette said...

ditto on not noticing cb, which says alot. You were looking hot so nobody had time to watch all dat. Which is what i say...i say let me make from my belly up look nice-ish so nobody could watch any jiggles i have going on elsewhere...i think it work!
And cb i call you out on saucy message board, i find you quiet.

SocaDiva said...

haha well yes every year is the same thing we does see.Belly banging and cellulite. I know i put on my stockings no matter how much it does annoy me i find it does look good.

And i dont want tribe to discriminate against anyone, but damn.... some big people need to be told their limits. Especially the ones who made the jamette costume look HORRIBLE.

Carnival Jumbie said...

Socadiva, ironically I thought Jamette was well suited for bigger ppl with the corsette and the ruffles. I think its partially TRIBE'S fault that the corsette was cheap and people were not able to adjust it correctly to provide support. It gave no support at all by itself!As my friend say, it was a tube top.
Saucy I agree with you!! Even if yuh have no mirror in your house..what about yuh friends?? Maybe they just wanted to look cuter than her lololol.

Jamette said...

soca and jumbie i was quite annoyed at how some people in jamette didn't even TRY to fix de corsette though. Got damn. Granted alot of ppl don't have any imagination andprobably didn't even think they could have done something. But ask something, especially if it making yuh boobs sit on yuh waist horse!is by hand i sit down and add extra loops, is in meh fete clothes i was back in samaroos buying ribbon, rubbing meh eye and dyeing bras, i never put elastic in nothing in meh life...except for that corsette and i was STILL uncomfortable in it. some people could have tried. AND personally I found it was too short for me, my sisters own was much longer and covered her up nicely, mine was just a tad too short for my liking so that bothered me too. However i liked the Jamette males...lol for once i saw guys really liking their costume and 'playing it all day. Insisting they were pimps and asking people for their money (ppl they know), they had me cracking up all day.