Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Carnival or Lent?

Now allyuh know I love a newspapers. I does read Guardian and Express everyday.I doh really deal up with Newsday, it does look too cluttered and disorganised for my liking,plus they have the worst comics. Why I must open the papers and see an article like this.

Fr.Ian Taylor, a Roman Catholic priest has described as hypocritical the followers who engage in Carnival celebrations and then seek ashes at the beginning of the Lenten season. Is this man really serious? I take personal offense to such a comment!! I am Roman Catholic, I go to church most weekends. I went a Catholic primary school, secondary school and a little bit again it would have been Catholic university (which my sis actually did). Nobody more Catholic than my Mommy Jumbie here, she so Catholic it does annoy ME sometimes. Yet everybody inside here does play their mas Carnival time.

So what he saying? I not Catholic ENOUGH if I play mas? The man say people must decide "whether they really want to be holy or party." And then go on to say "God does not bluff and there are consequences for one's actions" Wait, Catholics not supposed to be a faith of forgiveness? What he talking about with this Old Testament crap?Whatever happened to "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone" Who is really the hypocrite here?

I eh know about allyuh but just because I play mas doh mean I giving in to the devil. If you see me Carnival time, I so excited you would swear I was drunk. Truth be known if I had 3 drinks any one day it was plenty. I don't get drunk nor do I behave in lewdness that might be considered derogatory to myself. I literally have good CLEAN fun Carnival time. Yeah so many lenten traditions have begun to fade.Long time a calypso could not play on the radio during lent. But even though there are many heathens in our midst, not everyone has lost faith. If it was so all of we would have pack we bags and fly out to get away from the crime. I for one have not lost my sense of faith or my inherent Catholic upbringing.So if I go to mass Ash Wednesday with a dread tan and glitter in my hair I can do so in ALL good conscience Fr.Taylor.


Words for today :

CANBOULAY:French, Cannes Brulees- Cane Burning
In the 1800s, dissidents would signal their comrades witha small hillside fire, to burn down the cane fields.These unscheduled fires,retaliatory acts of rebellion and costly sabotage were extinguished by bands of Negre Jardin-field slaves from neighbouring estates carrying flambeaux for light and drums to lead their work songs,summoned by blaring horns and shells.
The procession was eventually renacted as a street performance annually, and was gradually joined by the upper classes- the woman resplendent in their Mulatress outfits, and the sooty-faced French-Creole men in torn pants and torches parodying the Negre Jardin,doing full jusice to the Bamboula,Belle-air,Calinda,Ghouba, and Juba, and all African drum songs and dances...
Long before the masked balls of aristocracy, teh natives were already restless-busy inventing pan,caiso and what would become a prodigious street Carnival.

CARNIVAL-Latin-Carnis-flesh.Vale-farewell. The 'farewell to flesh' period prior to Lent spawned by the fires of Cannes Brulees and driven by the commanding force of slave ritual drumming along the inexorable path towards sponataneous combustion, the present day celebration has an exciting and tumultuous history in the Canboulay Street processions.
Seasoned with the Bus head blood of Batonniers, steeped in the spicy winein of REAL jamettes, and haunted by the ghosts of ancient masquers who defied authorities annually and went to prison for the right to dance in the streets.

Act like allyuh know.


saucydiva said...

I read that article too and as a Catholic who was confirmed by Father Taylor I will chalk up his statements to being the type of priest her is' Fire and Brimstone preacher!

I don't think he knows about the fact that Jesus came and limed with the prostitues and other sinners; point being as you rightly said each one of us are sinners and no one sin worse than the next. So all dem who doh play mas but doing all kinda wrong things they just as bad .

And for ME personally I like you, I like my fun for Carnival good and clean. I doh be getting on like no skettel and I drank more gatorade and water on the road then Uncle Johnnie. I dph get pissing drunk and all dem kinda dramas.

Anyway, Father Taylor doh have to get me to Heaven so the only soul he needs worry about is his own and I go worry bout mine!!

tantiejean said...

Is you self he talkin bout, helloooo you see that monday outfit is all kinda prayers you must be had man saying! Anyway girl doh study it you looked diva and you had a time. The way u in pain these days is all kinda thing you abstaining from for lent! Post de pics nuh de whole of tribe done see de dragon!

SocaDiva said...

i thought i was the only one who took offence to this article. Because i'm catholic and attend mass regularly and i know i don't behave in any way that is lewd or morally wrong. I know my limits and if that was the case then there would be less people in church on ash wednesday because carnival is our culture and if yuh not playin mas yuh watchin it from the sidelines or TV( and all that is participating)