Saturday, February 17, 2007

Blue Range Cooler Fete Review

So none of my squad wanted to go anywhere last night. I wanted to go Soca Monarch or maybe Imagine but everybody duck me. So seeing that I had a combo ticket for Blue Range since the all inclusive I hooked up with some other friends and made in a turn in the cooler fete.

I am not wasting my time to go into details about this. The music was great with Private Ryan and Detrimental on the set. The drinks was great cause I walk with my own Johnny Walker. But the party had more smallies than Ladies First. I tell my friend the last time I was on a cooler wining was Pier 1 Cooler fete in 1996. When I say smallies I mean those who look like they still in Form 4 and this is the only party their parents letting them go for the season. They getting on wild too.It was even more weird when I saw many much older people but there were few in the age group in between. Terrible! As soon as it start to drizzle I was out at about 3:15 I was out of there!

Not me again. I so regret not scalping that ticket (which is why I bought the combo).

Trying and hustle something for Lara tomorrow...we go see!

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