Friday, February 16, 2007

Beachouse Review

Allyuh suprised ent? I had bun outthis party because of the EXHORBITANT cost of the ticket. Last year it was $350, this year it was $550. When I asked the reason for the increase I was told it was on account of inflation and the fact that they were having two live bands (Roy Cape and Atlantic).They could have keep their damn bands as far as I concerned, let me pay less. Well I was quite surprised when I got a phone call this morning informing me that I should not stick cause Beachouse will be complimentary this year! Well boy I went and fix up one time!!

My squad move EARLY cause last year the traffic was ridiculous going up in the east. I think we kinda overdid it cause we practically open the party. In hindsight this was both good and bad.We park almost in front the gate to the party.Point to note, Bmobile have no service up there!! Well at least only in specific areas of the property. Apparently Digicel did.So if yuh eh organise where to meet yuh squad, yuh will have to walk around the party looking for them. At the time we reach, the djs did not seem to be ready nor were the food or the bars. We had to wait awhile for them to finish tying up ends so we could get something. They changed the whole orientation of the party and had a huge stage set up for the performances.I hit that food one time.As it was early and not too many people were there yet we were able to get everything we wanted in no time. Later on in the night it was next to impossible to get food. If is one thing, the food was besssssst. All kind of thai chicken ,roast pork,seafood melody ,bhagi rice, jerk, doubles,soup,roast beef,wonton ,ribs etc etc. Real food and it tasted extremely good. I would love to know who cater that dance!All the same , fire for them for only giving you fofod on the small saucer plates and not a dinner plate.Watch nuh if I pay my $550 I want to yam dong all I can. Yeah so when they giving yuh thing , you could hardly fit anything on the plate and still have to come back over and over again.I felt like I was being rationed. I doh know what is the motivation behind that move. I also noticed that instead of having big tents with buffet lines. They had several smaller stations set up side by side. I doh understand that either. Cause to me it made the congestion even worse than last year cause nobody really knew how the line was supposed to form. The table wide enough to form more than one line directly in front the servers but at the same time yuh could form a line parallel to a server like a buffet. Lines parallell were running into all the other lines at the other stations. So then you could not tell where one line stop/start.

There were several specialty bars....Ocean Spray, Grey Goose and a Cocktail bar. All I was concerned about was the Johnny Walker and the Red Bull. Happy to say, they were all well stocked and it did not run out this year. So drinks was besssst as well.

The order for the day was white pants. Cause half the women in the party had on white pants/board shorts. Unfortunately I was one of them. I don't like looking like a set of people so . I was most annoyed when after getting a free Digicel bandana and using it to drape over every seat that I sat on, I ended up getting RED spots on the back of my WHITE pants from the logo print on the bandana. I was pissed! Well allyuh know what that look like, like somebody had a accident.STEUPS. Digicel any props allyuh get for having service allyuh lose for messing with the Diva outfit. You WILL get a dry cleaning bill from me.

In general the crowd was older than it usually is. I dunno if ppl just doh want to make that trek to Salybia now that they have an alternative. I hear Salybia was ram still by the way.Most people tried to dress nicely for the event. They were a few extremes scattered throughout. There were some who looked like they pull out the wifebeater from the back of their cupboard and some who looked like they design they own outfit and playing a mas. Many women chose to go with sun dresses both long and short. But that sun was EXTREMELY hot, I was glad I was able to stay cool in the shade which was very scarce.But really , some women need to face reality. I saw some big women in the most ridiculous attire that was both inappropriate for their age and their body type. If your belly is lapping over yuh waist band, please put on a long top cause its not cute.If your breasts are falling out the sides or the front of your top, by a bigger top. Apparently many women choose to take risks with their fashion choices assuming that Carnival is the only time they can get away with it.WRONG!! A fashion crime is a fashion crime no matter what time of the year it is.I was suprised that so many women wore heels considering how sloping the land is at Ortinola Estate.(Very nice venue) But the scenery could not compensate me for all the twist ankle and bus' meh ass I narrowly avoided.

So after trying to no avail to ketch ahead the performances kicked off. As I said they could ahve keep their bands. Only performance worth mentioning is that guy from Roy Cape..Otununji whatever he name is who does sing that song whatever it call. Destra kinda got the crowd moving. I am not a big fan of hers to begin with but she annoyed the hell out of me when she started rambling on stage about her incident in Bacchanal Wed last night.If you have not heard,apparently some man in the audience threw something at Destra while she was on stage. She got really upset (close to tears supposedly) and leggo some cuss behind the man live on the stage. Well yuh know the bacchanalist radio djs blowing her up all day on air. So she coem today rambling about the incident saying that although it was not right what she did that she was reacting to the man who pelt her.Which to me just sounds like she was trying to justify it anyway.So she publically apologized to "all she fans" and her sponsor Digicel. She go be real sorry if she lose that Digicel money lolol. How she going and pay for she new Benz SUV? Well as she say, everybody is human. I would have cuss the man the same way if he pelt me oui.

So the lime was good, I never get to go back for food. Or rather I tried and failed. Doubles run out all kinda ting. Party wrapped up about 8pm but they continued playing music till after 10. It was real traffic to get out the dance even though they put no parking signs along the road in, punks STILL parked.

Overall party was good. Economically you COULD have gotten your monies worth but I personally feel as a person who physically does not over eat or drink I would have gotten mine. I also think that although they gave you more in terms of entertainment, they held back on the food with the rations.

So in light of what I witnessed today ppl word for today is....
Storm: To gate crash any paying function
As in.. I am sure them girls storm the party.


saucydiva said...

some of my friends went Beach House, did not get their review yet but I called the others who went Salybia and they were having a time!I vex I did not take up the offer for Salybia cause a yankee came in and offer to buy tix for everyone but yesterday I had to sort out meh hair!The braids are out.

Like the word for the day cause I "storming" this weekend lol!!!!

'rah said...

Yes Diva, the food situation pissed me right off as soon as I walk in because yuh girl was HUNGRY!
I have to admit that my girlfriend fell victim to the BAD combination of platform wedges by two plus hill and break she ass as soon as she walk in the fete. I nearly dead with laugh, apologised profusely and then trumped and followed suit later that evening (luckily it was dark and very few people saw) when I catspraddle walking down a similar hill in my wedge heels.
I find I didn't eat enough food though and that is as a direct result of the crappy layout and the confusing and lengthy lines. Overall I had a good time and might go back next year although I'm itching to try Salybia because I've never been and I've heard great reviews.

Carnival Jumbie said...

Well girl I so want to look cute and coordinated that I put on my wedge heels too, I had to take th elong way around every where to avoid the steep inclines. I almost get some twist ankle myself but avoided falling dong.
Ironically I walked with an extra flat shoe just in case my foot started to hurt. At the end of the party I left to go home and came back in to look for some people and took the time to switch out my shoe.Can I tell you is the flat shoe I pick up a skid with and nearly fall dong.

I not in that Salybia again nuh. My parents went and had a time. They were offering to sponsor but I declined (this is before I knew I was even going Beach house). The lasttime I went I knew NO ONE my age. I was bored as hell.

Anonymous said...

Price was $425 last year, not $350.

Carnival Jumbie said...

Ahmm Well I pay $350 last year not $425 . I eh know how that I had a link and did not even realise! LOLOL