Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tyra Banks is Fat (Not)

Steups I get so vex when I read this article today. So apparently these pics of Tyra on a beach in Australia were circulated around the net with captions such as "Tyra Porkchop" and "Tyra is FAT!'.
Ok so the woman in her post-supermodel days put on a little weight but to go and blow things so out of proportion (no pun intended) to say the woman is a porkchop is really ridiculous.

Tyra was never small based on the modelling industry standards. At her peak she was 5'10" and 130 lbs (with some big tut tuts). At present she is about 30 lbs heavier at 161lbs.

We all know she got sick of modelling and went on to host her own talk show 'The Tyra Banks Show". I have always rated Tyra for going against established norms (much like myself) and she keeps it real. She made it big as a model even though she was curvy. I once witnessed an interview with her where she stated flat out that she has a whole lot of stretch marks on her ass like most women and that that stuff is covered up and airbrushed out when she is modelling. I don't know what all the uproar is about now considering thats he has always been very open about her true self. She nottrying to fool no one into thinking she has the perfect body. Episodes of her show included one where she underwent a breast exam on air to prove that her breasts were real.

More recently she spent the day in a 'fat suit' that made her look like she weighed 350 lbs. After that experience I am sure she is even more sensitive to those who would are overweight and be even more pissed at the idiots who have the audacity to call her fat.Considering that the larger population (no pun intended) of the U.S is overweight, who is anyone to say shit about her cause she put on a few pounds? I think Tyra is gorgeous whether she is 120lb or 220lb. Those people need to stop hating!!


saucydiva said...

ay ay Tyra looking like me in that pic so technically I am a pork chop as well :D LOL.

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

lolol Tyra is still hot so technically that would make you hot too lolol.

saucydiva said...

steups doh be trying to mamaguy me eh ..LOL.

me and Tyra probably the same age so I guess we looking good for we age :D

Karabana said...

On her talk show & ANTM it's obvious she's gained weight & she did say she'd relax herself after retiring from the V. Secret show. & GOOD FOR HER, she deserves to eat for real & gain 10 or so if she wants, she had a long career & why should she keep it up if she doesn't want to?
The rags do that to every celebrity who's gained weight. That's Hollywood.

Adline said...

I think Tyra is gorgeous inside and out .. whatever her dress size. More importantly, she's for real.