Monday, January 15, 2007

Tut tuts

TRUE STORY! Earlier this week, electricity went as I was getting my eyebrows waxed. Thankfully she had just finished. I headed home in darkness and as I walked into my bedroom I dumped my handbag on my desk. The next morning I was off to an early meeting with some prestigous clients and just grabbed my handbag and dashed out the door. As I got to the meeting place and got out the car, I noticed something feeling a little weird on my bag.I checked it out only to be horrified to see that I had two silicone breasts stuck to the outside of my bag. Apparently when I had dropped my handbag on the desk I had dropped it on my silicone adhesive bra which were in the case but I had forgotten to put on the cover.So they stuck on the bag in the very same way that you would apply them. Just the thought of me walking into the meeting with all these 'big boys' and my breasts stuck to my handbag..I would have just died! But tell me if that would not have been friggin' hilarious!LOLOL!

Well this follows closely on the heels of another incident. The girls liming + 1 guy and one inadvertently lets it spill that another girl present is going to get breast implants in South America before Carnival (not FOR carnival, just before so she could have them when carnival reach). Well the girl (a little embarrassed) kinda looked around to see everybody's reaction. She get one cut eye from me .......I was so jealous lolol!! Since I know myself I have been self conscious about my bust size.I was never teased or anything but I was a pretty late bloomer compared to all my friends and to this date still have issues with it when buying clothes. In my vanity ,I have come to believe that if I was 1 bust size bigger, I would be Maxim hot. Three inches taller + 1 bust size...I would be a supermodel. Being that I definitely won't be growing anymore, I could at least get MAXIM hot.

My solution to date has been to use a Victoria's Secret 'Very Sexy' bra which I believe is the greatest invention of the 20th century. With this bra my 34 B could pretty much pass for a cup size bigger depending on the outfit. Its when I come to the sexier tops that you can't wear a bra with that I ru into problems. Hence the stick one silicone bra. Now I honestly did not buy it to get bigger boobs, it just seemed to help me out better than the regular pasties. Being that I have a good sized rear end, I have always thought I needed some help on top (be it bra or otherwise) just to balance out my shape. The silicone does not really do much for me in terms of adding volume though, just gives a more flattering silhouette. My b/f thinks the silicone bra is hilarious. He can't believe something like that exists. So intrigued is he that when he sees it he has to keep poking it cause it feels real.(He almost peed himself when I gave him the handbag story)

Getting implants is something that I have been curious about for some time but never pursued seriously.Sometime last year I jokingly passed the issue across my b/f who was suprisingly vehemently against it. (He asked if I was f#$#$ mad). He flat out told me to get the idea out my head.He does not like that fake shit and he likes the size I have so I have no problem. WHEW! Glad to know he likes supports little titties! I passed it by him again when I heard about my friend, he again told me hells no. When I pressed further, asking how he know he won't like it after its done.(Cause I was sure that he would). He insisted that he likes natural women and he would not be impressed if I got implants. Ok so talk done there.

But for information sake I evaluated the option. I told my friend who had decided on it (and who is a struggling Acup) that the only reason I have not thought about it seriously and done it is because of all the horror stories you hear. You watch Dr.90210 and the fabulous results and think...that could be me! Yet you watch other shows and see the disastrous results implants have had. I am terrified I would be the unlucky one whose body just rejects them.Her response was 'F$%& it' (quote,unquote). She did her research and she is going for it.I don't blame her, she has proabably had a harder time than me in her situation.

On the flip side, I sometimes wonder if having smaller breasts is better. You hear so many women complain about back problems and problems getting clothes/ bras to suit them. Do I really want that stress? I knew a girl who had some natural DD's but she was only 5ft 2 ,slim and very petite. All the men on campus would be ogling her as she was cute and had these huge breasts. I was not envious of her bust but rather considered her blessed and priveleged. Untill one day we went to a club and shortly on arriving, I noticed she was a bit flushed. On closer observation I realised that she had these two wet spots on her chest. These spots spread in no time till it was pretty glaring.It was then I realised that she was actually generating sweat stains with her breasts the same way someone would with their armpits just based on the sheer load she was carrying. Me and my little handbaggage never experienced such a thing. Later on she told me how embarrassed she was and further described her bad back pains. She actually wanted to get a reduction! The thought of bigger breasts quickly started to lose their appeal

In terms of Carnival, most womens ideal will be to look voluptuous and have a very nice cleavage. PPl like me need help. I have been sewing in padding in my carnival costume for years. So with that being said I decied to get some information on the facts which can be found here.

I don't want to reinvent the wheel and go into too much detail. Basically cosmetic breast augmenation is done by inserting a saline implant through and incision beneath the breast, under the armpit or through the nipple. The implant is situated either under or over the breast muscle. Supposedly the saline implant which is filled with saltwater is safer than the silicone implants because if punctured the saline will be absorbed into the body 'harmlessly'.Cosmetic surgery is just for those who want to look cuter. There is also breast reconstructive surgery for women injured in accidents or who have lost their breasts to cancer. Apparently silicone implants are only permitted for reconstructive surgery in the U.S. Silicone implants have become notorious for rupturing and causing health problems and in a few cases death for women who have them.

So there are hundreds of websites that are promoting plastic surgery. So on checking for safety of breast implants,I was quite shocked to discover on one site , run by plastic surgeons!!! the following statement:

Breast implants should not be considered lifetime devices. It is possible that a woman will undergo implant removal with or without replacement over the course of her life.

Wait a minute, are they SERIOUS??? So after I go through all that surgery, it actually very likely that I will eventually have to have more surgery just to maintain it??!! Oh hells no.They go further to say that 'Many of the changes to the breast following implantation should be considered irreversible. '. and 'The long-term safety and effectiveness of breast implants have not been studied' WTF!! And they are putting this in ppl!!

In browsing across the websites I discovered the story of . I warn you the pics are pretty graphic and not for the faint hearted!

On final review, there is no doubt in my mind that this is probably a bad idea. I really have to talk to my friend again and ask her if she has seen the stuff I have seen. I definitely don't think that its worth my health or my life.

In addition there are several sites promoting breast enhancement pills. I am not even going to waste space here and referto them cause I think thats a load of bull. If the estrogen in my birth control eh help me , I fail to see how any 'pill' will. Even funnier still is the Brava system which is like a sports bra that applies a vacumn to your breasts to encourage tissue growth.In the end, you have to HOPE you get an extra 1/2 cup. LOL I am definitely not THAT desperate.

One thing I have learnt is to just be content with what I have to work with. I certainly won't be making any changes to my body that require intrusive surgery just on account of vanity!! I'll hold on to that padded bra for awhile, thank you very much.


saucydiva said...

Ok, I am a DD and I will tell you like having smaller breasts it has it's good and bad sides. I can fill out a top better, but I cannot wear all styles of tops. Anything low cut or a halter without a strapless bra is a no-no. Then when it comes to Carnival I never know if the bra will fit or not since a DD is not always consistent in size all round.

The back pains are real, I never had the sweating though, but I get my back pain when I have my period. PMS is a bitch! Shoulder pain is more frequent, especially if I wear a bra with teeny string straps!

Just like you have toyed with the idea of implants I have seriously thought about a reduction. Maybe after having kids though I do not plan on breast feeding since that tends to make your breasts deflate!
I don't want to go too small though, afterall I do like my breasts, just sometimes it is too much breasts! Maybe I can go one size down to a D or large C.

Anyway,I have a friend who did implants right here in Trini at St. Clair and another got a nose job at West Shore.The one who did implants got silicone and she was flat as a pancake before and always lusting behind my boobs, plus she had wide hips so she looked like a pear.

I can't tell you how much the implants changed her, she went from being a pear shaped to hour glass and then changed her hair,clothing and attitude! The husband went too LOL. She dumped him and got a younger boy toy.

It has to be maintained though, every 10 years they have to be replaced. It feels real (yeah I touched them) and looks real. She is in a good few galleries on triniscene and you would never know the boobies were fake unless you knew her before!Plus they are not super huge.

In the end it is what works for you, I have nothing to say against plastic surgery, some people really do change when they are happier with their bodies. Some people learn to accept their "flaws" and move on. To each his own!

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

I'm glad you responded to get a view from both sides.. I used to say teh only time I may get big boobs is when I get pregnant but I certainly can't afford for them to deflate!!
Silicone terrifies me but if I lost a breast or the deflation was really bad I may swing the other way!

Jamette said...

breast feeding didn't 'deflate' my boobs. And i think in the past year running around behind a 3 yr old seems to have inflated them or something. I doh know what going on these days. But i suppose different boob sizes will respond differently to breast feeding...your genes might be a good guideline to go by. Check out moms and see what going on with her.

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

In that case..I might be in trouble, I think my mom smaller than me! Stragely enough my sis is a D but she is heavier than me. I guess if I put on weight they will get bigger as well, like thats going to happen lolol.
Best thing is to invest in a breast pump when that time come yes.

No Longer Annon said...

Girl, I can't say to go by genetics nah..because my Mom finally got to a B cup when she got pregnant, and now is finally a D cup after turning 40 and putting on some weight, AND I am DD!!!!

saucydiva said...

jamette your boobs lucky :D

I have seen some boobs after breast feeding which scared me for life!

I think it might also have to do with how many kids you breast feed and for how long.

Jamette said...

Well true, i'm sure if I breast feed some more kids they will be worse for the wear (my boobs). But this one breast fed for a good year and a breast pump helps how? because when he wasn't ON my breast i had a pump getting the milk out for when i had to go back to work and the pump has to simulate the same dragging yuh nipple somewhere and squeezing it to get the milk out. And all my boy drink was breast milk, yuh would tink he would show some appreciation now eh? But no. He's 3, no gratitude there. But breastfeeding is another story for when we finish talking about carnival because that was another story in itself. Sauce maybe you will reconsider not breast feeding when you do get pregnant and sit and read the internet all day like me.

Karabana said...

When I was my heaviest I was a D, & although I loved the cleavage, I didn't like how I looked in regular work wear tops... I didn't like the bounce. I believe it's about proportions, if you're a small gyrl, (tiny waist, narrow hips, naturally thin), then it looks right to have small breasts. Getting big implants just looks, well, fake. I remember when Pamela Anderson said she got hers reduced bc she's petite & it didn't look right... 'course that thought didn't stick, but, well, she's blonde, whaddya gonna do? ;-)

'rah said...

Well Diva I glad yuh talk 'bout this!
Before I had kids I was a 34A - perky, loved going braless and was vehemently against breast enhancement.
While pregnant I went to a D the first time and C the second and loved them! Now (yes, I breastfed) I'm a saggy 34B ('B' not because my breasts got bigger, but because they sagged and the shape changed so the 34A no longer fits right). I no longer like my breasts and last year I ketch a vaps and decided I would go to Margarita ("health tourism" is a BIG thing there and they sell full resort packages that include accomodation at a great all-inclusive resort, doctor's consultations, the surgery, and even a bi-lingual personal assistant for your entire stay) and get implants (I'm thinking I'll go to a 'C' cup).
I wanted to do it before this carnival but couldn't get a booking. My husband is for it if that's what I want (hell, he'll be paying for it!) but I've kinda lost the zeal and have been looking at other non-intrusive options - like push-up bras and silicone inserts etc. I still haven't completely let go of the surgery thing so who knows...I might ketch another vaps and actually do it. Better yet if I can have it done here. I dunno nah. I'm torn. PLEH!

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

'rah ....Well I would definitely urge you to check the sites I listed about the dangers and options so you can make an informed decision. Also try and find out beforehand what method the doctors in venezuela are using i.e silicone/saline (with or without valve) , point of entry etc.
Maybe you can just do a breast lift and not implants..that would be better.
My friend is doing it after carnival because if she did it now she would still be swollen to play mas.
I feel If i had breast issues after preganancy it might be more appealing to me.

saucydiva said...

A breast lift might not give you the fullness, I think a lift works better with bigger breasts that have sagged.

'rah the surgery is more popular here than you think. Just make sure and read up on alll the pros/cons before you decide to do it.

-:¦:-•:*''''*:•.-:¦:-•* cb *•-:¦:-•:*''''*:•-:¦:- said...

Just so you know, ladies, it's more the pregnancy than the breastfeeding that affects your breast size/shape. Of course, breastfeeding also plays a role, but I don't think you should make a decision on breast/bottle solely on the possible (negative) impact of the action on your body.

Now, in addition to those websites posted by CJ, I'm tired of seeing celeb muck-up surgeries on Now, if they can have such atrocities done to their bodies and they've got all these financial resources at their disposal, for sure I'm not that conscious of my pysical appearance to risk that happening to me.

On the other side, however, I work in an international organisation with a lot of Latin Americans, and those women are very particular about putting forward their best possible selves (physical, at least). Now, I've known many who've had successful surgeries and their total outlook has undergone such a postive change, it's amazing. I'm truly happy for them.

My two cents.