Friday, January 19, 2007

True Diva

True divas wear fake eyelashes. I have already touched on this topic. One of the tricks of the trade is to use weave glue ($10 for a big bottle compared to $30 eyelash glue for a small tube) instead of eyelash glue to stick on the lashes. The weave glue has a thicker consistency and is black in colour so it tends to fill in the gaps if you happen not to set them perfectly on your lash line. Excess glue in the lashes can be removed using a pin and running it through the lashes. I have actually reused lashes using this method.

Although I know all the tricks , I still have not perfected the art of applying them on myself so you can check the article the Express Woman ran sometime ago on "Applying false eyelashes"

I have already decided I am not wasting my time this Carnival and getting it done professionally. I was disappointed last year when I did a fabulous make up job and had on one lash and could not get the other on. Eventually I had to pull it off and go without. I received this email as well with the pic on the left.

The look advertised is very dramatic. I dunno if I could handle all that especially if it rains..Its hard enough batting my drag queen lashes behind my sunglasses (Note to self , stop wearing drag queen lashes that touch the sunglasses when I blink). Of course you don't have to go that way, you can try something more subtle. A little goes a long way to changing your look. Click the Express link and the picture for the contact information of each beautician.


saucydiva said...

Aye!!!!! Yuh sell meh out!! Alissa is doing my lashes on Carnival Saturday and makeup on Carnival Tuesday morning.. LOL.

Is she doing your lashes too ?

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

oh god, my bad lol. Nah she not doing mine. Well I guess we even , you blow up my airbrush man lololol. Saucy 1 - Diva 1 for the jump on it.

Jamette said...

Your welcome for inspiring this post:D
Ah still here sticking and pulling off, sticking and pulling off. I getting better though. I try the individuals, bad idea with these lashes of mine. I cut one in two and sticking them on one eye half at a time and that helps.

*I have very very very short curled up eyelashes so its difficult to get the lash on close to the lash line.

buublenut said...

I got pink lashes to go with my Monday wear :)

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

lol @ jamette. Coincedently after i post this is when you tell me you was trying on your lashes. Thats why i sent you the email in case you gave up and needed professional help lol.

Karabana said...

I'm not sure I wanna fuss w trying them again, + the pairs I have aren't copper or gold (the right colours for my costume)... however, I have gold mascara!!! :)