Friday, January 05, 2007

These Fireball Fetes!!

Steups , yuh eh see ppl ridiculous. How the ass anybody supposed to pay to go all them fetes. Well on calling IP and finding out Amnesia is now $495 at IF house, my friends and I were forced to do a conference call to have our annual "carnival fete planning meeting". As I said previously, we have a meeting every year and come to a common consensus as to which parties we will be attending (since none of we can pay to go all).

I had write off Amnesia because last year I had a choice of vegetable lasagna or vegetable lasagna. The food was whack and the food was whack the year beore too.Lat year I had stick on buying myticket and paid $450. I was most irritated. So we having the meeting, one saying they not on Bliss at all. The next saying she doh care, I bun out Bliss cause I could put that $400 on my costume instead of TRIBE pocket and they eh have Machel again. Doh mind Bliss is 6pm-1am..ahmmm sorry not enough party time for me.

The only fete we all agree on is BeachHouse on Carnival Thursday.Then one friend talkinga bout Lara fete which was $600 last year. Well i cyar pay to go amnesia/bliss, beachouse and insomnia. I have car insurance to pay, health insuranc eto pay, tires to buy and costume to pay for.And i sure I go want to go a little Blue Range in between.Yuh see me , I would rather keep my ass home next weekend and use that money towards Lara.

I real rough up my insurance agent too cause he want to tell me after i pay nearly 6grand in car insurance last year that it only gone down by $500. I tell him straight up, somebody inside there want to jump up for the Carnival on my head!!Not a shit of that! He had to fix that. I can't even get to cuss he properly cause he phone only dropping the calls.Well boy , I call my partner Ryan in the Bmobile and tell him to fix the man phone one time just so I could call him back and cuss him properly!(Big up Ryan! Good looking out)Can I tell you when me and my bold face self call in the insurance Company direct they telling me I had to get 40% discount and the broker (AGOSTINI BROKERS , I calling names too)telling me is 30%. heheheh. They must be think I have asshole written across my head. I tell them fix that too. Best believe when the come back the insurance is over $1000 less than what they first quoted me. Yuh see how ppl getting bobol and must be eh even know!

But in case allyuh have not heard Fireball, last year's Synergy Soca star has a new tune out that ideally describes what is going on this Carnival. I assume the name of the song is "Ah broken". Basically he sings about how he get his salary and he tell heself he not going and spend all he money in the party. But the party was nice and he buy a rounds for the boys. Then he meet a girl and offer her a drink and she say she and all her friends drinking Alize. So the chorus goes..'After Amnesia..I broken,,after Insomnia...I broken' etc. The man call the name of almost every big fete in the song. But with all the things I had to pay for this week I had to remix the song...."Before Amnesia I broken... before Insomnia I broken...before Fire fete..I broken" etc. I feel he song could be Soca Monarch yes.

Buh das d scene we me right now..broken..broken..broken


kevian said...

Girl I was going to bliss but I change my mind now because is the cost and the fact that macheal is not going to be there. I am thinking I am not going to any all inclusives this year.

saucydiva said...

I feel you in my brain!

Firstly, I had a chat with my fete buddies as well and we agreed on Beach House as the ONE fete that will be a must.In addition, we most likely will look at partying from next month.I want to pay off my costume this month end.

Agostini are my insurance brokers too, the third year I pay car insurance (last year) they wanted to offer me a $100.00 discount! I was with Algico by the way. Agostni told me that there is a minimum the insurance company will charge you for insurance.. I started off paying $5000.00+, then it went to $3800.00 and last year they want to charge me $3700.00 !!

Well I switched insurance companies faster than you can say jack rabbit!! Thankfully my insurance due after Carnival.

I think apart from Beach House I looking at Eyes Wide Shut, Ladies First and maybe, MAYBE one other fete. I putting my money on costume, boots, makeup and hair.

SocaDiva said...

Well i cancel my trip to Bliss,and these prices reall bussin people pockets. I dunno if these promoters have any consideration. But i intially said to my self i was only going 4 all inclusive for the season well it seems that i'll have to make that 2 all inclusives and Machel concert.

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

Girl somebody just offer me some comps to go Break and I eh even want to take it. I had so set my mind that I not going anywhere till next month.

Unfortunately I was forced to buy the tires for the car yesterday to ensure that I took advantage of their buy 3 get 1 free deal which is up at the end of January. Yuh know I just swipy swipe that.

My b/f has takena stand and he says under NO circumstances is he paying to go anywhere this Carnival. Is only if he getting in free. He already tell me doh be chupid and pay to go Amnesia. I tell him he have nothing to worry about with that. Doh mind last year I decide to go the morning!

Bagogyul said...

Saucy, allyuh!
Where is Beachhouse located and what day and time?

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

Beachouse is Carnival Thursday in Orinola Estate, St. Joseph. Its a day fete, usually finishes about 9pm. Tickets last year were $350. I sure we can expect an increase.
Best fete though!! Food was the bomb. Only complaint is that Johnny finish early sigh.....

Bagogyul said...

thanks CJ, didn't get to make any day fetes last year.
Comtemplating which one to go to this year.
If taste a la carte has machel again this year, i'll definitely go!