Monday, January 08, 2007


Hey guys I got a tattoo!! Well today I was supposed to go walking with a friend on Lady Chancellor. Of course I did no such thing....Instead I went by my friends at Airtoo to get a 'test run' of my air brush body art. HAHA! Hope you did not think it was real like my parents (who nearly had a heart attack).For more info on these guys and what they do check Saucy's blog here , no sense repeating what she has already said.

Well you can see the end result in the pic. I got the bright idea to get airbrushed (OCT!)long before I actually found someone to do it for me. So I bought my own stencil online because I am very picky and wanted something that not everyone would have.Obviously since I am in 'Dragon' in TRIBE it is expected that other ppl might get bright and want to get some form of Dragon tattoo in some parts.Whether it be airbrush or stick ons etc. I saw some really nice stick ons (the ones you wet and put on your skin) on a few sites.They were very colourful. I wanted something simple in colours but highly detailed. So I found something that I liked and had it sent to me. It was not quite what I expected (the stencil) but I supposed it would do.

So we had to do a test run because the stencil I got was not one of the disposable adhesive stencils that Airtoo is in the practice of using.My airbrush dude was a little concerned that because of the location I wanted it in that it would not lay flat and hence would not come out properly. Seeing that I am over excited and overplanning my Carnival kit, I wanted to do the test run as soon as possible so that if I needed a plan B.... I would have time to make it up.I must say I was quite pleased with the end result.Being that it was just a test run to see if the stencil would sit properly we did not focus too much on the orientation or the colours. As you can see, the dragon started as purple and then we ran out of purple so it turned blue. Yeah , now he knows it takes alot more ink that what he is used to. This tattoo is somewhat larger than what Airtoo has in stock. The cost for their largest tattoo runs about $75TT. I'm toying with the idea of putting two dragons back to back but am a little concerned it will be over doing it.I doh know if that will even fit in my budget.

So the test run went well, although we broke part of the stencil in the process. Thankfully nothing beyond repair!I also got another one on my ankle but I am not posting the pic cause my legs were kinda hairy. So they both should last 3 -5 days once I don't try using the loofah on my back.

The only reason I wrote this post is cause Saucy already put it out there but that doh mean I looking for anybody to bite my style. The Airtoo ppl have a great many options for tattoo selction. So try allyuh best and pick something else and do something else with your inherent creativity. Get your own shit! Aside from many different patterns they also have many colours and glitter paint options.

So that was my scene today , now is to make sure I doh destroy whats left of the stencil between now and then.I think Imight really go Chancellor tomorrow, my back looking kinda broad in the pic.

Big up Saucy for the plug on her site, real ppl come to macco today.


saucydiva said...

Aye! It looking HOTTTT!!! I posting a link to this on my blog.

Oh, and now I know how to make yuh out on the road :D

Icahwait* said...

it looking real sexy hands down!

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

thanks girl. I know I kinda sell out myself there...I thought you had make me out already.
Jamette now give me the story how she made you ! lolol!

I still eh decide how I want toput it on the day. Jamette tell me she like it as is (crooked) and a next friend want me put it on one side. I eh know nuh, I wish I knew how to use photoshop to move it around!

Nairian said...

I think 2 dragons back to back covering your shoulderblades would be HOT!!!! and original.

DO IT!!!

saucydiva said...

haha ! I know your face chick! Jungle Juice gallery is up!

In fact I remember yuh at TRIBE registration .. I think you were wearing black shorts and red/yellow/green top.. or a top with those colours in it.. I was checking out yuh outift and yuh shades :D

As for the tattoo I find it looks good as is.. crooked.

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

Guilty as charged. How the ass you remember my outfit at registration ???damn girl you is a P.I like Jamette.Well hail me out sometime.

Hottie Hottie said...

Looking good chick. It looking hot. And yuh KNOW with aname like HottieHottie I know 'bout hot ting! Dis was a boss post.

saucydiva said...

I does ask myself how I does remember some things myself.. memory like ah elephant.

Had to be I was liking the combo of the red/yellow/green with black.

Jamette in a class by sheself, she make me out froma pic with my eyes and nose blurred out!

Ah go hail yuh out .. "DIVA" LOL to be shocked when I call yuh so eh!

Jamette said...

Hold up...i minding my own business (well not really) and realize is a whole conversation bout how i fas. Nice man. And yes i WILL make out anybody who post even a thumbnail of themselves. I figure I will know Hottie when i see her too from her half ah nose/eye picture. I seriously thinking about starting a side job yes...and i doh even be trying to maco, really. I just remember faces and occasions. Anybody who need a spy for carnival...look meh. What is funny though is that I can't for the life of me remember anything else, i lose my keys about 5 times a day. My family always checking to make sure i have an idea where my keys are. Sometimes i forget my child and nephew's names, i call them your child and my child.

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

Jamette doh play like you eh know you is a macco from long time lolol.
Allyuh real good yes, I was telling a friend how long time a girl and she squad oppose me for my man and I had no idea who she was. Only to realise after that she was some groupie girl I run when she nearly throw me down to talk to my man. The girl could have jump me and I would have never know.
In these times is good to be perceptive of your surroundings.

saucydiva said...

lol@ "my child, your child"

I doh think I that good to make out hottie!

kevian said...

That i looking rrrrreeeeeaaaaaalllllll goooodd!!

Karabana said...

Wow, so big, cool, go brave, but it's temp, phew! ;) Can he do the colours of the costume?
PS: Don't worry, I won't get a dragon one! ;)

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

Yeah Karabana, he has most basic colours. I saw red, blue, black, purple, yellow and I guess it should have green. The purple is not that bright as you can see. I was really going to stick with black with some red highlights. And as I said you can have glitter paint as well.