Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Soca in meh veins, soca in meh blood

Well how about earlier this week I sitting in a Pizza Boys (eating junk which is totally against the Carnival diet) and I maccoing these two ppl talking in the booth next to me. Well the man like he eh see the girl in a while and asking the girl what is her scene for the Carnival. Well she responded by saying that she doh business about Carnival , she not into the whole Carnival thing and that if she had her way she would take off all that soca they playing on radio and play dancehall. Well boy.....first off I literally choke on the godforsaken french fry I was yamming dong. The ppl turn and watch me all kinda ting. She doh like soca???!!! Well boy I was horrified to say the least. That statement is unfathomable to me. I mean you doh have to like EVERY soca tune but as a Trini...not to like soca AT ALL. NAH!

Ok so everybody have their own taste in music , they have the strict christians and other religions that doh support the Carnival business. But what kill me is that she fighting down the Soca for the dancehall. Obviously she can't be against Carnival for religious reasons to like dancehall. Aside from the age old "that is yuh culture", dancehall in terms of its composition is similar to soca in many ways. How you like dancehall and NOT soca?? Trinidad have too much mad ppl yes.

With that said, I hope al you sane ppl are excited as I am about all the soca tunes being released and hotting up the airwaves. Something about soca does just give me the will to live. Especially as I sit in traffic on the Foreshore for 2 hrs everyday. It really does just invigorate you whether you in a party or just doing housework. I does always ask myself how the ass I does walk from St. James to town and back every year and do it normal normal. All them 5K it does have throughout the year.Tell me to walk that now nuh..I go ask yuh if yuh mad and doh like soca or something. But is the music that does carry yuh through, is the music that does give you the energy and the vibe and lift yuh up on a high that you could walk from here to Timbuktu without batting a eyelid. Soca does bring tears to my eyes. Dawg E. Slaughter has a new tune called 'Soca in meh blood' that I really feel captures the essence of how I also feel about soca. In it he says that ppl ask him why he does this thing and he says that its for the love of it, its not a money thing and that is why he sings.Cause of course, soca is in his blood, soca is in his veins.I think it is an excellent follow up from his tune last year 'Carnival I love you' which was also great.

Well here are my top faves right now. These are just my personal favourites ..not really my pick for roadmarch or anything.

  1. Higher than High- Machel Montano
  2. Broken- Fireball
  3. Cold Sweat- Crazy
  4. One Foot Cock - Crazy (for wonderful lyrical composition)
  5. Soca in meh blood- Dawg E. Slaughter (moving quickly up my chart)
  6. Fete after fete- Iwer George
  7. Lights of Love-Machel and Patrice Roberts (honorable mention as it on the radio now and growing on me)

Trinijunglejuice has sound bytes of some of these songs and most 2007 soca releases if you have yet to hear them. I can't believe its already that many!

As much as I love soca which is probably more because it is my generation's creation, I also love my calypso. I came across this website of the 'Top 100 Calypso's of the 20th Century' and although I appreciate the information and respect all those calypsonians on the list..lemme tell you something "Lorraine" by Explainer is the best calypso of the 20th Century by far.Just cause I say so.Dem ppl vote my song at 37!!! Thats a disrespect, that is the anthem for all foreigners who missing their homeland. Wham to these ppl at all? If you are the living dead or something and doh know this song (and mad) then you can visit The song is under Classic Calypsos. You can also hear a lot of other soca/calypsos for free and even download them as ringtones (once yuh spennin yuh money).My top 10..ok 11 of the top 100 calypsos would be more something like this;

  1. Lorraine- Explainer aka Winston Henry (1982)
  2. High Mas - David Rudder (David Rudder) 1998
  3. Congo Man - Mighty Sparrow (Slinger Francisco) 1965/1989
  4. Papa Chunks - Roaring Lion (Raphael De Leon) 1941/1995
  5. La La - Lord Nelson (Robert Nelson) 1976
  6. Watch Out My Children - Ras Shorty I (Garfield Blackman) 1989
  7. Ten to One is Murder - Mighty Sparrow (Slinger Francisco) 1960
  8. Poverty is Hell - Shadow (Winston Bailey) 1994
  9. If the Priest Could Play - Mighty Cypher (Dillary B Scott) 1967
  10. Bassman - Mighty Shadow (Winston Bailey) 1974
  11. Jean and Dinah - Mighty Sparrow (Slinger Francisco) 1956

This Carnival soca season is shaping up very nicely. So allyuh feel free to put in yuh two cents. Now that I have over 3000 hits on the site and allyuh maccoing everyday so, it making me feel like I obligated to write something for allyuh to macco.


'rah said...

Yuh hear Slaughter soca 'bout "We Need De Stage"? It nice too bad but in a bittersweet kinda way. I cyah decide if he rubbin' it in (dat jus' wrong) or if he just trying to make we nostalgic (but we eh really get a chance to miss the stage yet).
I mention it to ppl but like is me alone hear de song.

'rah said...

It have plenty nice groovy/R&B soca out this year too. I'll make a top 10 list for that genre and post later.
Right now ah goin' an' walk before de sun come up.

saucydiva said...

LOL I was maccoing yuh sitemeter and I see a marked increase in visitors gyul!

That girl who say she prefer Dancehall over Soca should just give up she Trini citizenship and move to Jamaica one time. You will NEVER hear a Jamaican say that about soca vs dancehall/reggae. I could never understand how some Trinis does like everything else but WE own. steups!

I like yuh list of top tunes, but I eh seeing "No Chorus" that is one ah meh faves, and yuh hit the nail on the head about soca lifting yuh up in traffic. I does be making mas in the car during the "rush" hours, all dem cars at a standstill and all dat is moving is me!Oh, I like the new Bunji pan song too!I hope some bands play that for panorama that go light up the North ...ahm, the North grounds ;)

Oh gorrrrsh, yuh bring out the classics list! I real like "Lorraine" but I prefer the David Rudder version.. gyul, dat is the foreigner anthem in true! "Lorraine don't cry I am leaving...wining on somebody oman, somebody oman yeahhhhhhhhh!!"

Yuh top 11 looking good.

Keep up the good work writing. I like how all these Carnival blogs diversified!

sweettrini said...

Diva, I am sooooooo feelin dis post gyul!!! I know EXACTLY how you feel about soca. My cousin and I - our families think we are nuts about soca and Carnival (and Machel :) People doh understand de high soca could give yuh boy - it better than any drug or drink in de world. I have actually broken down and cried from joy on Carnival Tuesday because I was so happy to be in my own skin at that moment. I does feel sorry for people who are not Trini yes. And Dawg E Slaughter had captured my heart with Carnival I Love U and now he's done it again wih Spread The Love. Dat has taken over from Machel for me as my best chune of the year right now. I listen to it over and over and it makes me miss my country even more (I am in NY). Can't wait for Carnival - hmmmm "soca in meh blood", that would make a good fake tattoo no? Ah will see ya in DRAGON!!!

squeezle said...

I personally believe any Trinidadian who don't like soca or calypso should be required to surrender their citizenship!

Let me tell you, when I have to put on my running gear, and drag my big behind out into the brutal New York city winter, and run 2 to 4 miles in Prospect Park, with evil winter winds chilling my eyeballs and all, and big-ass hills around every turn, the ONLY thing that keeps me going is soca music. There is NOTHING else that moves me (literally and figuratively) like soca.

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

Thanks guys, I am glad to know I am not the only socaholic out there. That girl blaspheme there!

Buh saucy is you self filter all them ppl to my blog. I doh want to to duplicate what you doing, that would be a waste of energy repeating all you say. That and I can't keep up like how you doing. So you keep up the good work too.
I would rather address the Carnival from a more personal point of few with more of my own personal experiences. I always have a story gyul...

What David Rudder version you talling about? i hope you not comparing Lorraine to 'Sheila'.

sweettrini, I just stick up a pic of we costume at Home and in work. I hope yuh go and take a look at it again cause I watch it so and wondering to myself If i know what I get myself into with that skettel costume. I stickin right now..need to get my ass moving to tone up some more.

squeezle said...

'rah, I've heard that 'Stage' song from Slaughter, and I absolutely love it!!! But it's real bittersweet for true. I'm missing the stage already, but that will not stop me from making a spectacle of myself on the road. Now the WHOLE of Port-of-Spain will be my stage!

pearlprincess said...

Chile...I know somebody who is talk dat shit too about dey doh like soca only for him not to hear my mouth...I is jus ignore him when he start with that stupidness!

sweettrini said...

Diva, Girl our costume is my wallpaper on my laptop which I am on about 4-5 hours a day so it could remind me to go and workout -gyul ah know, ah does watch it and say what kinda trouble I put myself in wit dis costume here??

Off to Turbo Jam I go!!

dougla_1 said...

Carnival Jumbie (diva), beautiful words from you heart. Well written!!! I love it, and I agree with you very, very much.

I can't add any more love than were already written in the other comments.

I will say though, it is people like us, who know what we feel about Carnival, and know it is more that a "party", that it is a movement, it is a moment, it a pulse, and it is life that keep we heads nice, and who really like to see other people feel the same way, it is WE who taking this wonderful ting and it's enduring spirit into the 21st century!

Nicky said...

Well said coming from a Jamaican, who happens to love Soca. :)

TAXI Records said...

best soca tune ever =
The Hammer by David Rudder
closely followed by
Free Up by Tambu
followed by
You ask for it by Black Stalin
Ah Lick e Thing by Scrunter