Saturday, January 13, 2007

Rise of the Gymbolassies: The Pursuit of Ridiculousness

So in case you guys did not know, I came up with this word 'gymbolassie' to describe all those who only go to the gym during Carnival. See the full break down of all the classifications that can be found in my previous post Gym beasts, Gym H.O.s, Gymbolassies and all in between.

Well being that I classify myself as part gymbolassie beast (see post) today was the first time in the last two months that I set foot in the gym. Doh mind my Carnival fitness program started since September.Why is that you may ask? I am a person who is taking advantage of the fact that I am good genes and could pretty much ride out Carnival based on that alone. Basically that means that I am already naturally slim and have a ridiculous metabolism (don't hate me cause I'm beautiful!lol j/k!). Don't get me wrong though, by naturally slim, I am certainly not rail thin like Paris Hilton or the like. But happen to have a low body fat percentage which I am sure is beause of my excessive altheticism in my youth in combination with them genes.My measurements are 34B-27-38(!). And all them 38 inches is bottom, not hips. So I don't need to lose any weight really but age is catching up with me and I am losing muscle tone.

These 'genes' are exactly why I have been procrastinating to go to the gym.Cause even if I don't go, I am still good for all intents and purposes.I can get away with it. The same way I know I could get away with them fries I had this week although it is expressly forbidden on my healthy eating regime. HOWEVER!!!! With a costume like Dragon leering at me everyday, my hope is to reach a level of fitness that I have never attained before. I can't just be 'good' for that costume. I need to be ridiculous.( i.e Quote heard on road after seeing me in Dragon costume...'Damn, that girl body is ridiculous')

In the pursuit of ridiculousness I did a spin class today. It was the hardest damn spin class I have ever done in my life! Even my friend who instigated the chain up was like 'Nah boy, nah!'. The instructor really over did it. I had one thing working in my favour...his entire soundtrack was just soca. And a great mix of 2007 and previous years. With that blasting (and yes literally blasting cause my ears was ringing after) I could spin for eternity. That music does be my motivation. If he was playing techno I would have bun in the first half hour. With soca playing I could sing "I dare you"(Destra) , he could throw anything at me and I doing it normal.

Watch nuh, when I come out that class so, I tired eh but lawd! I feeling like She-Ra! I don't have a pic to post cause the damn skybox ppl did not deliver my new digital camera for me yesterday so allyuh hold it dong with a pic of She-Ra my alter ego for today. Lol! My friend gave me the evil eye cause after it all I was mysteriously dry like I literally 'did not break a sweat'. But I was tired as hell yet still pumped to do more. The plan is to go tomorrow as well and that should settle me up with the gym gods who are frowning upon me right now for being such a sticker.

I should point out that I tried Fitness Center's spin class and not Long Circular's. You may or may not have read my anecdote on The Spin (Gym) Lottery. In comparison, Fitness has a system where you can call ahead and leave your name for the class. So there is no fighting up at the counter to get in the class and no stalking the attendants an hour before. That was a great relief . That system works much better for me who works on a tight schedule. Its hard for me to get to Long Circular to stand up for an hour before class. But knowing that I can call ahead, I only have to reach in TIME for the class is great. If I reach early its just to get first pick of the bikes, cause I hate being in the back.Unfortunately Fitness charges $40 a class not $30 like LC. Fitness does offer a special where if you pay for 3 classes you get the 4th free. (if you keep all your receipts)

I was also told of a 'Spinners World' of some sort in St.James that apparently is a small gym that has spin classes all day. I need to investiquire some more on that one.

So I'm back on the gymbolassie band wagon and hopefully won't fall off till after Carnival. I need to put that costume on my desktop....

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