Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Yeah so, Pan in the Savannah....Common sense failed to prevail and with one week left till pan semis, there is no North stand. Really and truly, is better they had just put it in south than have the idiotic layout that is currently proposed.I mean really, do the people who run this country have a brain in their head at all?? Does JOAN for that matter have a brain?

Is vex I vex yuh see me here yuh know. Is only the past three years I really went Pan in the North stand and I had a ball each and every time. When yuh in the best section, with best drinks and best food whole day yuh must like yuhself.These mad ppl in power just destroy an institution as far as I concerned.

As you can see from the layout printed in the papers that Saucy also posted and the pics I have taken overlooking the Savannah, basically what it saying is that all North stand patrons have been relegated to standing up in the hot sun for hours. I have also showed the view on a wider scale so you can see the location of the former Grand stand just below the twin towers.I wonder if allyuh really study what bacchanal that going to cause. Watch the layout nuh...you see the size of the "Emergency Services" area? Is one tent!! Doh let the layout plan fool allyuh, watch the pic, you see the size of the tents? How 10,000 ppl go be accomodated with them 9 tents?Yuh know how much ppl will get ketch with that hot sun and alcohol combination? People will be falling dong left right and center. Basically its just a open space for ppl to stand up. And they putting yuh in the grass to either get bite up from mosquito and fire ant or if god forbid it rain to slip in the mud. As you can see for yourself, the new "grand stand" still not completed as if Pan is not Sunday.No really, what going to happen if it rain? ABSOLUTELY no shelter for people.Talking about 'Nothern Greens' as if its blasted Central Park that have trees and UMM..SHADE.Like ppl going to politely lay their tablecloths and picnic baskets and take out their crumpets and have afternoon tea.You see how far the nearest tree is from anything? Wait a man eh get hit by lightning in the Savannah last year? Buh they want to put me to graze on the prairie. STEUPS.

Worse yet , what happen when the sun go down??Forgive me , but i eh see "flood lights" or "generator" mark up no where on that plan. So you go have 10,000 ppl in darkness/semi darkness in the middle ofthe damn Savannah. Can you imagine the level of disorder and criminal activity that will encourage??? I sorry, this is a different kind of Trinidad we living in compared to 10 years ago when ppl used to still leave their door open. I being real.I not risking pain of robbery or rape to stand up and get bite up by mosquito.

If its one thing the North stand had to its advantage is running water in the bathrooms.Ok so the doors was falling off and yuh friend always had to go with yuh. But it always had a woman giving yuh toilet paper and SOAP. So now they going to line off a set of Port-a-Potty which going to smell up the place. We lucky if it have a light in it cause only the bougie portable toilet from all inclusives have light. And no running water cause as we all know the portable sinks ALWAYS run out of water.

So now we doh have to worry about the stand collapsing, now I have to worry if a stampede in the dark will make me slip in the mud and fall in an ants nest. If I could hold my pee for the whole day while drinking scotch and red bull and if I go ever be able to find anybody in that expanse called the plains of Port of Spain. If I wanted to be a Bush Man I would go to South Africa.

And if I really want to get technical, ahhmmm the acoustics will be in a mess without the North stand to insulate some of the sound waves. The pan really may not sound as clean and clear when all the sound is just dissappating into the plantation.Worse yet for the 'Northern Greens' bush men who listening from a mile away. Same goes for the rhythem sections. The whole experience will be different cause you no longer will feel the vibration of the drum beating or the people moving under your feet. Thats all part of it!! When last you go a North stand and eh catch a vibe just cause the whole stand vibrating with energy.
So I hear Angostura who usually has a big side will not be producing a section at all this year, Island People is also out up till today.However several bigger sections have opted out.Gone with them are several rhythem sections. Tstt and Red Ants still in the fray but neither seem to really know what their plan of action is in regards to shelter/set up.Will they be allowed to put up their own tents for their ppls??I wonder.

Boy I depressing myself now. When I started writing this I was up in the air about whether to go or not. I think I just talk myself out of it. It really will not be the same and there is really nothing good I can say about that set up. Who say we storm the "Pan Patrons" stand and make that the North stand?


Dre said...


saucydiva said...

Did you take dem pics form Chancellor Hill? Good view!!

Yuh see what I saying about Pan? A hot mess I tell you. I thought about the toilets and the stink it would cause but I never thought about what would happen when it gets dark :S

Hear nah, the plains is right, the best part about pan was seeing people you eh see for ages. Walking up and downm joining peeople lime, getting free drinks etc etc. I just sour thinking about this whole thing.

And I not wasting my money just to go "and see"

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

Yeah Saucy , Got that from my penthouse on Lady Chancellor.

Thanks for the plug Dre buh give a girl a heads up nah.

saucydiva said...

wait, who is this dre and just so he "steal" this article from your blog!!LOL

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

saucy...yuh understand. I go have to get on dread and copyright like you lolol.

Jamette said...

Ahmmm sauce he 'steal' an article from your blog too...lol

saucydiva said...

buh what de!! He eh read meh notice or what. steups!

btw Diva your penthouse has a lovely view :D